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Chapter 12 - One Last Fight

In one hour Maki returned to the dojo. "Are you sure Kenshin?" She asked feeling slightly guilty as they made their way to an open area in the woods where they could fight without worrying about interruptions or doing any damage to the dojo.

"Yes." Kenshin and Maki got into place. "Kaoru will be the judge. Alright?" Maki nodded. "One round?"

Maki shook her head. "No, until one of use is unable to fight."

Kenshin sighed. "Alright." He had a feeling that was one thing Maki wouldn't be talked out of. "Miss Kaoru, when you're ready."

Kaoru nodded and raised her hand. "Ready!" She dropped her hand. "Go!" Kenshin rested his hand just over his hilt ready for Maki to make her move. Maki stood straight and calm, her cloak hid her arms but her left side was bent back a bit telling Kenshin that she had her hand bent and resting on something on her left hip.

For awhile the two stood perfectly still, each waiting for the other to move. Gently Maki took one step forward. Kenshin didn't move. Maki took another step but still Kenshin did not move. Finally Maki moved at a charge towards Kenshin. Kenshin was ready for her and stood poised ready for her attack but she came to a dead stop just centimeters out of reach of Kenshin's blade. Her arm came out and a snake like object flew threw the air. Surprised Kenshin attacked the long slender object flying towards him. It wrapped itself around the Sakabato and Kenshin found himself in a tug-of-war match with Maki and her whip.

Maki got a smug smile on her face. "Sword fighting isn't my strong suite."

"That's cheating!" Yahiko yelled angry.

"No it's not!" Maki yelled back never losing her grip on the whip. "We never said this would be a swords match. Besides a fighter must be ready for anything!" She gave a stronger tug and the Sakabato flew from Kenshin's grasp.

"Kenshin!" Kaoru yelled to him. "Stop this! She isn't fighting fair."

Kenshin smiled. "It's alright Kaoru-dono. She's right. We never said it would be a swords match and a fighter should be prepared for anything." Kenshin focused his attention back to Maki and his current situation. He stood unarmed and Maki was ready to strike again with her whip and she still had her katana at her side. Using his speed to his advantage he tried to run up and grab his sword but Maki gave a tug on her whip which was still tangled around the Sakabato and it came sailing towards her. It landed at her feet and she picked it up.

With a quick flick of her wrist her whip snapped out and tried to hit Kenshin. Kenshin dodged the attack without a second to spare. Maki kept coming her whip seemed to turn into a dozen as the quick successions of attacks flew threw the air. Some found their mark and bit into Kenshin's skin but none were too damaging.

Kenshin knowing he had to get his weapon back ran straight at Maki. Maki was startled when Kenshin changed his pattern for a moment and that moment was all the time Kenshin need. He got in close to Maki making her whip useless. Without hesitation Kenshin grabbed Maki's wrist that held his sword squeezing it so tight Maki let out a yell before dropping it. As it fell Kenshin caught it and took a swing at Maki's side. Maki lifted her sword, sheath and all, and using it protected her side but the impact sent her flying. After landing Maki jumped to her feet ready to fight once more.

Kenshin rushed in and with a flash of light swung the Sakabato. Maki jumped high in the air to avoid the attack and Kenshin followed suite. Kenshin managed to get higher then Maki. He raised his blade over his head and with a yell attempted to smash it into Maki's shoulder. Maki was able to block the attack again with her sheathed sword but while blocking her own sword landed in her shoulder from Kenshin's momentum causing her to cry out.

They both landed on their feet. Maki rubbed her shoulder for a moment before returning her sword at her side. She moved her whip to her right hand and began to attack again. This time as Kenshin moved to avoid her attacks she moved as well to keep him in range. She knew the whip's weakness of being a long range attack depending of the length and hers was just a bit taller then herself when all stretched out. She had trained herself to fight with a sword for closer attacks.

Maki attempted to get her whip around the Sakabato again but Kenshin made sure that wasn't going to happen again. Kenshin made a sudden charge at Maki getting too close for her to use her whip. Maki dropped it and unsheathed her sword before charging at Kenshin herself. The two met with a deafening clang. They pushed against each other trying to push the other back. For a moment Maki pushed the Sakabato back. "That's the problem with a reverse blade," she said with a smirk "the blade is facing you."

Using all the strength Maki tried to push Kenshin's own sword into him. Kenshin in returned used his own strength to push Maki back. Maki clicked her tongue in annoyance as Kenshin pushed her back. She quickly and without warning twirled to the left breaking pushing match so suddenly the Kenshin fell forward a couple steps. As he stumbled Maki took the opportunity to jump back and put Kenshin in striking distance of her whip once more. She picked it up from the ground and sheathed her sword in one smooth and well practiced movement.

Maki snapped the whip at Kenshin's feet. Kenshin quickly stepped side from side avoiding the stinging whip. Maki pulled her arm back making the whip fly behind her head she was going to try a faster attack but during the time that she pulled back Kenshin had time to place his sword in the soft earth. "Shit!" Maki whispered; frightened as she saw the attack coming.

"Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu Doryusen!" Kenshin removed the Sakabato from the earth sending bits of dirt and rocks at Maki.

Maki's mouth opened. "No! You were suppose to keep him from using the Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu!" She scolded herself as she attempted to dodge the attack. She jumped to the side but her legs were pummeled by the onslaught. She fell face first to the ground but she had gotten lucky. Her legs weren't too bad, she could still fight. She took a deep breath as she rose and released it when she was on steady feet. Kenshin waited for her to rise so she took her time but kept her eye on him just in case he decided to attack while she was down. When she was ready the fight continued.

Maki took a step back to put Kenshin in striking distance but he took a step forward. A smile grew on Maki's face and she placed both hands behind her back. She took another step back and Kenshin took another step forward. Maki moved her hand higher up on her whip just above the handle, now with the whip shortened Kenshin was in striking distance. She took another step back and waited for him to step forward again.

"She's up to something." Kenshin thought now a bit hesitant to move forward. Maki had a smug smile on her face. Kenshin slowly began to move forward watching Maki intensely as he did. As he began to put weight on his front foot he saw Maki's right shoulder tense slightly as if preparing to strike. Kenshin stopped. "She wants me to step forward, but I can't stay here I'm in striking distance." Kenshin took a step backwards.

Maki looked a bit stunned a moment then put her smile back on. "Damn." She thought. "How did he…? Why didn't he…?" This was the first time that trick had failed her. She moved her hand back down to the handle returning the whip to it's original length. She then charged Kenshin bringing her hands out from behind her back and struck at Kenshin.

Kenshin dodged then tried to strike Maki on the side. Maki placed her left hand, the hand not holding the whip, lower on the whip and pulled it taunt. She used that to block Kenshin's attack. When Kenshin's Sakabato struck the whip it pushed it in a little but because the blade was blunted it didn't cut through leaving Maki safe and unharmed. Maki let out a sigh of relief she didn't think that would actually work. She was lucky Kenshin used a reverse blade.

Maki released the whip from her left hand and grabbed her sword. With it she took a sloppy strike at Kenshin's right shoulder. Kenshin went to block the attack but surprising Maki dropped her sword and struck with her whip at Kenshin's feet. The whip tangled around one of Kenshin's ankles and Maki pulled it from out underneath him.

"Kenshin!" Yahiko called out as Kenshin fell to the ground. Kaoru watched breathlessly and Sano stood amazed.

"Maki! Be careful!" Senko yelled.

Without a second thought and with agility and speed that showed she had done this move plenty of times before, Maki raced up grabbed her sword from where it had fallen and went to jump on top of Kenshin and put her blade to his throat. (A/N: No! She's not actually trying to kill him. She would stop at his throat to show that she won.) However, Maki had not taken in account that although he was down, Kenshin was still much faster then her. He rolled out before she had a chance to pin him down underneath her and Maki found herself connecting with earth. Maki's eyes widened as their positions were switched. Now Maki was the one on the ground and Kenshin loomed over her. Kenshin raised his sword and with a blinding speed brought it down. Maki desperately tried to get out of the way. Kenshin's blade raced down and connected with Maki's right shoulder.

Maki let out a cry and her eyes filled with tears. She shrunk back from Kenshin clutching her shoulder doing her best to stop her tears. Kenshin sighed sadly and sheathed his sword. "That's it then. You cannot fight any longer, that you cannot."

"Maki!" Senko cried running towards her sister but Maki stuck her left hand out stopping her.

"No! Don't come near me! This isn't over yet!" She yelled forcing herself to her feet.

"Maki you cannot win. Not without your right arm." Kenshin said calmly.

Maki laughed. "That's the problem with people these days. Everyone fights with their right hand." Maki reached down and picked up her sword and sheathed it. Next she picked up her whip with her left and prepared herself to fight. Without hesitation Maki began to attack fiercely.

Kenshin blocked Maki's attack it wasn't as strong at it had been but it was still difficult to defend against. Maki didn't stop attacking she kept coming she darted back and forth and positioned herself behind Kenshin. With a quick flick of her wrist the whip flew and licked the flesh of Kenshin's back. Kenshin's eyes widened and his teeth clenched together against the pain radiating from his back as the whip ripped through his skin.

"Stop it Maki! You've gone too far!" Kaoru yelled angry at seeing Maki hurt Kenshin.

"Don't you dare yell at my sister for that!" Senko snapped back at her.

"She's going to kill him! Aren't you are friends. Friends wouldn't hurt each other like that!" Kaoru yelled back.

"You think Kenshin was swatting a bug of her shoulder!" Senko spat back. "He agreed to fight until one of them could no longer fight!" Senko was very angry now. "Maki has enough control over herself! She won't do anything that will kill or hurt him too badly."

Maki stopped her attack after that. A slow trickle of blood began to fall down Kenshin's back. She had landed at hit but it had cost her, her shoulder burned even more now. She was moving too much and was jarring it badly. It took all of her will power to not reach up and hold it. She had to hide the fact that she was hurting. She had to show no weakness.

Kenshin stood straight, also hiding his pain, and stared at Maki. She really was a good fighter, he knew that his attack must be send bolts of pain through her body each time she moved but she stood staring him down as if she wasn't in any pain. He had to end this so he fell into a Battosjusto stance.

Maki felt her heart racing as she stared at Kenshin. "Can I beat his Battosjusto?" She looked at Kenshin's determined face. "No… I don't think I can." She thought dryly. She shook her head. "Don't start thinking like that!" She scolded herself. "Just do your best and try to land a hit." She gave herself a confident nod sending a jarring pain from her shoulder. "Ow…" One more quick breath and she started off towards Kenshin with a determined yell rising in her throat.

Kenshin rushed at Maki both yelling, both giving their all, both determined to do their best. Kenshin unsheathed his sword with a blinding light and Maki let her whip fly through the air with a crack. The onlookers watched breathlessly as Maki fell to the ground. "Maki!" Senko yelled running towards her sister.

Kenshin had been standing when Maki fell but now he fell to a knee grabbing his left shoulder. He removed his hand and saw it coated with blood. Maki had been able to land a hit just before Kenshin had. She hadn't been able to finish the attack before Kenshin had hit her so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. "Kenshin! Are you alright?" Kaoru yelled running toward him.

"Yes! This one is fine Kaoru-dono!" Kenshin said waving his hand to show her he was fine. (He made sure not to show her the one that was covered in blood.)

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Maki's angry words echoed through the woods. Kenshin stood and saw Senko kneeling next to her sister, her arm outstretched not sure what to do with it. "Don't touch me." Maki repeated softer and kinder. She forced herself into a sitting position. "I can still fight… I have to win."

"You idiot!" Senko yelled tears rolling down her face. "Stop this! You don't have to fight anymore! Stop it please!"

Maki ignored her sister's tears and shakily rose to her feet. "I can still fight. I can still…" She trailed off as she struggled to grip her weapon.

"Maki this is pointless." Kenshin said as he too got to his feet. "There is no point in fighting anymore."

"Yes there is." She took a wobbly step forward almost falling over as she did. "I have to protect my sister. I have to be strong." She whispered.

"There is a difference between strong and fighting when there is no need." Kenshin took a few steps towards Maki and the two locked eyes. Maki wavered where she stood, she never even saw Kenshin run up behind her. He brought up the Sakabato and with a quick swipe brought it down over her head. He stopped himself just before hitting her skull. "There, had this one hit you, you would have been knocked out and unable to fight."

Maki smiled. "Got me there." With a tired sigh she fell to the ground and sat there staring off into space. "You beat me." Maki covered her face with her hands. "Maybe Senko and I shouldn't leave Japan if I can't be strong enough to protect her." She whispered so quietly Kenshin barely heard her.

Kenshin knelt down beside Maki. "Let me tell you a secret I have discovered. Live. Maki you are strong enough to keep Senko safe, but only if you live. Don't go looking for a fight just to see if your strong enough for her. If you were to die how would you protect her then? How would she feel if she lost you?" He told her all this softly so no one else would hear. Maki slowly lowered her hand and stared wide-eyed at Kenshin.

"Maki!" Senko came running up and hugged Maki. "Thank God you're okay!" She said sobbing into Maki's shoulder.

"Live so you can take care of her." Kenshin said with a small smile. Slowly Maki returned the smile and hugged her sister back.


After emerging from the woods the group made their way to Megumi's and she treated their wounds while lecturing Kenshin and Maki for fighting in the first place. "Honestly Sir Ken, I don't see why you agreed to such a fight in the first place!" Kenshin simply laughed trying to avoid an answer.

Senko watched Megumi as she treated both Kenshin and Maki with wide eyes trying to take in everything the doctor did. "Interested in medicine?" Megumi asked noting the child's curiosity. Senko nodded mouth wide open. Megumi smiled and pulled up a stool for Senko so she could see what she was doing.

At one point when Megumi had her back turned Senko gave her sister an evil smile. So you got this all out of your system?

Maki sighed, tired. Yes, Senko. Senko reached up and grabbed Maki's shoulder. AH! STOP IT! Senko let go as everyone stared at the two of them. What was that for?!

"That was so you don't do something so STUPID again!"

Maki placed a hand on Senko's shoulder. "Alright I promise I won't do something like that again but don't touch me there again… EVER!" She said as she dug her fingernails into Senko's shoulder. Senko smiled and nodded and Maki released her grip.

For a few weeks Senko and Maki were invited to stay at the Kaymia dojo. The time seemed to go rather quickly and peacefully. "Kenshin… what are you doing?" Maki asked on afternoon finding him in the back yard bent over a wash bin.

"Doing the laundry!" He said a big smile plastered on his face as he continued to scrub.

"Doing… the laundry."

"Yes, do you find that strange Maki?" He said turning his head slightly to get a better look at her. Just then Kaoru, Yahiko, and Senko came running by.

"You'll never catch me ugly!" Yahiko yelled as he ran pass.

"Yahiko get back here! I'll teach you to treat you assistant master with more respect!" Kaoru was furious as she chased the rambunctious Yahiko with Senko giggling at her heels.

Maki watched the three run away. "I've seen stranger things."

It seemed all to soon when Maki's and Senko's ship pulled into the harbor. "Now I want you to still go easy on that shoulder of yours! Got that?" Megumi instructed as the Kenshin-gumi came to see their new friends off.

"Don't worry Miss Megumi, I'll make sure to watch and keep her from doing something stupid!" Senko said determinedly. "Besides it going to take MANY months before we reach Ireland. She can't get in too much trouble on a boat." Maki rolled her eyes at the comment.

"Ah! Things are going to be kinda quiet without you two around!" Sanosuke said giving both Senko and Maki a pat on the back at the same time.

"You better keep practicing over in Ireland Senko!" Yahiko said instructed. Senko and Yahiko had fought a couple times during the week. Senko had won a few but Yahiko still held the most victories. "I don't want to beat you too badly next time!"

"Oh I will!" She said making a fist. "I'll come back with so many new tricks you won't know what hit you!"

"Maki you keep up your training too!" Kaoru spoke, her voice breaking slightly. "Who knows, maybe if you come back you'll beat Kenshin." She said with a bit of a wry smile.

Maki laughed. "Maybe, but I understand now. Kenshin would rather avoid fighting right?" She said giving him a wink.

"Right." Kenshin answered. "Be strong Maki, but don't forget…"

"I wont Himura." More goodbyes were exchanged before Maki and Senko got on. They were easy to spot on the deck being the only two with blond hair. They were shouting goodbyes and waving wildly. Maki was practically jumping up and down.

"I said TAKE IT EASY!" Megumi yelled at her but Maki kept waving. The Kenshin-gumi watched until the ship was nothing more then a speck in the distance.

"You know, I think they'll be alright." Kaoru said as they began to walk away.

"With a girl like Maki taking care of them this thinks they will be more than alright." Kenshin replied with a laugh.

"Finally we can relax a little!" Sanosuke said stretching his arms out in front of him and placing them behind his head.

"You know Miss Kaoru with Maki and Senko staying with us this one is sure you used up a lot of food; that you did."

"That's right!" Kaoru said excited. "We should go shopping before we go home!"

"Sh… shopping?" Sano mumbled.

"Make sure to get everything you need Miss Kaoru."

Sanosuke began to count on his figures and a large smile came to his face. "Wait Kenshin! My month is done! I guess I'm going to get something to eat, I'll see you guys later." Sano began to walk off.

"Wait Sano, aren't you forgetting something?" Sanosuke gave a loud gulp. "Remember when you didn't have anyone to play dice with so you asked this one? This one told you a Rurouni doesn't have much money so you said we would gamble the chore of carrying the groceries for Miss Kaoru." Kenshin couldn't help himself as a smug smile crossed his face. "You remember who won don't you?" Sano simply grumbled as he joined back with the group. "Don't worry it's only for two more months; that it is!"

A/N: Well that's it! The end has come! (didn't you see the corny THE END?) Anyway I like to add this last Author's Note to explain where I came up with some things. The story idea came to me when I started a fanfic called The Wind's Revenge. I was having a dreaded writers block and started to mess around with the idea. I was going to make it a Trigun fanfic but changed it to Kenshin so I would still be in the 'feel' of Kenshin fanfics whenever I could get moving on The Wind's Revenge again. Most of my ideas came to me on my Senior Trip to New York City… why there? Because when you have to stand in a line for hours and hours to see Kate Hudson on Total Request Live and all you have to look at is a Bubba Gump Shrimp sign your mind tends to wander a bit.

The birth of Maki and Senko: Maki and Senko were a bit fun to come up with. I was tried of describing dark haired people so I decided to add a couple of foreigners in the mix. Starting off it was Maki and a brother but I changed it liking the idea of them being sisters better. I made them Irish because that is really the only culture I somewhat understand. Maki's personality is somewhat special to me. I have an original story that I've been working on for almost a year that I want published. (and its not even half way done yet… opps) After some thinking on Maki's and Senko's personality I deiced to make Maki an exact opposite of my character in my story. Although their attitude is different their skills were the same; making this story interesting for me to write in that aspect.