Summary: Hermione has a strange encounter with Malfoy one night and neither of them can get it out of their mind.

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Dear Journal,

Things couldn't get any worse. I feel as though I could burst. School ends in a month. Sixth year flew by so quickly. Well, not so quickly actually. The war was somewhere in the middle of it so it seemed to drag. I still can't believe that we defeated Voldemort.

Anyway, you'll never believe what happened today. I was walking back from a detention with Snape. Yes, I, Hermione Granger, perfect Gryffindor prefect, got detention. It wasn't my fault though. Malfoy made me do it. We had gotten into a fight and he said... well I can't really remember what he said but it was rude and uncalled for so I hexed him. He looked really funny looking with a nose the size of Pinnochio's.

Getting back to my original story. I was walking back from a detention when I decided that it would be a good time to go to the library. I wanted to get in some light reading anyways. It always calms me down and after hours with Snape, I could really use some calming down.

So I go to the library and I take out a book. I headed to my table, the one I always sit at that might as well be reserved for me, and I began reading. About thirty minutes later, the cause of all my problems comes in and plops down...AT MY BLOODY TABLE! So I give him the evil eye. I know it sounds childish but I couldn't think of anything else to do.

I glare at him but he doesn't say anything. He just looks at me with amusement in his eyes. I'm sure he was just wondering how I could be so immature but that doesn't matter. What matters is what he did a few seconds later. He leaned over the table and captured my lips in a kiss. A KISS! Draco Malfoy kissed me! I don't really know why the git kissed me but I was in all honesty, extremely infuriated and at the same time, extremely turned on. I allowed him to deepen the kiss, just to see how far he would go. After a few minutes, he broke the kiss and came on the other side of the table.

What happened next was really a blur. All I know is that a little while later, I was leaning against the wall, my skirt pulled up to my waist and my legs wrapped around him. I was having sex... with Draco Malfoy! I still don't understand it.

His pants were around his ankles and his hands were roaming over my body, under all of my clothes. I can't say I really expected any of this. There was no warning. I never saw it coming. But it's not as though he stole my virginity, which is a good thing. I wouldn't have wanted my first to be with Malfoy and in those conditions.

My first was actually Victor Krum. He was good, I guess. Nothing compared to Malfoy, though. Krum was sweet and kind. He was gentle. Malfoy was rough, impatient. I could tell how urgent he was.

Anyways, when I reached my peek, it only took a few seconds later for him to peek as well. Then, I detached myself from him and put my close back to rights. I quickly gathered my things so I could go, not wanting to have to say anything to him.

Just as I was about to exit the door, he stopped me. "You, Granger, are amazing." I couldn't believe it. Draco Malfoy- legendary Sex God of Slytherin - thought that I was amazing in bed? Now that's odd!

So now I'm here, complaining to you even though I know you can't talk back and give me advice, which makes me somewhat sad. I guess I'll go live out my depressing life now. Goodnight,


Draco's P.O.V.

I saw Granger at the library the other day and I decided it was time to throw my plan into action. Operation Split up the Golden Trio had officially begun. I really hated the way they walked around, untouchable, as if they were gods. The school worships them and we've been enemies since the first day of school.

So I decided I had to do something to break them down. I knew both the Weasel and Potter had a small crush on their good friend, the mudblood, so I figured the perfect thing. I would have her fall for their worst enemy. By the end, she would be begging for more. Either she would want me so badly that she would leave her friends for me, or when they found out (and I would make sure that they did) they would be so upset and they would never want to talk to her again. Either way, it didn't matter. She would be mine and they would be a Trio no longer.

When I saw her studying, I said nothing. I knew that if I said anything, she would be offended and not allow me to do what I was planning. So I simply kissed her. And then of course we fucked. She was a really good lay too. I was surprised. I had always figured Granger to be a virgin but it was obvious that she wasn't. Probably screwed both Potter and Weasley... maybe even at the same time. Gods I hated them.

When I was done with her, she ran away from me. I figured she would. But gods was she good. She had the body of a goddess and was probably the best I'd ever had. That's saying something too considering as Pansy is known as the best in the school. (So naturally I've been with her.)

After I got myself together, I went back to my room where I laid back down on my bed with all of my thoughts swarming around in my head. She had been excellent, far greater than I had expected. I'm sure I had already mentioned that but I just couldn't get over it. Who would have thought that perfect little Gryffindor know it all mudblood Granger would be such a sex kitten. I could really tell that she knew what she was doing. She had met my every thrust with equal energy and it seemed as though she was my match in bed.

I loved the way she had been biting her lip to keep herself for screaming. I had left bite marks all over her body just to remind her of what really had happened. I left beautiful hickeys on her neck and I had said a spell to make sure she couldn't charm them away. She was muggle born. Let her take care of her problems as a muggle would. She probably knew just what to do too. She probably had already taken care of the so-called problem.

I hated that about her. She always knew the answer to every problem and loved to answer all of the professor's questions. She always looked completely disappointed when Snape ignored her raised hand. I usually couldn't resist the urge to snicker underneath my breath but most of the time, she could hear me and she would turn around and glare at me as though I was the spawn of satin. Which I probably was.

I hated Lucius. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was evil or that he followed Voldemort. It also wasn't because I was secretly a spy for the light side. I hated Lucius because he tried to plan my life for me. Lucius said what I could wear, who I could date, where I could go, what I was going to do with my life, where I would live, etc. Maybe that was also part of this operation. It was now Operation Split up the Golden Trio AND Operation Piss Lucius Off. How I loved the idea.

So I laid there until I finally drifted off into sleep. Much to my chagrin, all of my dreams circled around the one girl I hated most in the world yet couldn't stop myself from feeling something for. She was amazing yet wretched. I hate her... but I lust after her. How could that be?

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