The girl screamed as she hit the wall behind her. Her black hair fell limply on her small figure, covering her eyes. She was paralyzed for a moment as she heard the yelling above her. "How could you lose that battle? It was our ticket to Russia!!! Now because of you our team's out of tournament!!!" She looked up at her half- sister. She could feel her rage, literally. She could feel it in the cuts and burns. No one had ever loved her. She was just some orphan freak. There wasn't anything attractive about her, or that at least she could see. Her hair was died black with red streaks. Her violent eyes startled most people, but they were often empty, making people think she was some kind of demon. She was small and wimpy-looking but she had muscles and was as tough as she could be in her situation. The pain throughout her body was sharpening quickly but she refused to cry, it wasn't in her.
Her sister knelt before her, leveling with her eyes.
"Answer me," she said growling, slapping the girl hard across the face. The sister's ring cut into the girl's cheek, drawing blood and around it leaving a discoloring which promised a bruise in the future.
"I'm sorry. I'll do better," the girl said with as much calmness as she could muster. She was looking past her sister, past the dark room. She was slipping into her fantasies, not wanting to be in her sister's cruel hands.
Her sister just looked at her in disgust and left the room. The crippled girl turned her head. A single item caught her eye. She saw her black and baby blue beyblade glow softly. Its bit beast sympathy clear, wishing there was something it could do to ease her master's pain....