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A different look at a unique pairing. Spike and Older Edward.

But right now, these are the prequels and they're songfics! The songs are in italics.

I'll begin this as a Spike/Faye, yes, I'm going back because I have all these ideas on the brain. So I wrote 4 back stories, they're a little short, so I hope you like. There is no motive for my madness, so just read and enjoy the drama. There's a little lemon in this part.

Things have drastically changed! Faye and Spike declare their love, but just for a little while. Vicious has just met his daughter and Julia has decided to return to him, so he makes a deal with Mike Yamada (Mao) that will change everything. Ed leaves and Spike's heart is broken, Julia returns, and there is the final battle between Spike and Vicious.

Music of the Spheres: A Prelude to Men are From Mars, Women are From Earth

By Kate Spiegel

Part One-Tonight, Tonight

A cool September night on Mars

:Spike's P.O.V.:

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same

I'm not the kind of guy who can get hooked on love so easily. Well, not right now. I'm still looking for Julia, but I haven't found her yet.

There was a silly proposal from Ed, she's too young to marry. I don't think she'll end up marrying me, she was just joking.

It was all a joke, so I went along with it and my answer was maybe. But I see Ed as a kid, just a silly naïve kid who seems to live in her own dream world. But I'd like to see her meet someone her own age one day. I do admire her carefree spirit though.

Kwan Yin, please grant mercy on the poor guy's soul, whoever this girl takes as a husband.

The more you change the less you feel
Believe, believe in me, believe
That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain

Then there's Faye. I seem to be falling for Faye, yeah, there was some flirting between us when we first met. But now, I see something else, I see a beautiful woman. She's a shrew and can be a bitch at times.

We're not the same, we're different tonight
Tonight, so bright
And you know you're never sure
But your sure you could be right

I love her.

I love her eyes, her violet hair, and her fiery personality, yeah I have been known to hate women with attitude. But this woman is different, she's my equal in a way. She's a comrade and a wonderful friend.

We were alone, Edward and Jet were out shopping. I see her sitting on the couch, what would she do if I gave her a kiss. I crept up behind her and placed a kiss on her neck.

"Spike." Her jade eyes were lovely in the dimly lit living quarters.

"Faye." I sat next to her and held her hand.

I gazed into her jade eyes and we kissed.
If you held yourself up to the light
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake
The place where you were born
Believe, believe in me, believe

:Faye's P.O.V.:

I knew Spike and I were close, but now we're getting closer.

We started kissing, he started undressing me and I started undressing him. Soon we were both naked.

He whispered in my ear. "Faye, I love you."

"I love you too." I said as I nibbled on his ear.

In the resolute urgency of now
And if you believe there's not a chance tonight
Tonight, so bright

I laid down on the couch and he started kissing me everywhere. "Are you ready?"

I looked deeply into his eyes. "I need you Spike, I want you inside of me."

He entered me and I screamed, pain turned into pleasure. I finally had the man that I loved.

We'll crucify the insincere tonight
We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight
We'll find a way to offer up the night tonight

Our love making went on until we were too exhausted.

The indescribable moments of your life tonight
The impossible is possible tonight

We were suddenly were awakened by the sound of a ship.

"Ed and Jet are back." I whispered.

Spike smiled, "Why don't we rest in my room Faye."

We grabbed our clothes and ran down to his room, where I fell back into sleep in his arms.

Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight

:Yes, it was short and lemony. Part Two-The Show Must Go On-Vicious and Mike Yamada have a talk.