Listen to my story,
of my world I will tell.
The chapters a bit long,
but who cares? Oh well.
My skies are blue,
grass is lush.
Butterflies as they flutter by,
Whisper softly "Hush!"
Cotton candy clouds,
softly afloat.
They birds' sweet singing,
never off-note.
Silent breeze blows,
a silent lullaby.
Awaking from this fantasy,
will take infinite tries.
Here in my dwelling,
no such thing as time.
Forever I could speak,
chanting this rhyme.
Though I know you're becoming,
sick of this tale,
I have a quest for you,
you must not fail.
A trivial question,
this is your task.
Find a person,
of whom you could ask,
"What is it like?
Your world I mean.
Is it like anything,
anyone has seen?"
To this question,
answers will vary,
but if you should ask me,
it is "imaginary.