Part Five -

"I can't believe it. shot him. Right on! Whooo! Good going Doc!" She said joyfully.

The Doctor's eyes soon showed the realization of what he had done, dropping the gun to the ground, the Timelord knelt down and put his hands over his mouth in disbelief.

"No...please no. What have I become?"

As they stood there, an alarm began to sound off and the large shuttle door began to open up. They had forgotten about the Cybermen ships and looked over to see them rise up and retract their landing gears. The door continued to rise and soon the special shielding that kept the vacuum of space out was turned off. Now space began to suck everything out into it, even the limited air both Andrea and the Doctor needed. Andrea shrieked at the feeling of being pulled towards the emptiness of space and held on to the Doctor as he desperately tired to hang on to the floor. The floor had a few gaps in-between and with that the only thing to hang on to, his grip began to slip as the pressure of being pulled out was becoming too great for him to handle.

"Hang on Andrea! Hang...hang...on!"

The Master's body instantly sucked out into space and flew past the two Cybermen vessels as they headed out of the ship's bay.

Grabbing onto the grooves of the shuttle bay's metal floor, the Doctor struggled to pull along the floor, as the air became thinner and thinner, the vacuum of space now beginning to feel intense on their bodies as he climbs with all his might. Helping Andrea guide her hands as well, the two try desperately to hold their breath and keep their eyes closed as the pressure mounts. The Doctor soon manages to find the wall with control pad and pushes the flashing red button that will seal the bay from the deadly airlessness of space. The last Cyberman shuttle clears the bay just as it is activated and the Doctor helplessly watches them leave the ship. Still low on air, the gasping Timelord picks up his lovely travel companion and opens the doors to return into the ship's corridor. Once the door closes behind him, the whooshing sound of the door re-pressurizing the room gives him time to fall to the ground and gasp the little stale air the Cybermen ship has inside.

Looking down at Andrea, he notices she is still having a hard time breathing and in desperate need of a stronger air source. He frantically searches his pockets and pulls out a round red ball that looks like jaw breaker candy. He puts it into her mouth and helps to guide her mouth to chew it.

"Eat this...quickly child." He speaks out of breath to her.

As she begins to chew on her own, she quickly begins coughing and seems to be breathing better.

"What...what was that you gave me?" She gasped.

"It an oxygenated lung enhancer...I always carry a few with me just incase I'm ever caught in a very low breathable environment. It's from a place called Vindamir Seti...the people there breath only once per month and don't have an oxygen rich atmosphere. So you can well imagine...they're not much for conversation."

The Doctor's joke makes Andrea smile for a second and soon realizes the doom they are all in.

"But what about the Cybermen Doctor? We can't just sit here...Earth is on the brink of destruction!"

"Yes...yes this is a rather a tight bind isn't it?" The Timelord mutters to himself. "Desperate times call for desperate measures my dear..."

The Doctor stands up and closes his eyes. Andrea rises up, continuing to chew the flavorless gum ball and gives him a curious look.

"What are you doing?"

"Shhh." The oddly dressed man utters. "What I'm about to do isn't done in the Timelord circle...this is very tricky my dear...even for the likes of me."

As he concentrates, the image of the TARDIS forms in his mind, as if on command, the Timelord's vessel materializes right in front of them as if it had been steered there.

"Holy crap Doc! Tell me you didn't do that!" Andrea says with her eyes and mouth wide open.

"Quickly, no time to explain!" The man barks at her.

The two of them run to the TARDIS and enter through the door. As the perforated walls open up, Andrea and the Doctor rush in only to find themselves standing on the opposite side of the TARDIS's controls. Both Andreas look at one another in amazement and turn to their Doctor counterparts for answers.

"What's happening?" They both shouted in unison.

The Doctor standing at the controls shouts at his dual self and points to the other side of the control center.

"Quickly man! Remove the device, it will deactivate if you pull the damn thing off right now!"

The Doctor rushes under and pulls of the black object the Master had planted on his TARDIS and returns to where he was standing before. The other Doctor nods in thanks to him and waves as both he and the other Andrea vanish into thin air.

"Thanks ol' chap...good to see me!"

Once they were gone, the Doctor laughs casually and walks around to the controls where his previous self was standing. Andrea walks around and looks at him.

"I'd don't understand..." She says with a confused gaze.

"In a moment my dear...hang on..." The man replies.

Fiddling with the controls in front of him, he looks up and sees yet another version of him and Andrea come rushing in. Just as she had shouted before to the Timelord, it seemed like the few last minutes of their lives were being played out again.

"What's happening?" The women shouted again.

"Quickly man! Remove the device, it will deactivate if you pull the damn thing off right now!" The Doctor shouts at this new double.

Doing exactly what he had done before, the double pulls off the device and looks at the Doctor and Andrea. This time the two that had entered slowly disappear as the Doctor waves at them and utters the same phase as before.

"Thanks ol' chap...good to see me!"

Once they vanished, the TARDIS doors closed and the center column moves as the Timelord vessel takes off. Giving a sigh of relief, the Doctor rubs the back of his neck and winks at the very confused face of Andrea.

"That was a close shave my dear."

"Please explain to me what happened! I can't fathom what just took place..."

The Doctor nods at her and give her a serious look as he explains the events.

"Basically I just broke the rule of all Time and Space...never is a Timelord to meet any of his regenerative selves or even revisit his current self...which is a rarity believe me my girl. If I hadn't left within the next few seconds all time and space would have collided in on itself...and more universe."

Andrea still stood there with a blank look on her face as she tried to get it straight in her head.

" told yourself to set the controls, for that point at time in space, we met ourselves and nearly ended up wiping all of it from existence?"

The Doctor smiled at her and patted her on the shoulder. "Very good know I think you're getting the hang of all this after all."

"Wait...that doesn't make any sense Doc! How could you have set the controls when you weren't in the TARDIS to set the controls to bring the TARDIS here?"

"Ah..." The Timelord states as he swaggers his finger. "Well, while we entered the TARDIS, my future self was preprogramming the controls to bring us back to that point in time, and then re-set the controls to move ahead into the future. So when they disappeared into the present where we are in now...I took his place and did the exact same thing. You see?"

She shook her head in a slow agreement, but quickly paused and then shook in the negative manner. The Doctor sighed and held the bridge of his nose.

"Never mind my's far too complex to explain. Let's just say...we're heading back to the Earth ship to lend them a hand, hm?"


As the Master's body floats in space, the small, slender Cybermen shuttle hits him as they venture out as if they didn't even see him floating there. The Master's eyes suddenly open and his hand reaches out at the hull as he scrapes along. Grabbing onto one of the airlock handles that seemingly seems convenient for him to be near, he opens it up and pulls himself inside the lumbering ship.

The War continues to heat up as the Earth vessels start to focus all their weapons on the last Cybermen mother ship and explode the massive vessel into a dust. With all the Cybermen warships gone, all that is left are two small shuttles that continue to head towards Earth. Inside the first shuttle on the far side of the planet, the Cyberman leader clutches his fist and looks at the planet with an almost human-like hatred.

"They will not live to see the dawn of their kind! Prepare the ship for Time warp and let us finally rid ourselves of these flesh creatures forever!"

Crawling along the floor inside the shuttle, The Master's open gut wound of wire and leaking fluids smear along the metal ground as he slithers. He finally reaches the room where his small cabinet TARDIS awaits him and gives a slow giggle that soon turns into a foul evil laughter.


The blue police box materializes onto the heavily damaged bridge of the Earth vessel that Captain Daniels commands. As both Andrea and the Doctor step out, they discover the extent of the damage to which the ship was in. The entire room was in flames, the controls where smashed, the view screen was barely functioning and the only two people that were still alive was Daniels and Megan. Megan was trying to steer the ship herself as the captain continued to bark orders at her.

"Bring us about five-two-seven mark eight! Let's get those bastards!"

"Captain, we don't have any weapons...the ship is nearly breaking apart and the crew is all dead. Sir we can't survive another assault!" She shouted back to the gruff man.

"To hell with weapons...I'll use this damn ship if I have too! Give me ramming speed!"

The Doctor looks at the monitor and notices the two Cybermen shuttles poised at either side of the blue planet, he quickly rushes over to Megan at the controls and assists her in steering the craft.

"If you re-route from life-support and take the antigravity generators offline on all'll have enough power to push through."

Megan quickly glances over at the Timelord. "What the hell are you doing here? I thought you betrayed us to the Cybermen?! How did you get back on board?"

"No time to argue..." The Doctor shouts. "It's now or never to end the Cybermen from invading your world. Those two ships are about to launch into a time stream and invade your planet in the past!"

"What? That's impossible!" Megan harps back at him.

"You have to believe him Megan...he's telling the truth!" Andrea shouts from behind.

The captain was straining to hear the entire conversation and switched the controls over to his chair arm pad. Megan looked on her display in front of her and looked behind at the aged commander.

"What the hell are you doing now?"

"I'm going to steer the ship and make sure that time jump never happens...Doctor...take Megan and abandon ship!" The man screams as he enters in the coordinates on his arm pad.

The woman soldier stands to her feet and defiantly shouts at her captain.

"Never! I'll not leave you here to die sir! I'm with you till the end."

"Blast you woman!" The man frantically screams back. "Get off this ship! This is my vessel, I'm the captain...I give the orders and I say who lives and who dies!"

The Doctor gabs hold of Megan's arm and looks at her.

"He's right my dear...this is the only way. While I too find it to be most foolish display of courage...the computers are down and the only way to keep this ship on a locked course is manual control. The captain is the only one who can stay to navigate the ship..."

Looking at the man and giving a small salute, the Doctor gives him a reassuring smile and nods.

"Good luck captain...I hope you're plan succeeds."

Daniels nods back at him and smirks. "If it doesn't...I want the fleet to ready to give it another try in my absence. Thank you Doctor...I wish I had time to hear what happened to you a while back...but this is not the time...nor the life in which to ask questions."

Both the Doctor and Andrea forcefully pull Megan away as they bring her over to the TARDIS. She screams away at the captain to join her and not die this way. But as soon as they enter into the blue police box, the door shuts and the Timelord vessel de-materializes. The captain giggles at the sight of the craft disappearing and shakes his head in disbelief.

"So that's how he got here...well...I won't let those Cybermen get the chance to disappear like that. Full power!"

Tapping on his armrest console, the ship suddenly jumps into high speed and heads straight for the far second Cybermen shuttle. Inside the craft, the three metallic warriors see the ship approaching and turn to one another.

"We have been discovered Leader!" The first one shouts.

"It is heading straight for us on a collision course!" The second one announces.

The lead Cyberman sits there with his face gazing at the ship quickly approaching and shouts at his officers.

"Quickly! Activate the Time..."

The two ships collide and shatter into one another on impact. The explosion is doubled in size because of the shuttle's massive power core, it sends out shockwaves from its detonation and cripples the entire remaining Earth fleet. The other Cybermen shuttle spins out of control from the wake of the blast and spirals down into the Earth's atmosphere.

"Initiate the time jump!" The Cyberman leader commands.

The shuttle begins to distort and soon de-materializes from the fiery entry into Earth, it gives the same whooshing sound as a Timelord vehicle and soon ends up into the vortex of time and space.


The Doctor runs all around the TARDIS console and manipulates the various controls and switches. He opens the widescreen viewer on the wall opposite to him and sees the Cyberman craft a few miles ahead of him.

"Damn...they're moving too quickly." He says in frustration. "Looks like I'm going to have to make another bold and unwise attempt..."

Andrea looks at him as both she and Megan hold on to the center controls or dear life.

"And that would be?"

The Doctor looks up and pushes one final button. "Collapse the vortex!"

A sudden bright flash from the top of the police box's light causes the entire vortex to become unstable and throws both vehicles out of phase. The TARDIS spins wildly out of control as it pops out into outer space again and continues to get tossed about into the black void. The Cybermen shuttle spins out of time and suddenly crashes down onto some planet's surface as it de-materializes. The blast wave of it's impact can be seen for miles in the darkness, the night sky of the planet quickly lights up and then simmers back into the starry filled blackness of it's night time. Rushing towards the crash site is a bunch of World War II military vehicles that are full of armed troops. Sirens can be heard blaring in the distance and flashes of light streak past a sign that reads:

Roswell, New Mexico U.S. Military Base – No Vehicles permitted past this point.

Deep in space, the TARDIS finally slows down in its wild spin and everyone inside of it manages to get back on their feet again. The Doctor rushes over to the controls and studies the readings from it.

"It worked!" He shouts joyfully. "The vortex was collapsed and the Cybermen are forced out."

Andrea gets up and rubs her sore head from all the tumbling around. "Ow. Hell time give us some warning before you do that! Where did they go anyhow?"

"I suspect you and I already know the answer to that one my dear." The Doctor announces cheerfully to her.

"1947!" Andrea screams. " about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So we were the ones that brought them there?"

"Yes. It would seem so my dear." The delighted Timelord uttered. "Ah well, at least I knew how to handle it back then. So it's all in the past...time to keep going into the future."

Megan looks at the both of them with a curious look and finally gives a long stare at the inside of the Doctor's TARDIS.

"What is this thing anyway?"

"Ah...Megan." The Doctor says rubbing his hands and walking over to her. "How would you like to come with us and take a bit of a vacation from all this doom and gloom? Or would you prefer I take you back to your proper place and time again?"

"Huh? What do you mean? I don't fully understand you..." She replies back to him in a dazed manner.

Andrea walks over to her and pats her gently on the back. "Don't worry...neither did I at first. I think we should just take her back home has been rather stressful enough on her already."

"Wait..." Megan quickly pulls away. "I...I don't think I want to go back. Not right away. I'm so damn tired...."

The Doctor can see the woman is flustered from the whole thing, her wounds need taking care of and the trauma of witnessing her friends die all around her probably is just catching up to the woman.

"Andrea, take Megan to the medical room and get her looked after. We'll talk about taking her home later."

Andrea nods in agreement and places Megan's arm around her shoulder as she helps her out of the room. Before she leaves, Andrea turns to the Timelord and asks a question.

"What about the Master?"

"I suspect he's gone for good." The Doctor sighs. "But one can never tell with that man."

"For all our sakes...I hope we never see that evil man again." She says in a serious tone.

The Doctor looks back at her and agrees.

"Indeed Andrea...indeed."

The two women leave the room and the Doctor walks over to one of his antique chairs and sits down. The thought of the Master being killed by his hands sends his mind racing with millions of questions. Had he become the evil he so yearned to avoid? Did the Master finally get the better of him? Was this the beginning of the end for himself? As he tried to shake the doubts from his mind, a sudden wave of discomfort grew throughout his body. The pain forced him to stand up and hold his gut as if he was going to vomit.

"What...what's happening to me?"

The Timelord started to get the sharp stabbing pains again and screamed in agony as he twitched from the multiple attacks. He quickly threw himself over to the controls and frantically set the controls on a new course. With one last sharp cry of pain, the Timelord passed out on the floor and lay there motionless. His entire body began fluctuating as if in a mid-regeneration, but it wasn't changing his appearance at all. It continued to twist and contort his appearance; as if his skin was reflecting the space/time vortex the TARDIS would be hovering in. The Doctor lay there on the floor and all that could be heard is the echo of the Master's laughing voice.