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Chapter 11

"Don't look now, sweetie, but I think it's time..."

Betty turned to look at where Veronica was pointing. Reggie and Jughead were heading her way. No, that wasn't the word... They were barreling their way through the crowd. She took in a deep breath. She wasn't ready for this.

Veronica raised an eyebrow as she watched Betty rushing out the door. Well, she should probably go after her but Archie was headed her way... She grinned. Archie could wait. He always did.

Betty closed her eyes. If only life was this simple all the time. Lying here on the grass, feeling the breeze run through her hair and not having to think about a thing. She sighed. Why did it have to come to a point where she had to choose? The last few days had been great. Fun, easy... And now, things were going to be a mess.

"It doesn't have to be such a hassle, you know."

Betty watched as Veronica plopped herself on the grass beside her. She laughed softly. Veronica would hate to be told she'd plopped...

"How'd you know I was here?"

Veronica rolled her eyes. "I'd heard you raving about the park long enough today. 'It's so magical at night.' And lots of other nauseatingly endearing terms I can't be bothered to think about."

Betty snorted. "I do not think I was being that nauseating."

"Well, we'll let that pass for now..." She looked around her. "It isn't half bad here, kind of peaceful."

Betty nodded.

Ronnie continued, "So who were you thinking about?"

"Both of them, I guess. I mean, I'm not sure...I haven't a clue, actually. I was just hoping I could close my eyes and wake up knowing what to do."

"Betty, I'd love to be able to tell you that you can take your time over this but..."

Betty bit her lip. "I've only been really hanging out with them for a few days. Why's it come to a head so soon?"

Veronica laughed. "Sweetie, it's been coming for a long time. Archie was never the one."

Jughead stared at her house. Why was it so dark? Surely, the Coopers' couldn't be asleep at -he glanced at his watch- 10.30pm?

"They're not home, Needlenose. If you'd paid any attention to Betty, you'd have heard that they were off having a ball with Polly at some of her favorite haunts." Reggie sauntered over to where Jughead was standing.

Jughead flushed. He did have some vague recollection about that but a pie or something must have distracted him. This is why you did not talk to him with food around.

He turned back to the house. He did remember Betty mentioning it and something else...the sisters having a night out for themselves? Well, something of the sort. He shook his head. He needed to focus.

"Why are you here, Reggie?"

"Same as you, I guess."

Jughead pointed to the porch. "Do we wait?"

Reggie frowned. As much as he needed to find out what Betty thought, he didn't really want to wait with Jughead. What was he supposed to do? Make conversation? Or could he just ignore him?

Jughead sat down. He was still feeling hungry. And surprisingly, he didn't have the usual overwhelming urge to satisfy his hunger. He just really needed Betty to talk to them.

Veronica bent over and took her shoes off. Why did they have to walk back? One call and her chauffeur would have picked them up. But noooo. Betty insisted that the fresh air would do them good... and help her sort things out.

"You do know that the guys will be waiting outside for you, right?"

Betty nodded. Unfortunately, she knew that. She berated herself mentally. She needed to be prepared. This wasn't even something she was thinking about a week ago. They were all... normal. Archie had been all she that cared about. And now? She couldn't believe she'd wasted all her time on him. He was lovely but she should have figured it long back... She needed to find the one right for her. And he was probably waiting for her. But which one was it?

She groaned. She could see her house up ahead. Ronnie gave her a quick hug. "I'm here for you if you need anything, Bets."

Betty watched Ronnie turn the corner. She wasn't sure where Ronnie was headed... maybe home. But she knew that she'd come running the minute Betty called her.

Betty took a deep breath. It was time.

Reggie was actually nervous. He could have any girl he wanted but that blonde girl approaching them was all he could think about. He thought back over the last few days. That date at the park, the setting up of the fest, working with her, laughing with her, even arguing with Jughead- everything had felt just right. He didn't want it to end...

Jughead fingered his pointed hat. This was supposed to be a momentous occasion. Should he take it off? He shook his head. It was Betty, for God's sake. The girl who always knew what would make him feel better. The girl who, in the last week, had actually made him think about something else other than food. And the girl who had the power to break his heart now...

Betty stopped in front of them. What was she supposed to do? Get them to bend down and pronounce one of them the chosen one? She stared at the ground. She felt ridiculous. She felt lost and confused. She glanced up and...suddenly, she knew exactly what she felt. She knew.

She looked up into his eyes. And she knew he was the one. Had always been the one. How could she have ever been so confused? All she had to do was really look at him. There was no Archie, no love triangles. Just the boy who made her feel safe and happy.

She heard the boy next to him gasp. He knew she'd chosen. She watched the dark haired boy's eyes widen and wished it could have been another way. He looked devastated. She steeled herself for his remonstrations, for losing his friendship.

And, then, she saw him smile. It was an odd smile- not exactly happy but not really sad. It was... acceptance. There was a world of hurt there but she was sure things would get better. She smiled back tentatively.

*4 months later*

She'd never seen her sister look happier. She stood by her side, so proud that she could be a part of this moment. She looked across at her new brother-in-law and smiled. Okay, maybe she was still a little angry but she was not going to make a fuss about it anymore.

As they headed back down the aisle, she caught Jughead's eye. He'd managed to sneak in a packet of chips and was trying, quite unsuccessfully, to not make a mess of his suit as he chomped noisily. He gave her a little wave and threw her a small smile. Reggie grabbed the packed out of his hands and threw it under the seat.

Betty laughed. Things were finally getting back to normal. Everything was going to be just fine.

*5 years later*

She sat glumly on her bed. Well, not really her bed anymore. She couldn't believe her parents were selling the house! She heaved herself up. The boxes weren't going to pick themselves up.

Reggie walked in and grinned. "Lie down if you want to. We'll take care of the boxes... or rather, Frecklesnoot will." At Betty's questioning look, he continued, "This is what happens when you lose a bet with the great one... Archie should really know better."

"Reggie!" She heard Jughead yell out. "Why is my sweater dripping wet!"

She laughed. Everything was great.

*7 years later*

"Don't you dare cry, Betty... I've got your make up on just right."

Betty sniffled and looked at Ronnie. She was happy, really. But she couldn't stop from tearing up either.

Ronnie stepped back and surveyed her handiwork. "Betty, you look gorgeous, "she said with satisfaction.

Betty smiled. "I can't believe the day's finally here"

Ronnie nodded. "I know. Aren't you glad you took my advice?"

Betty raised an eyebrow. "Which one was that?"

"Follow your heart."

Betty laughed. "I don't recall you ever telling me that."

"Well, I thought it, anyway." She gave Betty a fond smile. "I think you made the right choice, girl."

"I know I did."

Archie popped his head in through the door. "You girls ready? The ceremony's going to start."

Betty took one last look at her reflection. She was faintly surprised at the beautiful bride staring back at her. And then, shook her head. No, there was no reason to be surprised. She'd felt beautiful ever since they'd started going out. Like Veronica said, she'd made the right choice. She thought back to that night seven years ago. Her head had been a little slow to process what her heart had already known. The park. When she had to choose, when she was lost... she'd ended up at park. Where he'd taken her.

Veronica stood behind Betty and lifted her train. "C'mon, Miss Cooper. It's time to become Mrs. Reggie Mantle."

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