It's A Slayer

Chapter1: Fun and prophecies equals schools out.

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A/N2.: This story takes place a little after "It's A Teen" but if you didn't read that or the one before that called "It's A Girl" its OK. All you have to know is that this takes place in season five(except with the depressing deaths and stories...but they do still work at W&H), Angel has a 15 year-old daughter, named Sarai who went through the whole Quor-Toth thing(just like Connor did on the show) Doyle has been resurrected to be Angels link to the PTB(because who doesn't love Doyle?) Sarai skipped the first two years of highschool and started 11th grade in the last fic where she met and became best friends with Dawn, who left Buffy and Europe to spend time with her father. Anyway now Dawn hangs with the AI team and Sarai has a boyfriend named Ryan. I think that covers everything. In this fic Buffy and co. will find out about Sarai and lots of other goodness with take place. Also, in my little fic world "Damaged" never took place so Andrew was never in LA. Now that I've rambled on and on, lets get to the story, shall we? I thought so....

The elevator doors opened opposite from Harmony's desk and out ran Sarai. "Its over...I survived my first year of school...well almost a year." she announced to the blonde vampire.

"Well duh...that's because you're like 'Smart Guy' if he was female, fifteen, had super strength and was raised in a hell dimension." Harmony responded.

"Thanks...I guess. So since this is like my first summer vacation, got any tips on how I should spend it?"

Harmony thought for a second "Beach it, do it for the both of us. Also, shopping works and try to convince Angel to fire up one of those jets he has to somewhere, preferably France, again for the both of us." she suggested.

"Ok. Speaking of my dad, I think I am going to see him" with that, Sarai headed into Angel's office. "Hel-lo there daddy" Sarai said to Angel cheerfully entering his office.

"Someone's in a good mood."

"Of course, today was my last day of school. I can just lay around now and do nothing except watch TV"

"Well, that sounds productive." Angel commented sarcastically.

"Its summer vacation, it not supposed to be productive. For someone as old as you, you sure don't know much."

"Hey, I am not old. And I know a lot of stuff."

"Not cool stuff" Sarai argued.

"Cool isn't everything. Anyway report-card" Angel demanded holding out his hand. Sarai handed him her report-card. She got all A's except for one subject, "how'd you get a C in phys-ed?" he asked.

"Because during such sports like dodge ball, I might've accidently caused a few injuries, painful ones." Sarai answered. Angel nodded understanding, he remembered lots of times when Buffy would tell him about how she accidently hurt someone in gym class.

"Well I am proud of you"

"Damn straight" she answered, trying to sound tuff.

Angel stared at her "I just don't get you most of the time"

"Good, what fun would it be for me if you did?"

"Get out" he ordered playfully.

"No. I've changed my summer plans, instead of watching TV I am going to drive you crazy."

"You've already achieved that goal."

"Nifty" she answered brightly. Angel really didn't get her most of the time.

"You ready to go?" Dawn asked, entering the office after visiting Spike. "Hey Angel."

"Hello Dawn" Angel replied. "Glad schools out?"

"Always am."

"Didn't you used to love school? You always told me that when you were younger." he questioned. Sarai couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of the fact that Angel's seen Dawn grow up more then he's seen her grow up. She knew it really wasn't his fault, somewhere however deep inside her she did blame him, but she made sure she kept it deep inside.

"That was elementary and middle school I loved. High school is different. It's evil. Did you learn nothing from Sunnydale?"

"You two going out?" he then asked remembering the 'ready to go' question

"Staying in actually, we rented some movies on the way here and we're going to watch them upstairs." Sarai said.

"Oh order some food whenever you get hungry" Angel answered handing Sarai some cash.

"Thanks" both girls said as they headed to the penthouse.

"So got any summer plans?" Sarai asked Dawn putting her key in the front door of the penthouse.

"No, I was going to go back to my sisters, but now I think I am staying here."

"Really, cool. Why?"

"I thought other then seeing my dad, even though he's like never home, LA would be a total drag and I'd be dying to go back to Europe. But now I have you to hang out with and of course Spike. Especially Spike, I mean he's become like my brother or surrogate father or something again and I've missed that."

"That's sweet. I for one am glad you'll be staying."

"Me too. I just hope this isn't a boring summer though. All my summers have either been depressing or boring so promise me we'll make this one fun." Dawn requested.

"Promise. Fun will be had and lots of it." Sarai confirmed.

Meanwhile in London, England where the rebuilt Watchers Council was:

"Oh, as usual, dear" Rupert Giles announced in his office to him. Then he called Buffy in to speak with him.

"Something wrong?" Buffy asked.

"I am not quite sure yet. I've been looking through some data and going through books, trying to see if we've missed anything since all our time was taken up last year by the First and the year before that by..."

"You can say it Giles" Buffy said in regard to his unfinished sentence.

"You're resurrection and not quite er... being yourself."

"So what did you find?"


"I am shocked" Buffy replied mockingly.

"Very funny. Anyway the prophecies are in regard to a child, a child the product of a vampire, or it could be two vampires."

"A vampire sired a child? That's really a sick thing to do. Wait can more then one vampire make another?"

"No Buffy you don't get it. When I mean child, I mean child, a kid, adolescent, smaller adult. Its human."

"Oh, that's not possible though. Vampires can't have children, especially with another vampire."

"Well apparently it looks like it happened and we need to find the child."

"Why?" Buffy asked.

"Well for starters we should know how this child is alive to begin with especially since one source is saying that the child in question was 'never actually born', there are several references to its importance and a demon or two only it can kill. Also, if I am reading one of the prophecies right, one of the parents, I am pretty sure the father, might kill it."

"Ok so we'll find this child as soon as possible."


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