Opposite Passions

Chapter 1: Meeting Misty
By Finaille Nailo

I remember the day I met her like it was yesterday. It was a school day like no other, a new girl who had just arrived that day…

"Oh GOD, that really sucks!" Ash mutters to himself, glancing at the computer screen over and over again. He had to write a short romance story for English, and everyone at Goldenrod Pokemon Academy knew if one person didn't understand romance, it was Ash Ketchum.

He glanced out the window, trying to find the words to continue. If my friends knew I'm writing a story like this, I'd be so dead. He thinks to himself. A member of one of the more popular groups at school, he couldn't deny it, he loved to write. The only people who understood his… other passion were his past and current English teachers and his mother.

The words he typed flowed, like the melody and harmony of the song coming together perfectly.

The girl, her name was Mara, she was very unique, and very passionate about her arts. But she too had a hidden passion; she loved Pokemon, especially fire-type Pokemon. The girl was in my homeroom, and I was asked to take her around school…

"BRRRRIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!" He jumps, somewhat started from the bell. He quickly saved the story, logged out of his username, and gathered his things. At least I'll be early to lunch today… I'm starving…He walks out of the computer lab and into the crowded high school hall.

He hears his name. "Yo, Ash!" He turns around to see Brett and Gary about ten feet behind him. He stops and waits for them to catch up.

"Hey! How's it hanging?" He asks casually. They both nod in agreement.

"God, that test in Trigonometry was so hard!" Brett says, placing a frustrated hand on his forehead. "I think I failed it."

"Found out we're getting a new student tomorrow." Gary says. "Found out in Biology. A girl from Cerulean."

"Ahh, another poor sucker having to take some newbie around school for a week." Ash grins. "Hopefully she's not in my homeroom… I don't want to watch after some girl for another week."

"Yeah, remember Ana?" Brett says. "God, she was so weird! I swear it seems like all other people outside of this high school come from another planet! I mean she would not shut up about art and music and junk!"

"Yeah, I mean, this is a Pokemon Academy! Sure, we have other classes, but if you're not into Pokemon, you're totally screwed!" Ash says. They reach the cafeteria.

"But Ana had decent intentions, she just wasn't into Pokemon…" Gary mentions.

"Decent intentions??? For crying out loud, the girl was totally gothic!" Brett screeches.

"So? She was still… hot…" Gary grins. The other two rolls their eyes pathetically.

"Uh huh, we're totally kidding, it's just that watching after somebody for a week isn't all that fun." Ash says, while Brett nods. "And there is nothing wrong with the arts."

"Dude, how can you even be interested in that stuff? All those weird words and pictures and stuff." Gary says, purposely looking confused.

"Hey, I never said I was really all that interested…" Ash says. "Battling is a zillion times more fun!"

"Hey Ashy-boy…!" Another voice yells from the distance. He looks up, to see Samantha running towards him and hugging him around the neck.

"Um… hey Samantha…" Ash gulps. Sheesh, how many times do I have to tell her I'm not interested!!!

"How was your morning?" She asks sunnily.

"It was um, fine… hey Sam…?"


"I was sorta talking to my friends about something important." Ash mumbles. Samantha's smile fades partially.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt… I'll, um, see you after school then?" She asks.

"Yeah, sure, see you then, I guess." Ash doesn't watch Samantha sadly walk away. He turns back to Gary and Brett.

"Ok, ok, there is one thing worse than having to watch the new kid for a week." Brett says, pointing to Samantha. "It's being her crush." Ash and Gary snicker.

"Oh come on, she's not that bad…" Ash says.

"Uh-huh, and I'm the queen of England." Gary says. Ash rolls his eyes.

"Whatever you say… can we go to lunch now?" Ash says.

"Yeah, yeah, we're getting there… You won't die if you don't eat for five more minutes." Brett reminds Ash.

"Yeah, but it feels like it. Can we go now???" Ash demands. Gary and Brett both roll their eyes once more and the three guys head off to the cafeteria.

School SUCKS!!! Ash flings open the front door to his house, and throws his backpack in the entryway.

"Is that you Ash?" A voice comes from the distance.

"No mom, it's a burglar coming to steal all of your money… Of course it's me!" Ash yells back. Delia pokes her head out from the kitchen.

"Ha ha, that's so funny. Will you come in the kitchen for a second? We need to talk…"

Shit, she probably found out I failed my Geography test…

"Yeah, sure mom. What's up?" Delia sits down at the kitchen table and tells Ash to sit down. " Is something wrong?"

"No, an old friend of mine just moved here to Goldenrod. You probably don't remember the family, but they were good friends of ours when we lived in Pallet Town. Remember the Yawa family?"

"Uh, no?"

"Didn't think you would, the last time you saw them you were five." She hands a picture to Ash. "Anyways, this is the family."

Ash looks at the picture: A mom with four children sitting around. All of the children were girls, three were obviously triplets and the elder of the family, and the youngest had fiery red hair.

"Ok?? And you want me to know this why?" Ash asks.

"Because the youngest there, her name is Misty. She's your age, and she'll be starting school at the Pokemon Academy tomorrow."

She must be the new girl then…

"Anyways, since you two used to be friends, I called the school and asked if you could follow her around for a week, and teach her the way around the school. "

Ash falls over. Great…

"Will you do this, please Ash, for me? Misty used to be your friend." Delia pleads.

"Well, I certainly don't remember her."

"You were five. Ash, if you don't do this, you can't go to this citywide Battle of the Bands concert, plus you're grounded for a month."


"Yeah, of course I'll do this!" Ash says, looking as happy as he could in the situation he was stuck in. Delia goes over to Ash and hugs him tightly. "GACK!"

"Oh thank you so much, Ash! Misty will meet you at the bus stop tomorrow at 7am."

"Ok mom… now can you please stop hugging me? I'm gonna suffocate…" Ash gasps. Delia smiles and lets go.

"Thank you, Ash. Now get started on your homework." Delia demands, while staying in a sweet mode.

"Yes mom…" Ash snorts when he leaves the kitchen. Homework… right…

"Mara?" I ask, looking into the strange girl's eyes. Her hair is as bright as the sun, and red as fire.

"Misty." She replies. I look into the night sky- the moon invisible, the stars bright. She comes closer to me…

"Why are you here?" I ask. The girl smiles…Misty smiles…

"Ash… I love you…"

"WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Ash yells, opening his eyes quickly. He sits up from his bed and glances at the clock.

Shit, I still have two more hours till I normally get up. Why can't I sleep tonight? Why in the hell am I having such a weird dream? Ash sits up and walks to his desk. He turns on the lamplight. He pulls out a single sheet of loose-leaf paper and digs around for a pencil.

He looks at the empty sheet of paper, and looks up in thought. After a moment, he glances back at the paper. He writes something down.

Dream Girl…

He smiles. Perfect

Ash starts scribbling down on the paper. Not having an idea what he's writing about, he writes down whatever makes sense to him. He writes for hours…

… and wakes up with his face in the desk by his alarm clock going off.

"Aaarggh! I need more sleep!!!" Ash mumbles to himself. He gets ready for school, and is about to walk out of the house when his mom stops him.

"Hey Ash, heading off?" She asks.

"Yeap, that's what I do every weekday of the school year." He replies.

"Just don't forget to meet Misty at the bus stop." Delia reminds him. Ash froze.

"Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me… almost… forgot." He mumbles.

"Well, good thing I stopped you. Have a nice day at school, dear."

"Yeah, you too mom!" Ash sighs and steps out the door.

Misty was my dream last night?? WEIRD!!!

Ash slowly walks to the bus stop, not knowing what to expect. When he is about ten feet away, he walks even more slowly to try and pick Misty out of the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately, he has no luck whatsoever. He finds Gary though, and walks up to him.

"Hey!" Ash says, slapping Gary on the back. "What's up?"

"Not too much, you?"

"Guess what?"


"I get to watch the new girl this week…" Ash groans. Gary bursts out laughing.

"Have fun!"

"Yeah, I'm completely sure I will." Ash says, forcefully but sarcastically punching Gary in the arm. He turns around once more to see if he could find Misty. When he turns around, he gasps. Standing right in front of him was the same girl from his dream, give or take a few details.

"Uh, Misty?" Ash gulps. The girl looks up at him, and smiles.

"Are you Ash??"


Finaille- Uh- huh, yeah, sure I do!

Pikachu- NO YOU DON'T!


Finaille and Pikachu- WHAT?!

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