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A Frozen Hot Chocolate

It wasn't like she had a crush on him or anything. She just felt sorry for him. Yeah, that was it.

Tina Hakim Baba reread the note in The Atom.

Personal from BP to LM –

I'm sorry for what I did, but I

Want you to know that I still

love you

PLEASE meet me by my

Locker after school today and

Allow me to express my devo-

tion to you. Lilly, you are my

muse. Without you, the

music is gone. Please don't

let our love die this way.

Tina had always gotten on fairly well with Lilly. But since that night when she and Jangbu had played Seven Minutes in Heaven, Tina had felt odd. Boris was so devoted to Lilly and she had just turned him aside.

She looked around the corner. Boris was standing by his locker, staring at his feet. School had ended half an hour ago. Tina frowned. She couldn't just leave him like that.

She walked over to him. He looked up hopefully and saw her.

"Hallo Tina."

"Hey Boris. She didn't come?"

"No. I ruined it, Tina. I ruined our perfect love."

"No! No, Boris, it wasn't you. Lilly shouldn't have gone off with Jangbu."

Boris's face darkened at the mention of the busboy. Tina had seen that look once before, when Hank had arrived at AEHS.  She sighed,

"Do you want to get a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity?" He bit his lip, eyes searching the corridor. Then he looked at her.

"That would be nice, Tina." She smiled and patted his shoulder.

"Let's get out of here."

As she sat opposite him in Serendipity, she found herself examining him more closely. Tina knew what Mia thought of him. She liked him generally, but found certain habits of his irritating.

But now Tina could only see the most admirable parts of him. His loyalty, his charm, he was even good looking to an extent. And he DID nice hands.

"Do I have chocolate on my face?"

Tina jumped. She had been staring. She flushed and smiled,

"No – sorry. I was just thinking…"

"About what?"

"What an amazing person you are?" Boris looked embarrassed but pleased. Tina continued,

"Lilly really doesn't deserve you. She's been so horrible to you, Boris."

"No! Lilly is…" He stopped and stared down at the frozen hot chocolate.

"I really did love her, Tina."


"She doesn't love me. So I shall not ruin her life by loving her."

"Boris, don't let her control you. You can love anyone. There are loads of girls out there looking for a guy just like you!" Tina argued. Boris smiled at her. A small smile, but a smile just the same.

"Let's hope so."

They worked on their frozen hot chocolates for a while. Eventually Boris said,

"I saw your ad in The Atom." Tina giggled.

"No one's replied. I didn't expect them to, really."

"I'm surprised."

"Yeah, right." Tina said sarcastically. Boris shook his head passionately.

"No, I mean it. You're a nice person."

"And so are you, Boris. I guess nice guys do finish last." Tina said dramatically. Boris nodded.

"I guess so. Well, let's finish together then."

He suddenly realised what he'd said and stammered,

"Um… well, I mean…"

"It's OK, Boris." Tina said, putting her hand on top of his. She didn't know why she did it. But she did. Boris looked at their hands and then smiled.

"Thank you Tina."

"For what?"

"This." And he leant across them small table and kissed her.

As the kiss ended, he looked nervous.

"S-sorry. I shouldn't have…"

"It's OK." Tina said and smiled. He smiled too.

Amazing what a frozen hot chocolate could lead to.