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Chapter 1 We've only just begun...

14-year-old Chibiusa Tsukino, since the moon was the most important kingdom they kept the Tsukino name instead of Chiba, walked happily down the street, many people following. She smiled, her parents had finally let her go out in public alone, no guards, agents or royal members, of course there were many people following her and many men asking for dates, but other than that it was a fine day.

The small backpack, that had a small grayish kittens head popping out of it, resting its straps gently on her shoulders. The teen once known as "Small lady" had grown up to be a fine girl. Her hair was a soft cotton candy pink color that was down to her waist, and she didn't intend for it to be any longer or any shorter, so that it blew in rolls along with the gentle wind that keep the heat bearable. She could wear not childish or the palace dress clothes, but clothes that other girls could be seen wearing too. Her blood red mini skirt blew along with the wind and her hair and the deep pink tank top lightly hugged her body showing off all of her good features.

It was then that Chibiusa stopped suddenly in the middle of the street to look up at the blue sky with amazement in her eyes. Everyone else, of course, followed her actions and looked up into the sky too. This was her chance. She silently tip toed away from the group and then made a run for it when she was out of hearing range, she giggled. "Good way to loose them Lady-Hime!" Diana yelled happily at her owner. "That was the whole point." Chibiusa said and then smiled at the small cat while adding another giggle.

"Down town" Chibiusa said simply to Diana as she walked its ground. "Lady- Hime, I don't think this is a safe place for you to be..." The cat looked around. "Not many people in down town know about my heritage...right?" She asked Diana. "Hime, the whole planet knows about it." Diana sweatdropped. "Oh, well no one seems to be following me yet so." Chibiusa kept on walking.

The duo had been walking for about half an hour when they found them selves, lost in downtown crystal Tokyo. Chibiusa was never let out so she had never been in down town that much, well much enough to know her way around the place. "Lady-Hime, by the way your walking around I would say we're lost...." Diana trailed off. "Of course we're not lost, and Diana stop calling me Lady-Hime its Chibiusa or Usa!" Chibiusa sweatdropped. Diana sighed. "we're lost" "Now will you stop that Dian-" She was cut off

"Hello there Princess." A man said from behind her. "Mew! Mew!" Diana howled for help. Chibiusa struggled to get the mans hand off of her mouth and her arms. "It's no use princess." He started. "No matter what you do we will mess up the royal kingdom." He smirked. "Oh my, you didn't know that now did you." Chibiusa couldn't breath when she heard his words. It wasn't a struggle for freedom anymore, it was a struggle for air and her life. "hm? Lively now aren't you?" He pulled out two rags and tied one around Chibiusa's mouth and the other around her hands, turned her around and then waved his hand at the wall saying something in a different language. The fear that could be seen in Chibiusa's eyes grew and grew as a hole in the wall, where the man was waving, grew larger and larger. After he was done he looked back at her and picked her up. "Too bad" The man started as he tilted Chibiusa's chin up. "we could've had fun together." He kissed the cloth covering her pink lips and threw her into the portal. "By the way! My name is Reiyo! Don't forget it!" But that was the last thing she heard before the portal soon closed....

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