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She did it again she ran away from home and now she is lost in the sewers or New York.

"I wonder how far I went? These tunnels seem to go for miles. Maybe I'll rest her for the night and continue in the morning?" she questioned herself. "Maybe if I didn't run away they would except me…."she thought to herself but her thoughts were cut of by a noise she heard. She got up from the wet floor and decided to follow the voices she heard and when she looked around the bend she was amazed to find two giant turtles skateboarding. One of them was wearing an orange bandana and the other was wearing a red bandana.

" I never seen anything like it!" she out loud hoping that they didn't hear but they did. In fear she turned around and began to run.

"Hey, come back here!" they both said in unison and began to chase after her.

She had no idea where she was going but she knew that it wasn't going to be anywhere near here. She ran and ran as far as her feet could take her. As she ran she heard the same voices from earlier and looked back to see them chasing her, which was a mistake on her part. As she turned her head she saw a bar in the front of her face and ran right into it, and before you could say " Cowabunga" her lights went out and she fell to the floor unconscious.

The two turtles ran over to her as fast as they could.

"Hey, Raph, check it out it's a girl!"

"Now how the shell did get down here?"

"I don't know? I think we should take her back to lair and see if she's okay?"

"What are you thick in the head just leave 'er there she'll probably forget about ever seeing us"

"Whatever, Raph, I'm taking her anyway even if you don't like it." After that Mikey knew that he won the fight.

" Augh, oh, alright you win let's get back home." Raph still didn't like the idea of taking her to their home.

Back at the lair Leonardo was watching the Channel 6 News and heard about a girl that ran away from home. As he heard the news he shook his head.

"Now why would some one runaway from home, Don?" asked sadly

Donatello was tinkering in his workshop as he heard the news, "To tell the truth, Leo, I don't know. I mean maybe the girl went through some hard times and didn't know how to deal with them."

"Yeah, maybe your right. So, what are you working Donnie?" Leo asked trying to change the subject.

"Well, I'm trying to build a new vehicle for us just in case we need to go some where if the shell cycle and the battle shell are in use." He said happily.

A few minutes later Michelangelo and Raphael came in.

"So what took you so long?" Leonardo asked with anger in his voice "Both of you were supposed to be here an hour ago. Master Splinter…" his voice was cut off buy Mikey's

"Whoa, slow down, Leo, we have a most perfect excuse." He said as he showed Leo the girl that was in his arms.

"Where did she come from, Mikey?" Donny was now also interested in what was going on.

"We found her in the sewers." Raphael said quickly. Everyone was surprised to the quick statement that Raphael made as he stormed to his room.

Splinter enters the room to see what was all the fuss was about. Mikey quickly told him how she found them.

"Well, now I see that we have no choice but to nurse her. Michelangelo, go get a warm water and a cold washcloth. Leonardo, get a pillow and blanket for our guest and Donatello, she shall sleep on your bed until she awakens."

"Yes, Master." They replied in unison and as they gathered the items Splinter requested Leo thought about the girl he heard about on the news?

"Na, she couldn't be. Could she?" He put the thought in the back of his mind and did what he was supposed to do.

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