Harry Potter and the Arch of Hades

By: Merusa

Rating: R, for language, violence, and crude humor

Sequel to Harry Potter and the Brethren of Ares

Prologue: My Quill Is Put to Paper

Remus was absolutely exhausted. He'd never wanted less to do something the Headmaster asked him to do. But, he knew he had to do it, he knew that he didn't have a choice in the matter and that getting it all down on paper would help explicitly. He wished, however, that he had a better location to write at.

Remus completely despised Grimmauld Place. He hated it with a passion that he didn't know he possessed, more so, he was ashamed to admit to himself, that he hated Wormtail.

He loathed it because it had been his best friend's prison.

With a sigh, he lifted up his quill, dipped it into a fresh pot of ink, and began to write:

In the Shadow of the Moon

A Biography of James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin

Written by Remus Lupin


Remus lifted the quill from the paper, and frowned thoughtfully. Reluctantly, slowly, he put the tip of the feather back to the paper, and allowed the words to flow.

James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and myself- Remus Lupin. We were the Marauders, the mischief-makers at Hogwarts. These three men were the best friends anyone could wish for. From a young age, I've housed a terrible secret- one I'd managed to keep just that- a secret- for a long while.

While I was at Hogwarts and for a while afterward, I had friends- three great friends. James, Sirius, and Peter were my whole life; we grew up together.

Lily Evans was there, too. James was completely infatuated with her. I remember how miserable Lily was when she was pregnant- she hadn't known that Wizarding pregnancies are much longer then Muggle ones. But that, however, comes later. Right now, I'd like to focus on young Harry Potter.

Harry is the spitting image of James; except for one thing- he has Lily's eyes. Everyone has heard of Harry, of course, but not many people know him. I count myself among those lucky people, and am happy to say that while James and Lily live on through him, he is his own person. He hates his fame, which is blatantly obvious to anyone who spends extensive time in his company....

Sirius stirred the water in the basin half-heartedly. His eyes drank in the image of Harry, sitting with his owl and writing a letter to someone, presumably Ron or Hermione. The young man folded his arms and laid his head upon them, obviously tired but unable to shake insomnia. Ever since Harry killed Bella and witnessed Percy's death, he'd been extremely depressed. Letters were the only things that ever cheered him up.

"Sirius? How is Harry doing?"

"Not so good, Lil."

"I wish he would stop sulking, it wasn't his fau-"

"Lily, Harry would blame Voldemort's first rise to power on himself if he could. Harry can be much too noble for his own good."

"I know."

"Also, I'm worried about Remus." Sirius reached and swirled the water again, revealing a close-up of Remus in his study. "Ever since it turned out that Adrienne is married, he hasn't been doing well."

"Tonks is there-"

"He doesn't see Tonks, Lily."


He groaned. "Sorry, Tiger Lily. I'm just worried."

She hugged him. "We all are, Padfoot. We all are."

Dear Ginny,

Yes, I'm quite worried about Harry. I know that you are as well. He isn't saying anything at all in his letters, and you know exactly how he'll be at school: he'll be making jokes and playing the hero. We all tried, in little ways last year, to get to him. It's not working; we're just not around him enough. Ron and I came up with an idea, actually. After You-Know-Who is defeated, perhaps the four of us can get a flat together. I know it isn't proper for two girls and two boys to be living together, but this would be for Harry, and you have another year of school left after this one, so it would only be for the summer. However, after you respond to this letter, there cannot be another mention of it, especially not to Harry. He has enough on his mind, we don't need him to worry about life after You-Know-Who as well.

Tell Ron I said write back quickly.

Love from Hermione

Remus wiped the back of his hand across his forehead, and then resumed writing.

I hope that you have not already disregarded this as the ramblings of a mad old man, for the story has just begun.

A/N: Welcome back, everyone! Here's the sequel. For those of you who are worried about the rating, don't- it's mostly a precaution. However, Harry and Ron are seventeen-year-old boys, and therefore do not have the cleanest mouths in the world. A quick note: if you have anything you really want answered in this story, please, leave it in a review. I'd like to see just how much you guys know!