Inuyasha quickly caught Korosu in a headlock. He gagged, and then began struggling to free himself. He dug his claws deep into his arm, but Inuyasha held his own. He growled, tightening his grip.

"Pretty strong…considering your tainted blood…" Korosu remarked acidly. Kagome gaped.

"Don't you call him that!! He's twice the warrior that you'll ever be, half-breed or an inbred fool like you!!" she hissed. Inuyasha wrenched his arm around Korosu's neck, so tightly that it stifled his breathing somewhat.

"Kagome…don't waste your breath talking to him anymore…" he growled, barring sharp fangs. He turned to Miroku. "Go get Sango…now!!" The monk nodded and darted off, as Korosu could only choke out an indecipherable word or two. Kagome's glare stayed on him for a moment, but then shifted to Inuyasha.

"Loosen up a bit…" she said softly, almost in a trance. Her husband looked at her strangely. "What if he really did poison Sango? We won't know which of those little potions can help…" He nodded, and did as his wife asked, although the demon was still barely able to breathe easily.


Miroku ran over to the tree where Sango was bound, a nervous look on his face. She was still unconscious, and when he reached her side, he could hear her ragged breathing.

"Sango…Sango-chan, please wake up…" he said pleadingly, running a hand down her cheek. She shuddered as he touched her, and he frowned. Does she even realize it's me?

"Oh…Sango…" he begged, feeling her hair. She was wet with a cold sweat. But he noticed as he did so, that her hair seemed to have been streaked by a platinum blonde. He ignored it, and walked to where he was in no danger of hurting her, and began hacking away at the ropes that bound her with his staff. It was only a few moments until she was freed, and she fell to the ground, her eyes still closed. He quickly ran back to her aid, and scooped her up in his arms.

"Sango…you're safe now…please open your eyes…Sango…" he repeated. It almost seemed like she was dead for a moment, but she shuddered as if she were in pain. He held her tightly, but she squirmed and struggled, like she was trying to escape him, just like she fought to untie herself from the tree.


Korosu fought Inuyasha's grasp, trying to look back at Sango and the monk.

"Y-you're only…hurting…her…" he gasped, "You…d-don't know…what to do…she'll just…stay a…vegetable…if you don't…l-let my finish…" Kagome looked over at him, glaring.

"Why should we trust you? You already made her like that, who knows what you'll do next!!" she hissed. Korosu tried desperately to get Inuyasha's arm loose from his neck.

"You can…trust…m-me! I…j-just…need…t-to know…---" He was cut off again when Inuyasha wrenched his arm around about as tight as he could, a gurgling noise coming from Korosu's throat.

"Shut up!! Don't--Don't even talk to her!!!" he shouted angrily. Korosu clamped his eyes shut, his face turning red from lack of air. He dug his claws into his arm as deep as he ground get them and yanked, but still, Korosu could not free himself from Inuyasha's powerful arm. I guess…this is it…killed…without my revenge…It wasn't until Kagome laid a hand on Inuyasha's shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze. "Don't kill him!! What if Sango really is in trouble? He's the only one who can help…"

Inuyasha stared at her, then let the demon go completely, throwing him roughly to the dirt ground. Korosu slowly pulled himself up to his knees, rubbing his bruised neck. He looked up at Kagome, amazement in his eyes.

"Thanks…" he said softly, his voice devoid of sadism or wickedness. Before Kagome could give a reply, the demon was forced to the ground again, sent there by a strong kick to the face. He let out a loud yelp of pain, staying down this time, tending a bloody nose as best he could.

"What did I tell you, you pathetic bag of bones you!?!" he demanded angrily. Inuyasha walked to him, delivering yet another sharp blow to his gut. Korosu groaned, wrenching his eyes shut. I guess…I can still play the sympathy card…"Inuyasha, stop it! He's already down, can't you see that?!" Kagome demanded angrily. Inuyasha curled his lip a little, but said nothing, just glaring at Korosu.


Miroku continued to try and wake Sango. That bastard really is trying to hurt her…he thought angrily. He hated to even think it, but it was beginning to become clear to him that Korosu was the only one who could help. He frowned as he picked Sango up, watching her intently.

"I really wish I didn't have to trust your life to him…" he muttered. He couldn't help but admire her, though. It's only a matter of time until this is all over…then I can have you all to myself…Miroku began running, not stopping until he reached Inuyasha and Kagome.

"Is she alright?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha just stared at Sango, already knowing the answer. Miroku just gave them both a grave look, then glanced over at Korosu, just watching him in his sorry state.

"I…I think he's the only one who can help her at this point…" he said icily, choking out every word like it burned his tongue to say him.


Korosu, knowing that he would receive no more blows, slowly stood. He wiped a trickle of blood from his nose, wincing as he did so. "You've chosen wisely…" He looked over at Miroku, the ghost of a leer on his face. "Set her down," he said, pointing. "Over there."

Miroku did as Korosu asked, carefully laying Sango down in the spot he had designated.
"You'll be alright…soon…" he said softly. He watched helplessly as she flinched at the sound of his voice. Miroku heard footsteps behind him and looked up.

"Back up, I need my space…" Korosu grumbled. He gave Miroku an especially fierce look, and the monk backed away. Korosu looked around at the other two, the hanyou looking like he could jump him and attack at any moment. He looked back down at Sango, eyeing her gently as he kneeled down at her side.

"Even come near me," he said, directing his cold statement at Inuyasha, "And I'll kill her." He could feel them all gasp silently, their eyes growing wide. He smirked inwardly. Now I can be at peace…Korosu placed a gentle hand on Sango's cheek. She shuddered, inching away from him. He retracted his hand, leaning down to her ear.

"I won't hurt you…" he whispered softly. Slowly, Sango seemed to grow at peace, as her lips almost seemed to curve into the slightest of smiles. Korosu pulled himself back up, gazing down at her now gentle form. He lightly ran the tip of his finger down her face, giving an inaudible sigh. He inhaled her scent. It wasn't the same as it had been when he first found her. It had grown much more familiar. He could even place a name on it, but…it wasn't her…

He leaned down close, so close the tips of their noses touched. He could feel the monk and the half-breed inching closer to him, feeling like he was violating their friend in some way.

"Remember what I said, half-breed…" Korosu chided. He didn't even look up. All he could do was stare down at the angelic face before him. Just like hers…He frowned, narrowed his eyes. Slowly he leaned himself back down beside her ear, their cheeks brushing together. He kept his balance with one hand, extended the other to the other side of her body. Slowly, he found her hand, entwining her fingers in his.

He whispered, "Now…tell me what you see…"


Kagome watched Korosu's caring manner in astonishment. He could somehow go from soothing Sango with gentle whispers to threatening hers, Inuyasha's, and Miroku's lives in the blink of an eye. Such a two-sided person…she thought. Wait…Her thoughts of him had gone from a heartless demon to a sensitive, misunderstood person in only a few moments. It's just his trickery…

She watched the tenderness in the way he moved around her, and the way he grasped her hand. She could feel Miroku flinch in anger by her side, wanting to lash out against the demon. But he couldn't. None of them could do anything. Korosu didn't seem like he had the slightest intention of doing any harm to Sango at that point, but with someone like him, how could they ever be sure of his next move?

She saw his lips move as he leaned down to Sango's ear. Kagome gave a gentle tug on Inuyasha's red sleeve. He looked at her, and her expression as what he had said before she had even said anything. His expression seemed puzzled by what Korosu had said, but he leaned down to tell his wife anyway.

"He asked her," he whispered gently, "to tell him what she saw…"

Kagome looked equally puzzled when Inuyasha repeated his statement to her, and her eyes once again fell to her friend and the demon.

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