Disclaimer: Let's see. . . If I really owned rights to one of the most popular books in the world would I really busy myself with writing non-profit fanfiction? I don't think so. The conclusion is simple. I don't own any of it and I don't think there is any chance for that to change in the future.

Before you begin to read a few words about the fic:

This fic started when my friend asked me to write a Harry Potter story in which following points were covered:

1. Voldemort convincing the true Harry Potter to join him for some reason (I had to borrow a bit from 'Mein Kampf' for Voldemort to sound convincing enough – and I'm still not sure if it is believable – but after all it is supposed to be fictional, isn't it?)

2. Voldie raising Harry as his son from the beginning (of course there has to be a time travel somewhere in there but a one that puts you back in your body)

3. Voldemort – Harry in father – son like relationship (so both will have to be a bit OOC)

4. Harry having all his powers from the day he was born (the transfer of power turns out to be a wrong assumption)

5. Harry is abused by his uncle (honestly I start to feel sorry for the boy. So many people want to see him beaten or in some other way injured. . .)

6. no slash (for which I'm grateful – I don't write it and I only read if there is a good plot to go with it)

I did my best to think of a story covering these points but at the same time I thought I might try to combine it with something I wanted to try for some time – creating Voldemort's ideology that could actually work. Of course I decided to serve those parts in small doses because I'm not even sure if what I did in that field is any good but I decided that having such a fic to write it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn't put it in.

Time Turner of Souls

Chapter 1


Harry lay on his bed silently. It was hardly a week into his summer vacation and the situation was already becoming unbearable. His uncle obviously thought nothing of the threats from the Order because he was even worse than was in previous years. Harry started to doubt if he would even be able to conceal his bruises before coming back to magical world this time.

He wrote as many letters as he could to basically everyone he knew (not saying a word about his uncle, of course) just to take his thoughts off Sirius and his own situation. He even wrote a letter to Draco Malfoy in which, trying to sound concerned, he asked how he was doing after the events from the end of the term. Needless to say that letter was never replied. What concerned him more was that the letters from his friends and, rarely, Order members were cold and didn't contain any information, despite him asking them to do as much as sending him a copy of 'Daily Prophet'. The conclusion was more or less obvious – he was being kept in the dark again.

Thinking about how much he wished to have a normal life or at least know how it was to have one, he drifted to sleep. Despite all his attempts he didn't manage to clear his mind once again. Therefore he wasn't much surprised when after what felt like a half an hour of sleep a vision kicked in. This time it seemed a bit different though.

He was, as usual, in Voldemort's head. He could see he was in some kind of dark chamber and that the Death Eaters had just started arriving. But something was amiss. When the Death Eater circle was complete Voldemort spoke

"Welcome my loyal Death Eaters. I hope you all did well on your missions" 'And welcome to you, Harry Potter'

Now something was definitely, completely wrong. Harry swore in his mind.

'No reason to use such a language, my boy. I want to give you a small favour. I hope you won't mind that'

Now THAT was something new. Dark Lords, as far as Harry was concerned, weren't known for doing favors to people. Especially not for free. But Voldemort seemed to have lost interest in him. Instead he addressed to the Death Eaters.

"Give me your report, Lestrange"

"This second, my lord"

One of the Death Eaters bowed before him. We caught the traitor, Martins, from the outer circle as he was passing information to an auror, who seemed to be his fiancé as well. They were both killed although the auror put quite a fight. We eliminated three witnesses of the action before igniting the Mark."

"You pleased me, Lestrange. What do you have to report, Whilton?"

"The works on finding the manuscript I was to search for are nearly done, master. In a few days it shall be brought to you" said another Death Eater, kneeling before his master

'See, Potter, this is how people try to avoid unavoidable. He knows very well that he is far behind in his search but he is postponing the punishment in hopes for a miracle. Human nature is really fascinating thing to study. By analysing reactions of different people you can tell how loyal they would be or what they fear most. And that gives you power and advantage over them'

Harry didn't have time to reply before Voldemort spoke again

"That would be sufficient for now, Geanton, but do not disappoint me on the next meeting or the consequences will be severe and I warn you, as my patience is running low your punishment is growing. Remember that and don't fail me, my faithful servant"

"Yes, master" the Death Eater walked a few steps backwards.

"And did you, Wormtail, complete your task that will allow us to get my faithful servants out of Azkaban again?"

"Master, it was impossible in such a short time. . ."

"You had plenty of time, Wormtail, and I don't find any more patience for you. You failed me, so take the responsibility. Crucio!"

Harry felt a pang of pain hitting him. But before he had even time to scream the pain diminished. He however was still in Voldemort's head, watching Peter being tortured. To fill in for the pain and the thought of what was actually going on he realized that his head filled with Voldemort's feeling of hatred towards the victim and the pleasure he had from causing pain. Finally the torture stopped and Voldemort dismissed, much to Harry's joy, the Death Eaters.

'I hope you liked the gift I gave you, my boy. Knowledge is a useable gift. Now at least you are not kept in the dark as the old fool believes you should be to save you worries. Unless you don't appreciate it?'

This question woke, once again, Harry's suspicions. There was no way Voldemort would give something for free. Maybe he wanted Harry to tell him the prophecy?

'Don't worry about that, my boy. If you have in mind the prophecy saying 'either must die at hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives' I assure you that once I got to know it, it calmed me down and made me realize my own mistake to which I was unfortunately led by the old fool calling himself your headmaster.'

Harry's mind raced. How on Earth had Voldemort gotten hold of the prophecy? And what he found so calming about it? AND most importantly, what mistake was he talking about?

'So much impatience, so many questions. . .Know that, my boy, I read the prophecy from your mind two days after you were informed about it by Dumbledore. And, since you seemed curious. It said exactly what I feared it says. That was exactly what calmed me down after I heard it.'

Now Harry was quite positive that Voldemort is just a lunatic. Dangerous and powerful but a lunatic.

'Oh, I assure you, my boy, that on contrary to popular opinion, I'm quite sane. But honestly, tell me, would you tell a person, of whom you know he doesn't know occlumency well enough and has a connection with me a true prophecy or the one you would want me to know and believe?'

Harry froze, stricken by the cool logic of what Voldemort had said. What could the prophecy contain then?

'That is when I realized I made a mistake. In the beginning I was suspecting the prophecy said something similar. But upon hearing Dumbledore's version of it I realized that the part about one of us eliminating the other was made to draw us apart. What the old fool fears most is the two of us joining power. I don't ask you to join me. I just want to give you an offer. I'll update you about what is going on in the world and you will consider joining me. If you decide to turn my offer down you will inform me about it at the end of August and my attitude towards you will remain unchanged with you as my mortal enemy. If you decide otherwise though, all you will have to do would be to inform me about it the next night and I'll give you a position on my side, the knowledge and power beyond the imagination of other people. More than that. You will be granted a title of my heir since if you joined me on my site you would be the most worthy. Do you accept the offer?'

Harry thought hard where the trap in the offer can be but he couldn't find any. He was still angry at Dumbledore for using him as a tool in his game once more to add to that. He decided that there was nothing he can loose by agreeing with Voldemort for now. It won't change nothing except for giving him some information which was not a bad thing.

'Wise decision, my boy' the voice of Voldemort once more spoke in his head 'I'll invite your spirit to the next report of my Death Eaters like I did today. Now I'll leave you to grant some rest. Until our next meeting, Harry Potter!'

At that the foreign presence in Harry's head disappeared and he was left with thoughts about what did he get himself into this time.