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1645 Romeo


"Major Romeraz this hearing suggests that you under go counseling and we do not recommend this to general court martial, this hearing is adjourned." With that the judge banged her gavel and quickly left. Harm and Mac packed their briefcases and congratulated their client who then was escorted out by the Marines. Sturgis who was prosecuting took his leave quickly as well. Mac was about to walk out of the courtroom when Harm stopped her.

"Hey Mac, umm can we talk?"

"Why yes of course, how about we go to the library though. The Admiral has taken a liking to bursting into courtrooms at odd moments." Mac reasoned and Harm nodded and they headed for the library.

Upon their arrival, Harm was glad to find it empty. Mac sat down at one of the large tables and Harm sat down across from her.

So what did you want to talk about Harm?" Mac asked even though she knew what was coming.

"Well it is about earlier today. I'm really sorry about what I did on the roof I was a total jerk I shouldn't have done any of that." Mac laughed.

"You're apologizing! This is nuts! You think I was offended by it! And I was thinking it was going to be something more serious like I don't know…"

"Well that's not all I wanted to talk about, when we were up there fraternizing or whatever you want to call it, you said something that has to make me wonder, you said that you loved me. I want to know whether you mean it or it was a heat of the moment kind of thing." Harm asked slightly embarrassed. Mac clapped a hand over her mouth and her eyes widened.

"I said that?" She then added to herself Oh this is just peachy! I told him I loved him and I can't remember doing it! Great, memo to self, find a steel bulkhead and bang my head against it! Mac stood up and went to the nearest bookshelf and slammed her head against it. It wasn't a steel bulkhead but it would do.

Harm stared at her in disbelief and answered back,

"You meant it didn't you? You love me?" Harm rushed over to her and pulled her away from the bookcase, looking at her curiously. Mac let a small smile escape her lips and she turned red again and nodded. Harm let out a cheer and then grabbed her up in his arms, spinning her around. He then set her back down grinning from ear to ear. Mac looked up at him and asked,

"The feeling is returned I assume?"

"Oh yeah! I love you Mac! I am the happiest naval officer alive!"

"And the luckiest too I suppose."

"You bet. You have no idea how long I have wanted to ask you that." Harm embraced her again and Mac could feel something pressing against her thigh.

"I hate to ruin the 'hallmark moment' but is there something in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Mac added with a grin.

"Of course I'm happy to…WAIT! I get it! No, sorry I'm not that happy at the moment, and yes I do have something in my pocket and it is for you. Which brings me to my next point, that is remember the other half of the Admiral's speech yesterday? He said if someone TPed JAG and we got married he would accept our apology."

"Correction Harm, he said or we got married and remember he said he might consider it and what would it matter anyway, because they found our client remember?" Now it was Harm's turn to look embarrassed.

"Oh, right, he did phrase it that way didn't he? Well then that was all I needed to tell you then, so do you want to come over for dinner tonight then?"

"Yes, I will… consider it our 2950th date." Mac smiled and Harm looked confused again.

"How do you figure that?"

"I multiplied the number of days we've known each other by the days in a year and then subtracted about how many days that we were either dating someone else or when we weren't looking at each other as a love interest."

"Well then Colonel, you might want to recalculate, because I fell for you the first day we met."

"Nice try Harm, but I'm not that much of a romantic, love at first sight is only in the movies." Mac's heart still did a little flip flop. Aww how sweet!

"Well I don't think so, so I'll see you at seven?"

"Alright." Mac nodded and then Harm grabbed his briefcase and was about to open the door to leave when Mac called after him with a comment that made him stop.

"Harm, the answer is yes." With one hand on the door Harm turned.

"Yes to what?"

"Don't you think that 2950 dates is plenty of time?"

"Time for what?" Harm was still lost and Mac rolled her eyes, and pointed to his pocket.

"I know what's in there, and my answer is yes." Harm's eyes widened,

Oh man she knows!

"Umm but I haven't asked you yet and…"

"Yes you did. Almost everyday, you hint it with a sarcastic comment or are downright truthful in a round about way. My answer still stands whenever you're ready."

"You mean it? No regrets? No second thoughts?" Harm questioned walking back over to her. When he reached her she held up her left hand,

"This hand has been empty so long that it's collecting dust and you know how much I despise dust." Mac giggled and Harm smiled. He then pulled from his pocket the small slightly worn velvet box. He was originally going to get another box because he had held it and debated over it and some of the velvet was wearing off. Opening it he pulled out the sparkling diamond engagement ring that he had picked out a very long time ago. No woman had ever worn it and Mac was to be the first and the only one ever too.

"Oh it's gorgeous Harm and it isn't too heavy either, Mic's was so heavy I thought my hand was going to fall off." Mac admired the diamond with a tear in her eyes. Finally she was going to marry the great Harmon Rabb and she was so giddy.

"Can I get a kiss with this ring too?" She asked.

"Well you're an expensive little marine aren't you, but if you want it then, yes dear." Harm leaned down and kissed her softly, but when Mac put her arms around his neck the kiss became heated and passionate. Harm began to move towards the large table and he laid Mac carefully down on it. To them they were the only two that existed in the whole world, but in truth and unfortunately in reality they weren't.

"Umm Commander…Colonel…OH MY GOSH!…" They heard a woman's voice exclaim as a large book hit the floor. Harm rolled his eyes. They couldn't get a moment of privacy could they? Harm and Mac both turned their heads.

"Yes Harriet?… HARRIET!" They chanted in unison then it dawned on them. Both of them scrambled off the table and straightened their uniforms and Mac ran a hand through her hair. Harriet was hyperventilating now and could barely speak,

"Sir…ma'am I…no…idea… had… umm… oh my…"

"Harriet, Harriet calm down, it's okay. We umm shouldn't have been doing what when we were in a place where we could have gotten caught." Mac assured, laying a hand on Harriet's arm. This only caused Harriet to become more excited, when she spotted the ring. She moved her lips but no sound came out as she pointed.

"Harriet, you can't tell anyone yet okay, now I want you to take deep breaths and then I want you to go back to your duties alright?" Mac said calmly. Harriet had found her voice now replied,

"Yes ma'am. My lips are sealed you can count on me." Harriet then hurried down the library with her book and Harm and Mac headed towards the bullpen side by side. They didn't want to arouse suspicion so they headed straight to their offices.


10 minutes later

"Oh Bud thank God I found you! You are never going to believe what I just saw!" Harriet said rushing to Bud's side. Bud turned ready to listen politely on the daily JAG gossip and Harriet began,

"So I was going to the library to put that book back and to look for the Commander and the Colonel…"

"By the way lieutenant did you find Rabb and Mackenzie?" The Admiral asked walking in and Harriet bubbled on before she realized to whom she was speaking.

"You bet I found them. Bud would you believe it they were making out on a table and I swear that if I hadn't walked in they might have…" Harriet stopped and went ramrod straight. Slowly she turned around to see the amused face of Admiral AJ Chegwidden looking back at her.

"You may continue lieutenant." He said calmly and Harriet took a deep breath and took the plunge.

"I tell you that if I hadn't walked in they would have umm how do I put it office appropriately… whoopeed on the table and then, I'm not finished yet. Guess what I saw on her finger Bud?"

"I have no idea, surprise me." Bud answered somewhat dully he was still trying to absorb the first part of the information.

"An engagement ring! They are going to get married, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone… but you can keep a secret right?" Just then they heard the roar.


"Bud turned to Harriet and shrugged,

"I can but I don't think the Admiral can, let's go see what kind of trouble they get into now."

"Sounds good, but I hope they don't get in too much of it."

"Honey let's just say the shit has hit the fan." The two of them walked into the bullpen to see Harm and Mac standing at attention and the Admiral facing them surrounded by almost the entire office. Everyone went silent when the Admiral opened his mouth.

"First you two have been a bother since I put you together what with fighting and such. Then just last night you two decided to vandalize JAG with 2ply paper and now I just learned of another offense." There was a collective gasp. "You both were caught fraternizing and threatening to soil Navy property in the library and on top of that I was informed of your new relationship, second hand mind you…"

"Umm sir, there is something I think you ought to see." A marine corporal parted the crowd carrying another videotape, and Harm and Mac exchanged a glance both prayed.

Please don't let that be from the video camera in the library. The Admiral whipped around.

"Is it urgent?" The corporal looked at Harm and Mac then nodded,

"Yes sir."

"Well son then by all means put it in the VCR." The Admiral smiled. The corporal stood on a chair and placed the tape in the VCR of one of the overhead televisions. Harm and Mac waited for him to push the play button and when he did Mac almost fainted. It was the security tape, and the entire bullpen watched as the kiss and table scene was replayed for all to see and Harriet's walking in. To Harm and Mac it was worse without sound and they could hear Sturgis whisper,

"You think they would learn or pay attention at those staff meetings. I'll never sit at that conference table again."

When the tape ended AJ turned to face them and he was smiling.

"Well I think you two have some explaining to do and I think it is appropriate punishment to do it in front of all your co-workers, and it will hopefully teach you not to pull stunts like this again, Commander you go first." Harm gulped and then started,

"Umm I assume you are wondering why we did all this? It was truly my fault, it was my idea to TP JAG because Mac and I were in serious trouble with the Admiral and he did make a statement about it and I guess I took too literally. I convinced Mac to help out and I'm sure now she is probably thinking 'Way to go dummy! I thought you said we weren't going to get caught!' Then this afternoon in the library as you saw I decided to act on the other part of the statement and that was that the Admiral would accept our apology if we got married and well…Mac hold up your hand."

"No!" Mac hissed softly, Harm grabbed her left hand and held it up for the crowd gathered to see. All the women sighed and the men whistled their approval. When things calmed down again Harm finished,

"This wasn't really how we had hoped to announce our engagement but anyway, after Mac accepted my proposal, actually she didn't give me time to propose properly. As you can see things got a little out of hand," Sturgis let out a laugh,

"Well finally after what, eight years they had finally decided to release the penned up sexual tension and thanks to the lovely Lt. Simms we were saved from what would have been worse then a nuclear holocaust." Everyone else laughed at this comment and finally Mac called over the noise,

"I think that is about all. We've told you pretty much everything we did skip the rooftop incident, and I suppose it can wait for another day, we have to keep things office appropriate you know."

"Yes you two do and I hope you know how much trouble you're in." The SECNAV's voice said from the back, everyone parted to let him pass and when he stopped in front of Harm and Mac the room was so quiet you thought everyone had up and died.

"This could cost you both you're careers if it is reported. You are aware of that I assume?"

"We were told the risks Mr. Secretary." Harm said keeping his eyes in the boat (staring straight ahead).

"Good then I am happy to say that if two promise that I won't ever have to hear of anything like this again I won't say anything if you don't, but I don't know what AJ has in store for you so don't think you're off the hook."

"Thank you Mr. Secretary." Harm and Mac chorused together and then just as quickly as it was created the crowd dispersed, and AJ motioned for Harm and Mac followed him down to the basement where he turned on a light to reveal a roomful of files piled everywhere.

"Commander, Colonel, welcome to your punishment. All of these files need to be alphabetized, categorized and put in the legal archives in Washington. So you had better get comfortable and if you decide to do whatever you need to do to relieve the stress, I will let you know that there is no video camera in this room. I hope however that you will have the decency to wait until you are in your own apartments, because it is rumored that Harriet is down here quite frequently to look for some file or another." The Admiral turned away and shut the door leaving Harm and Mac to stare in awe at the masses of files.

"Where do we start?" Harm asked.

"How about we look for the A's and service record files and go from there?" Mac suggested. Harm shrugged and started on a pile while he sat on only table in the room.

They worked for what seemed like hours and then Mac said,

"This will be a story to tell our children someday and to think it all started with a little role of toilet paper."

"More like a trunk full of the stuff. Who said we were having kids?" Harm said and Mac looked sad suddenly and then Harm took her head in his hand and lifted her face to meet his.

"I was just kidding."

"That was mean Harm."

"So, forgive me?"

"As always, now let's get back to work."

"Hey Mac do you think we could get away with loosening the screws on the Admiral's chair so the next time he sits down he falls on the floor?"

"HARM! Don't you even think like that! Now get back to work!" Mac cried exasperated. They worked in silence until Mac thought our loud,

"You know it might not be such a bad idea."

"No way Mac. Stop thinking dangerously."

"I'm not, I'm thinking revenge." Mac looked up at Harm again with a sly smile and Harm wondered aloud,

"What if we…"

The End