Title: Bad Oysters

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Reveille slightly

Pairing: Not really anything just a Tony POV story. Again.

Summary: Tony POV during the phone call at the office scene with McGee and Gibbs.

Disclaimer: Nothing's mine.

Author's Note: I put this up as a regular story because it doesn't exactly tie in with the other two stories I have written, but there is a semi- related "chapter" that's going to be up soon after this. And seriously, if I'm getting annoying, just tell me when to stop.

Tony POV

I was sitting at my desk, trying to work. Well, more like pretending. Then Gibbs' cell phone rang.

Curiosity getting the better side of me, I stopped what I was doing and I tried to listen in on the conversation.

The first words I heard out of the person on the other line was "Tony's right."

Yeah, I was definitely listening. That sounds a lot like Kate's voice. Although, I've never heard her say willingly that I was right.

"Never eat oysters in a month without an 'R'. I'll be fine by tomorrow," Kate was saying. I assumed she hung up, because Gibbs did too.

"She okay?" I ask hesitantly, knowing Gibbs wasn't in a particularly happy mood.

"Food poisoning," was his reply without taking his eyes off McGee's computer screen.

"Food poisoning?" I repeated. How can she get food poisoning when she barely touched her tuna salad?

Wait. Tuna salad? I could have sworn I heard oysters. As far as I know, oysters are not in tuna salads. Well, maybe it was her breakfast. I hope it was her breakfast. Although I don't know who would eat oysters for breakfast.

"I need coffee," Gibbs replied back. Coffee? I'm telling you, that man is obsessed with coffee.

"Well, what's wrong, other than not catching that Hamas guy?" Oh great. Another bad choice of words.

"The Hamas guy? The terrorist!" was all I caught as Gibbs turned back to face me. He started ranting and raving, and I just looked straight ahead. I actually listened for once.

"I want his name! I want it today!" Gibbs rounded the corner. "And don't tell me it's Moby Dick!"

"Wow," was what McGee could manage out of his mouth.

"Kate's right." Well, who would have thought we would be saying that to each other on the same day? "I think Gibbs is losing it. You don't really think he meant today, did you?"

Rhetorical question. McGee did manage a shrug though. "ERR!" I groaned in frustration. "I got this slammin' girl I'm supposed to take out tonight. She's Swedish!"

McGee started muttering something incoherent to me, but I chose to ignore it.

"She has this sweet accent," I was saying. "Every Swedish girl I've ever known has always let me..." I didn't finish because McGee shouted my name loud enough for the whole office to hear.

"What?" I asked annoyingly.

All McGee could do was point at the screen. All I could do was think about that Swedish girl, and how I was going to let her down.