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Roseate Enhancements

Betty kicked the tabled petulantly and watched it wobble. He'd done it to her, again. Why did she set herself up for this kind of heartbreak?

"Wishing it was Frecklesnoot's face?"

Betty cringed. Damn, Reggie had overheard her conversation with Archie. Or…maybe he hadn't. Maybe he was just making a general observation? He didn't like Archie much.

She looked up and gave him a tremulous smile. He sat down on the chair across from her, swearing as it shook slightly.

"Stupid chairs. Why the hell doesn't Pop get some new ones?" he bit out.

"I think that's the only shaky one in the whole place." She grinned.

"Well, would explain why no one was sitting on it…Anyway, to get back to that nitwit, Archie. How would you like me to paint his face on the table…or better still, this annoying chair? We'll take it outside and throw rotten tomatoes on it."

She let out a small laugh. Reggie leaned back, satisfied. He wondered just how angry she was at Archie if she could laugh at the idea of throwing tomatoes at his face. Was she angry...or just upset? She really didn't have to mourn the lack of dates with Archie - not when he was here. He was a much better catch than that dimbulb.

Betty took a sip of her soda. She made a face. It tasted horrible. Why did she let Archie order for her? He always seemed to bring back the wrong thing. She pushed it in Reggie's direction. "You can have this if you want. I'm not going to drink it."

He raised an eyebrow. "You must have me mistaken for Jughead. I don't consume rejected crap." He pushed the glass aside and placed his hands on the table. "Look, why don't you forget about Archie and go out with a real man?"

She gave him a sly smile. "I don't know any real men…have you met any?"

The expressions flitting past Reggie's face were priceless – indignation, outrage and amusement. He finally settled on amusement. "Very clever. Since we both know I meant me, why not let me take you out tonight? We'll go have some fun."

She pondered his invitation for a while. She didn't really expect Archie to cancel his plans. Going out with Reggie would be better than moping at home. She nodded.

"Good. I'll pick you up at 8." He whipped out his comb, using it to push back a few stray hairs off his forehead. "Wear something pretty." He raised himself off the chair, stumbling slightly. He grinned sheepishly and swaggered off.

She chuckled. His MO would have been considered smooth, if he hadn't stumbled. It made him appear sort of cute – like a child trying to act cool.

"I can't believe you stooped to going out with that worm."

Betty turned her head to see Jughead approaching. She scooted over to the next chair. He sat in the chair she had vacated.

"What's wrong with Reggie?" At Jughead's look of disbelief, she continued, "At least, he wants to go out with me."

Jughead nodded. "As opposed to my best friend? What did he do now?"

Her slight reprieve from misery seemed to fade away, as she contemplated Archie's behavior. "He did what he always does. Forgot he made a date with me, made another one with Veronica and decided to dump me."

He frowned. She sounded bitter. It took a lot to make Betty sound that way. He cursed his friend, inwardly. When was Archie going to realize the hurt he inflicted on her? He didn't really blame Betty for wanting to go out with someone else. He just wished she had picked someone better than Reggie.

He spoke up, "I'm not going to defend Archie. What he did…does is despicable. But Reggie? Why not someone like…" He scanned the Chocklit Shop for a suitable candidate. Finally spotting one, he went on, " How about Kevin?"

"As nice as he is, he's been dating Evelyn for the past 5 months."

"Really? I didn't know that." He shrugged. "Okay, well, let's see… who else? Hmm. How about…"

She interrupted, "Juggie, you're not running a dating service. Quit it. I'm going out with Reggie."

He sighed. "Fine. If you want to ruin your life…"

She cocked her head. She always found it hard to believe that easy-going Jughead could feel such a passionate dislike for Reggie. Reggie never reserved his jibes for Jughead; he believed in spreading the mockery. Granted, quite a few were targeted at Jughead but nothing wounding enough to justify the hostility that Jughead displayed. Jughead acted like Reggie was his nemesis.

Jughead was reeling off a list of Reggie's negative qualities. He had come to 'Bad slow dancer' when she erupted into giggles. He gazed at her, quizzically.

She tried to catch her breath. "How in god's name do you know how he slow dances? I'm getting a picture of the both of you dancing and him constantly stepping on your foot."

Jughead scowled. "I wouldn't let that slimy creature touch me. I've seen him dance at parties. I watch you guys, while I'm eating."

"You mean stuffing yourself?"

He smiled. "Someone has to finish the excess food."

She rolled her eyes. He could tell she felt a little better. It gave him a warm glow, being able to bring some joy into a friend's life. Apparently, she wasn't averse to giving him some joy too, as she slid the soda towards him. He gulped it down eagerly. It tasted terrible but he wasn't going to refuse anything consumable. In a matter of seconds, he'd emptied the glass.

Jughead waved Pops over. "Hey, can I have one more of this foul-tasting drink?"

Pops placed a full glass in front of Jughead. He glared. "If you don't like it, why don't you order something else?"

"Don't know. Felt like having two."

Pops mumbled something about idiocy and strode off. Jughead sipped the drink noisily. Betty stared at him. "You are without a doubt the oddest person I have ever known. And, strangely enough, that's not an insult."

"I wouldn't have felt offended even if it was." Jughead grinned. "I don't why, Betty, but you're not very good at insulting people."

She glowered at him. She could be rude if she tried. She was still depressed enough to be cynical. He challenged her to try. She bit her lip, thinking.

"How about you need a bib? That's ins…"

"Pathetic. I know I'm a messy eater but I'm drinking soda right now through a straw. Don't really need a bib for that. Even if I did need a bib, you make it sound like an observation."

"Okay…Veronica's so rich that…" she trailed off.

"She could pay someone to finish that dig." He waggled his eyebrows.

She snorted. "I'd love to see that. A guy sitting in her room, making up insults to read out to her."

She tried again. "Dilton's so short, he needs…a ladder?" God, that was really lame.

Jughead's mouth fell open. He tried to stifle his laughter but to no avail. She glared at him before helplessly joining in. She finally conceded defeat. By then, it didn't matter, though. Her spirits had lifted and the need to paint a gloomy picture had dissipated. She was back to being her sunny self.

She glanced at her watch. She was running late. Well, in her renewed high spirits, it wasn't that much of a calamity. It was unusual how she hadn't even noticed how crowded the Chocklit shop had become since her arrival, an hour ago. She had been so lost in self-pity. Now, she heard the tumult in her favorite hangout. It was reassuring.

There was a crowd around the jukebox, arguing over the choice of song. Orders were being yelled out, irrespective of them being taken. Pop's new hired help, Brian, was desperately trying to balance a bowl of ice cream, a plate of hot dogs and a packet of fries. Someone was demonstrating the right way to swing a bat, using a mustard bottle. The mustard splattered on to a couple of Riverdale High students, earning the demonstrator some very loud threats.

Jughead cleared his throat. It had the effect of bringing her attention back to him.

"Hey Bets, I was hoping you could baby-sit Jellybean with me tomorrow night. We'll rent some movies .Um…unless you're busy?"

"To baby-sit that adorable baby? Never too busy. I'll be over at 7." She stood up and took a few steps ahead. She suddenly stopped and sauntered back to Jughead. She bent and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you." She waved goodbye and walked out.

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