Chapter 6

The Alpha Team is now flying over Raccoon Forest , which is located in mid-west Raccoon City.

"There's too many trees," Artie said squinting his eyes out the window.

"Patience," Wesker remarked. Brad at the controls was looking anxiously out the cockpit window, following his searchlight with his patience fading. Jill was controlling a searchlight on one side of the chopper, while Joseph controlled the one on the other side

Chris moved his head to front of the chopper in between Wesker and Brad.

"You guys see anything?" he asked.

Brad started to complain. "What, you mean we still haven't found it yet?"

"No, not yet Brad," Chris answered. Jill suddenly spotted something out the left side of the chopper.

"Look Chris!" she said startled. Chris turned toward the window and everyone else looked out as well. Right there in the light, they saw it.

Bravo Team's helicopter was on the forest floor. From where they were looking, there wasn't any movement inside. Wesker looked around.

"Brad, set down over there," he commanded. Brad lowered the helicopter in an open grass area.

"Stay in the chopper," Wesker said to Brad. Brad nodded.

Barry slid open the door and everyone climbed out.

"Okay, here's the deal," Wesker began. "Jill, Chris, go check over there. Artie, go with Joseph and investigate the helicopter. Barry and I will check over here. If you run into some kind of trouble, meet back here." Everyone nodded and headed in their separate locations.

Artie and Joseph headed for the chopper, guns in hand. Artie held his gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Joseph switched the light on the bottom of his shotgun on. When they arrived to the chopper, they had seen that it was a derelict. Not far off he can also see an overturned Military Patrol vehicle. Joseph shoved the door ajar and climbed in. Artie stayed outside looking around. He heard rustling in the trees and the bushes. The winds were strong.

Joseph gasped in the helicopter. Then, he got out and looked like he was gonna throw-up.

"What is it?" Artie asked. "You alright?" Joseph nodded, catching his breath.

"Kevin's dead," he explained. Artie looked toward the chopper. From where he was standing, he only saw the Bravo pilot's helmet, but could tell he was slumped over. "We better get back to the others," Joseph said. Artie nodded and they both started walking back.

Suddenly, something caught their attention. They heard something. Something was moving through the grass. They pointed their weapons in every direction but saw nothing. Just as they began to leave, Joseph caught sight of something moving swiftly toward Artie. It looked like a wolf.

"Artie, get down!" Joseph yelled. Artie ducked as the animal leaped through the air at him. Joseph aimed his shotgun and blew it's head off in mid-air. They heard footsteps. This time from all different directions.

Four more of the wolf-looking things appeared. The first one jumped on Joseph, but Artie kicked it as hard as he can and it yelped as it fell off. Then, another tackled Artie from the side. Artie was struggling with it on the ground, its jaws snapping violently. It looked like a dog, but its skin was rotted and some of it was torn away. It was trying rip his face apart.

He heard Joseph's shotgun going off behind him. He pushed the hound up, getting his hand with the gun free, and shot the dog through its head. It fell over no longer moving.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Artie turned around swiftly. Three of the hounds were all over Joseph on the ground. He was screaming as the dogs started ripping at his arms and his legs.

"JOE!!!!!" Artie aimed his gun at the dogs, but he just stood there, in shock. His hands were shaking tremendously. Joseph went silent as one of the hounds tore out his voice-box. Then, it looked at Artie.

It charged at him, going full speed. It leaped into the air at him and he fell back. As the creature was coming down, a bullet tore through it in mid-air. Artie was lifted up on his feet by Chris. The other three dogs heard the shot and looked up from Joseph's body.

"Come on!" Chris shouted. Jill was there too.

All of them started running.

"What the hell are those things!" Jill yelled.

"We have to get back to Barry and Wesker," Chris yelled back. All of a sudden, a light appeared from over them. They looked up to see their helicopter flying away overhead.

"Hey, Brad, where the hell's he going?!" Chris yelled.," Chris turned around to see one of the dogs in the air, just a few feet from his face. He put up his arm to protect himself, not that it would do much. As the beast came in closer, it was blown to the side by powerful gun shot.

"Chris this way," Wesker ordered. The three of them ran past Wesker as backed away firing three more shots.

Barry was close by and fired his custom Beretta, hitting one of the dogs square in the forehead on the second shot. Artie ran backwards, firing as Chris turned around to shoot as well. Jill kept running and Wesker ran sideways as he shot with one hand.

"Damn it," Barry said as he dried his clip. He turned and ran to catch up with his teammates.

As he was running, Chris noticed a huge object in the distance. The fog cleared as he got closer and saw that it was a house. "Head for that mansion!" he shouted. Everyone went into a dead sprint for the gigantic structure, Artie bringing up the rear.

Wesker was the first to reach the front doors. He flung one of the doors open and threw himself into a vast hallway. A couple more members ran in and Barry assisted Wesker in closing the double doors before the hellhounds can get in. The dogs viciously scratched at the door. Jill came to a halt and bent over, trying to catch her breath. Chris did the same thing. Barry and Wesker came away from the doors and walked forward looking around the hall. There was a central staircase that branched into two side staircases, leading to a second floor.

"What is this place?" Barry asked curiously.

"Not quite your ordinary house, that's for sure," Wesker replied. Chris looked around for a minute and saw that Artie was not inside.

"Where the hell is Artie?!" he asked in a sharp tone. Jill ran for the front doors.

"Jill no," Wesker ordered. "You don't do want to go back out there."

"But Artie is-" she began, but was cut off by the sound of a gunshot to the west side. "What was that?" Barry asked.

"Chris go and investigate," Wesker commanded. "We'll stay here and secure this area."

Chris saluted and walked off.

"Take care Chris," Jill said to him. He turned around and nodded. Then, he proceeded to go through the double doors on the west side.

"Investigate the room on the other side," Wesker ordered reloading his gun. "I'll take the hall." Jill and Barry nodded and headed through the double doors to the east, guns drawn.