Chapter 11

Dear Diary

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Sarai took a quick look around the dimension she used to call 'home' before she ran toward Iggy's castle. She ran out of fear both for her father, and for herself. ' I can do this. I can do this. I am not some destructive child anymore with nothing to loose and nothing to gain. I have everything to loose....daddy and I have everything to gain....peace, finally I'll put it to rest. I'll win. I'll be freed.' Sarai said to herself as she realized that along with saving Angel this was her chance to finally put her past in the past.

Meanwhile in Iggy's castle Angel didn't know how much longer he could last, but it knew it wasn't much. He'd managed to kill all of the minions but that still Iggy.

"Have you had enough yet, vampire?" Iggy asked as he kicked Angel into a wall. "What made you think that you, a lowly vampire could defeat me?" Normally this would be the part where Angel would come up with a witty come back but this time he was to busy trying to stay conscious to think of anything. Iggy started to walk toward Angel readying to finish him off. "I'll hand it to you though, most who face me don't last as long as you did. Infact, no one else had except..." Iggy got an irritated look on his face as he continued, thinking about the other person "...except for.."

"Me." Sarai finished entering the room and punching Iggy.

In LA:

"How's Sarai?" Gunn asked Spike and Dawn as they re entered Wesley's office joining everyone again.

"The kid I'll be alright, she said she was going to sleep for awhile to try and calm down." Spike lied, not wanting to have to tell everyone what he and Dawn helped her do.

Back in Quor-Toth:

"You! What the hell are you doing here? I though I finally rid of you." He responded turning his attention to his old enemy, while Angel took in the fact that Sarai was there. Then Iggy started to attack Sarai.

"Yeah well you know me, I can't seem to stay gone for to long." Sarai countered blocking Iggy's punches and throwing some of her own, along with using Angels sword.

"It nice to nice you haven't changed." Iggy said as he grabbed Sarai, kicked her in the stomach and then threw her into the wall opposite Angel. "You're still the same arrogant little bitch you've always been and now its time I send you to the hell you deserve." The more Iggy hit Sarai and bad mouthed her, Angel got more and more of his strength back along with the urge to go Angelus-like on this demons ass.

'This. Bastard. Is. Going. To. Die.' Angel thought as he stood up and tackled Iggy, followed by hitting him severely. "No one" punch "treats" kick "my" punch-kick "daughter" punch-punch-kick "like that" Angel said, continuing to beat the crap out of the demon.

Then Iggy pushed Angel away from him "I rule this world. Who are you? A vampire with very crunchy and stiff hair."

Now it was Sarai turn to kick ass again, just like her father did. "Hey, no one" punch "makes fun" kick "of the hair" punch-kick "but me!....and Spike." punch-punch-kick. Sarai hit him as if he was the entire representative of her childhood. Finally, Iggy was knocked out on the ground, the only thing left to do was to finish him off.

"Can I do this for you?" Angel asked Sarai trying to take his favorite sword from her.

"I think you already know the answer." she replied gripping the sword tighter do Angel couldn't take it. He nodded his head and then backed away so Sarai could do what she needed to. She raised the sword high in the air and then swung it down decapitating Iggy. Sarai didn't stop there though, she just started to hack away at the rest of his body almost as if she had no control over herself. Eventually Angel took the sword way from her and put his arms around her.

"Stop. Its over princess, its over." He said. Before either of them knew it a blue light flashed and a blue sword excreted from Iggy's body as the body evaporated; it was the sword they needed to find.

"I don't even want to know how it got there." Sarai said with grossed out look on her face.

"That makes two of us. I think we better get out of here before guards and minions find out he's dead. Also, I need my connection back to Willow so we get out of here. Oh yeah and one more thing, what the hell are you doing here?" Angel asked.

"Firstly, I know where we can go, second I can get us back and third saving your butt that's what. You're welcome by the way."

"I didn't need saving." Angel protested.

"The size of your ego amazes me."

"Same to you."

"Come lets get out of here. Oh and just so you know, something like this would be a killer season finale or a really good sweeps arc."

"Enough." Angel and Sarai started to walk out of the castle(with the blue sword) when Angel stopped short suddenly. "Hold on, you have dirt on your face." he said, then licked his thumb to make it moist and started to rub it on an area of Sarai's chin where he noticed she had dirt on it.

"Oh, daddy stop!" she whined as she tried to wiggle out of her fathers grasp. 'This is so humiliating.' she then said to herself, even though there was no one around to see it.

"One sec, its almost gone....there now its gone."

Sarai led Angel out of the castle and into a wooded area until they reached a tiny little shack that reminded Angel of the places they show on those 'save the children' ads. 'Its can't believe its actually still here' Sarai thought. Angel just though she was taking him to a place where they'd be free to open a portal home without interruption, little did he know he was entering a much more significant place. The shack looked like no one had been in there in a few years.

"Do you want any bandages?" Sarai asked Angel who was sporting a few cuts.

"If there are any, yeah. So how do you know this place?"

"This is...its was... this is where I lived...when I was here." She answered Sarai then started to rummage through a draw until she found some bandages. Which sort've surprised her that they were still there. Meanwhile Angel looked around the place with heavy interest. He was going through drawers and things, in one drawer he saw what looked like clothing for a small child which could only mean they were Sarai's when she was younger. Angel took one of the tiny shirts and put it in his pocket, he really didn't why he wanted it, but he did.

"Okie dokie daddy, here are the bandages. Can you do this yourself?" she asked handing him the stuff.

"Yeah of course, you're not going anyway though?" he asked, but really it was more like he was telling her.

Sarai pointed to a little section part of the shack "Bathroom" she said. She lied. Well technically she didn't it was the bathroom but she also used to sit in there when she was little because it was the only place she saw as an escape since Holtz never bothered her when she was in there. She lifted one of the boards on the floor and took out a box the size of a shoe box. A box that she never thought she'd see again. She put the things she brought to reopen the portal in there so it would look like she brought it with her from LA. "Ok so you ready to go home?" Sarai asked returning to where Angel was, with the box.

"Did you have that with you the whole time?" he questioned.

"No, I stopped here first to hide this so it would be safe." she lied again.

Sarai took out the talisman and a small vile with Dawns blood. Then she dripped the blood on the talisman and a portal opened.

Back in LA:

Everyone was in Wesley's office talking.

"I am worried." Dawn whispered to Spike.

"Me too niblet. About Sarai of course, not peaches."

"I can't believe you're annoyed!" they all heard a familiar female voice exclaim from the hallway.

"Its not that I am 'annoyed' its just you're not supposed to leave the building without permission, what made you think you should leave the dimension?" An even more familiar male voice replied.

"Um...lets about the fact that you were about to be killed!"

"I was not!"

"Oh, you so were!" Sarai argued as she and Angel entered Wesley's office.

"You were in Quor-Toth?" Cordy asked Sarai, looking over at Spike and Dawn.

"Oh did we forget to mention it?" Spike asked.

"You helped her!" Angel exclaimed.

"I told you he'd blame me." Spike said.

"Everythings fine peoples. Relax." Just as Sarai said that the Azacall demon ripped through the lobby of Wolfram and Hart. "I brought this on myself did I?" she added before taking the sword from Angel and chopping the demon in half in one swift motion. When the demon was split some slime squirted out of it and onto Sarai. "Eeeeewwwww." she squealed. "Oh well this is just great!" she added sarcastically, almost on the verge of tears.

"What is it?" Angel asked.

"I am going to have to wash my hair now. And I am not entirely sure its been 24 hours since my perm so now when I wash it it could all come undone! Why do these thing always happen to me!" She once again whined as she stormed up to the penthouse.

"And we think we have problems." Gunn stated.

Luckily the perm still held after Sarai's shower. Later on everyone said goodbye to Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander (Faith decided to continue to stay)and everyone else went back to their places to rest after the eventful days they had.

"Hey, you busy?" Sarai asked Angel as she entered his bedroom, holding the box she took from Quor-Toth.

"No, whats up?" he replied looking up from his newspaper.

"Even though you don't say it, I know you'd like me to tell you what my life was like....when I was gone. And I don't think I actually ever could tell you..."


"No look, I lied to you before. When I told you I brought this box with me from here to Quor-Toth. I actually took it from that little room I was in."

"Ok....what's in it?"

"I was taught how to write when I was really young and since as you probably saw Quor-Toth wasn't funnest place to be. So to pass the time I kept records....diaries, of basically everything, my whole life and I kept them in this box."

"Why'd you bring them here?"

"If you'd stop being Daddy, Interrupter I'd be able to tell you."


"Anyway, here." she said handing him the box. "I want you to have them."



"Thank you." Angel told her gratefully. In return, Sarai just turned and left. Angel didn't waste anytime, he started to read the diaries, each page word for word with as much interest as when he first started. Finally after two years of wondering he knew everything about her past. He was able to see what traits she'd had since what age and much to his surprise he found some of her commentary of her life rather humorous, proving that in her own way she was still always the girl that he knew and saw everyday. Also, for the first time since he found out Darla was pregnant he discovered the reason, Sarai's purpose. He didn't know how he knew it but he did, it just came to him, she was his reward, his redemption.

The End.

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