"Boys! Get down here! Time for breakfast!" Molly Weasley's voice rang from the first floor of the Burrow. Harry Potter had come over the previous night to the Burrow, so both he and Ronald Weasley were sleeping in.

In his room, Ron was just waking at the demanding voice of his mother. Once he had realized that the absence of food was at stake, he jumped out from under his sheets and got dressed. Once fully clothed, he jumped on his best friend's bed until a noise, other than a snore, was made by Harry. He kept his blankets tightly covering his head, not wanting to wake. Ron hurriedly got off the bed and gathered Harry's clothes. He threw them to him before bounding out of the room and into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Harry was fully dressed, but not refreshed, by the time Ron had finished brushing. As Ron nearly tripped down the stairs, Harry went to brush his own teeth. Once inside of the bathroom, he checked his reflection. Much to his dismay, it wasn't himself that stared back at him, or at least he didn't think it was himself. He let out a deep-voiced yelp that wasn't his own, and was carried throughout the house.

In the kitchen, every head turned to the general direction of the noise. Ron, hearing his friend's trouble, bounced across the room, from his seat at the table, and up the stairs. Once there he turned to the closed door of the bathroom. When he tried the door knob, he found it locked, so he immediately started to pound on it and yell, "Harry! Is everything okay in there? Didn't wake up with the wrong parts, did you?" chuckling at his own joke he waited for a response.

When it came, he was deeply disturbed. Harry replied, "Sort of!"

A soft click was heard, and Harry revealed himself to Ron. He was now six- feet-four-inches tall with shoulder-length hair and pale skin. Both of the boys were very surprised by this change, especially since when they had gone to bed Harry had been five-feet-four-inches tall. His hair had also showed a devastating change: what used to be messy and jet black was now and inky black, shoulder length, and sleek to the touch. His former tanned skin was now a pasty pale white. His former small and stubby hands were now thin, long, and elegant.

Both of them stared at each other for what seamed like hours, but what was actually about a minute, then Ron suddenly kneeled over in a fit of laughter. Through the attack he was able to get out, "H-Harry! W-what is this? W-what happened? Did Fred or George do this to you?"

Harry looked at him with a sober expression, and when he didn't reply Ron glanced up, finally coming out of his hysteria. Harry's expression gave Ron a shock as he stuttered, "Y-you l-look like..."

Harry finished his statement for him, for he knew perfectly well who he looked like.

"Yeah, Snape."