That Was Weird

Chapter 39

Hermione's P.O.V.

This fucking bullshite. The minute I said "I love you" the torches on the walls lit up and in walked fucking Voldemort himself followed by anonymous Death Eaters. I couldn't believe our luck. We could hear their clapping echoing off the darks walls on the dungeons and a shiver ran down my spine. How long had they been there? How much of me had they seen?

I tried to reach for my clothes but Draco's hands stalled my movements. "If you get up even to reach for your clothing, Hermione, they WILL see everything. Do not move."

"Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger, very nice show," Voldemort laughed. His followers joined in and my cheeks flushed a bright red, enough to rival the Weasley's "Please, do continue," he chuckled once more.

Draco reached for his wand and said some quick spell to dress us both before we stood up. "We're sorry, my Lord," Draco said once we had both returned to our calm, cool, and collected selves. "We had thought everyone was gone. I guess we were wrong."

"Or perhaps, young Malfoy, we intentionally let you think we were gone, knowing that there would be a show to watch once you were alone."

Their eyes all fixated on my breasts and I grew increasingly self conscious of their looks. I didn't know what to do except grab onto Draco's arm and hide slightly behind him and keep my eyes glued to the floor.

"You two put on quite the performance," I heard one of the anonymous servants shout out. The rest began chuckling with him again and my anger was flaring up. How immature did they have to be?

"I think it'd be best if we didn't talk about this anymore," Draco stated clearly with a dark low voice that made even me shiver. "There may be some things that are just too private to discuss. You got your show, now leave it alone."

Voldemort took a few steps closer and my knees began to shake. I felt the walls closing in and suddenly, Draco and I were chained to the wall. I could feel invisible hands wrapped around my throat. Within an instant, I reached into Draco's mind to find out what to do. He was without an idea. "Stay calm!" he urged me but I couldn't fight the need to yell and scream.


Voldemort continued with that fucking chuckle until Draco's and my faces turned red. Then he loosened up the grip, but it still remained present. "Do you think I like being given the run around, Malfoy? Do you? Let me tell you something boy, I know what you are doing. I know the insides of your thoughts and I KNOW you can get me that pensieve so GET it and be done with it."

Our chains were released and we fell to the floor. The Death Eaters began to walk away and we stood up quickly, brushing the dust off our robes. "And don't fuck in this room again unless you want to be watched!" Voldemort warned us once more before vanishing before our eyes.

I flattened my hair and set myself to rights before looking at Draco with my nervous expression. I nibbled on my bottom lip and wrapped my arms around myself. "Draco, what are we going to do?"

He said nothing at first. I saw the silent fury forming on his face and once again grew nervous. "Fuck our brains out, there's nothing we can do," he said with anger in his voice as he reached his hand out to me.

"Draco, you have to be serious right now. We're in deep shite!"

"We'll be in even deeper if I don't feel your pussy around my cock in the next two minutes!" We both looked down and I realized he had quite a large erection. I was extremely confused but didn't have a chance to ask questions. He quickly grabbed my hand with force and began to storm up the stairs to the main floor of Malfoy Manor and past it to his floor where we slept while we visited on weekends. He dragged me into his room and practically threw me on the bed.

"NO DRACO!" I screamed but he wouldn't stop, couldn't stop. It was like something possessed him. There was pure lust raging in his eyes and it seemed to have overcome him. I had never seen him look so absent minded.

As he began to tear off my clothes, I was in protest. I shouted and screamed, begging him to get off of me so we could just talk but he wouldn't budge. He had one goal and one goal only and that was to fuck me senseless.

But once we were both undressed and I felt him at my entrance, my mind must have snapped as well. His aroused scent filled my nostrils and I could not get enough of it. I was obsessed with touching Draco's body and all I wanted was to feel him inside me, his length pulsing inside me. I could feel myself becoming wet for him and I just couldn't take it. "Draco, please!"

He didn't need to be asked twice and soon he was plunging in and out of me as hard and as fast as possible. "All I want to do is fuck you for the rest of my fucking life, Granger," he growled, his lips connecting with my neck and his teeth digging in to leave his bite marks up and down my collarbone. "Tell me it's possible to love me for the rest of your life! Tell me you'll never want to leave! Tell me how good my cock feels inside you! Tell me everything!"

I couldn't focus. Speaking the words he desperately longed to hear was too difficult for me. All I could release were moans of sheer pleasure. I just needed to be ravished.

"TELL ME GRANGER!" he roared, biting down on my nipple harder than ever before.

I let out a loud moan of euphoria. "I'll love you forever, Draco!" I screamed, thrusting my hips up to meet his. I needed more friction, I just needed it! "Fuck me, Draco! Fuck me, harder! I love when you're inside me, I need it! Please, don't stop!"

He grunted against my skin as he drove into me harder. His speed kept picking up but it seemed that no matter how hard he went or how many times he hit that special spot it just wasn't enough for me. "Fuck, Granger, I'm about to come!"

With that said he reached down between our bodies and pinched my clit ever so gently. That was it for me. I could see stars explode behind my closed eyelids and I came undone at the exact moment I felt Draco filling me with every fiber of his soul. "Marry me, Hermione," he said as he shot his last seed in me.

"Of course," I replied. "You don't even need to ask." I smiled up at him and he came to rest at my side, spooning my body and holding me close to him. We fell asleep like that and my mind erased everything that had happened earlier that day. All I remembered was that Draco Malfoy was going to be my husband. I was ecstatic.

I slept like a log until about 3:30 AM when I felt a tongue licking at my pussy vigorously. It just kept lapping at me until I let out a load moan, signaling I was awake. Then the tongue drove straight into me. I threw my head back without a care in the world. My future husband woke me up by going down on me!

I quickly reached for his shoulders and pulled him on top of me. "Fuck me, Mr. Malfoy," I commanded with a wicked gleam in my eyes.

"Anytime, Mrs. Malfoy," he replied as he entered me. We may not have been married yet, but the term of endearment still felt right.

The rest of the night was a blur. We kept falling asleep and waking up again to have sex every hour. I can't walk properly now. I'm a mess. I don't know what has increased our sexual drive so much but it's almost a little scary. I'm always wet, it just won't go away. It's the same for Draco. His erection is only gone for about ten minutes at a time and then he wants to fuck again. I'm not sure if I'm complaining or bragging because now I know that Draco and I have the best sex life in the world! While I may not be able to walk properly, my body feels wonderfully relaxed and blissful. This may be the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me.


My future wife and I continue to have sex all through the night, and during the day I STILL want to shag her right into the bed. Maybe Voldemort was right about that sex stuff. It's been five days since we left my house and the sex drive only got worse. We're like first years who can't keep it in their pants. I finger her during class and she gives me hand jobs and then between classes, we shag in broom closets. It's rather unfortunate, this situation is. I don't know what to do about it. We've been caught six times already: once by McGonagall, once by two third years trying to do the same thing, once by Pansy who had caught us going in, once by Filch, and twice ironically by that fat oaf Hagrid. He seemed to be watching us pretty closely.

The detention we had with McGonagall had us supervised for four whole hours cleaning her classroom with a toothbrush (whatever the hell that Muggle contraption is). I couldn't take it because my face was in direct view of Hermione's arse while we were bent over kneeling on the floor.

The detention with Filch, however, was even worse. I hardly want to talk about it, really. We arrived in his office precisely at 8:00 PM and he had us lay down naked on the floor. I told him it wasn't legal but then he pulled out the rulebook on my and showed me the section where it referred to sexual "deviants" and their punishments. It said: Any student caught performing sexual acts inside of the Hogwarts grounds may be punished in a similar manner. These detentions are usually served naked and may result in sexual acts performed on them or may have the student perform sexual acts on another. It is the teacher's choice.

Filch grinned with a wicked glee and called Mrs. Norris to his side. Hermione and I laid down on the floor as told to. We then heard Filch talking to that damned cat as if it were human. "You see, Mrs. Norris, Mr. Jenkins hidden in the back here all day never has nothin' to play with. We've got to be giving him some fun! MR. JENKINS!" A woof, like that of a dog, came sounding through the room we both let out a little yelp when we saw the actual source of the noise. It was that fat oaf's dog, Frank!

"That's Hagrid's dog!" Hermione yelled at Filch although it did no good.

"No, it's Hagrid's dog by day, mine at night. Mr. Frank Jenkins helps me patrol the halls late, late at night. And there be many times when I have 'im help me out with you little rascals." Filch bent down to pet the beast on the head and then went to reach in between its legs! That's when I stood up and put on my clothes.

"No way! I won't. Come on, Hermione, let's go!"

"You'll be seeing Dumbledore then?"

"YES! Hermione, NOW! We're leaving!" She scrambled to put on her clothes as well and then we ran to the Headmaster's office. We pounded on his door louder and louder until he finally answered.

"Sir we have to talk to you about appropriate detentions! Filch is out of his mind." We sat him down and told him absolutely everything. Even the part about Mr. Frank Jenkins, as much as I hated to even talk about it.

"Calm down, students. Calm down. You would like a more appropriate punishment, is that what I am to understand?"

"YES!" we chorused in unison.

"I believe, then, that your punishment has been served."


"I believe you've suffered enough since you did in fact take your clothes off. Mr. Filch cannot give those detentions without consulting me, and I have not been consulted about this. You are free to go. But I would like to speak with you about a matter on my mind. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you two have been caught six times this week in the middle of performing sexual intercourse?"

Hermione's face turned bright red but I merely put on the Malfoy smirk. I cocked my head to the side and allowed Hermione to answer the whole damned thing. I loved watching her squirm, knowing that she was probably just as randy as me right then. How was it that I was still randy with my Headmaster in the room? That's just sick.

"Yessir," Hermione mumbled back to him. "We are terribly sorry, sir. It won't happen again, sir."

"Well six times caught, it seems like you are not getting the message. We really discourage this kind of behavior Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger. The only time I've seen students THIS randy is when they get the Dark Mark." He paused and looked us each in the eye one at a time, that twinkle saying he knew and everything would be alright. "Not that I'd ever accuse either of you of that but if you do need to say anything, I will take it in confidence and off the records."

Fuck, I knew we should have told the buffoon from the start but Hermione couldn't do it. She couldn't take telling him that she had become a Death Eater. Her 'reputation would be tarnished'. But he would be glad to know that we were collecting information and would gladly give it to him if he asked. That's what I had told her. She just said that if she heard anything REALLY important at a Death Eater meeting, THEN she would go to Dumbledore. "Needn't bother him with such trivial information. I'll tell him when it's significant." The girl was a loon!

"No sir!" Hermione squeaked out. "Why would we have anything to tell you? We've done nothing wrong other than the aforementioned acts. So… are we free to leave?"

He looked at her quizzically and then gave me a wink. Creep. "Yes, you are free to leave. Have a good day Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy… I'm terribly sorry; I do not know why I said that. Must have been a slip of the tongue. Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger, I bid you good night. Sleep well."

Hermione and I held hands on our way out. We left as fast as possible though, that old man gave me the willies! When we got back to the Heads Tower, we each collapsed on the couch, resting against each other.

"We've got to tell 'im, Granger," I huffed out. "It's too hard playing games with the old man. He knows everything as it is. You might as well just come clean, reputation be damned."

"No, Draco," she said while nuzzling her lips in the crook of my neck. "I haven't gotten to shag you in three hours and for some reason that sounds like a long time to me. I don't know why this is happening; I can barely even explain the urges I get when I see you near me. Your scent, the feel of your skin, the sound of your voice when it deepens in moments of pleasure, it all drives me wild. So no, Draco. I won't talk about that right now."

I was shocked to hear her say the thoughts that had been lingering in my mind all week. "But Hermione…love…there's a lot of things we need to discuss. We didn't even speak about the pensieve since that day since we've been to busy shagging and…" Wait. Hold on. What was I saying? I'd rather talk than fuck? Oh how the roles had switched. "Forget that, Granger, I'm going to shag you into this sofa all night through. And when I'm done with that, we'll move to the bedroom and then I'll continue with the treatment."

She lifted her head from my neck and smiled. "Treatment for what?"

I let out a low chuckle and grabbed her hips to pull her on top of my lap. "For this disease of an incurable sexual appetite."

"If it's incurable, why bother with the treatment?" she giggled, trying to play hard to get.

"Modern technology… it's getting better everyday. You never know when we'll find the cure." She began rocking her hips against me and I was positive she could feel just how happy she was making me.

Hermione threw her head back and closed her eyes, continuing to rock against me as if that was good enough. I let out my low growl, though, and stood up with her legs still wrapped around my waist. "Don't tease me, woman!" I whispered. Then I proceeded to slam her against the wall near the fireplace and rip off her panties in just two swift movements. "Don't you know never to tease a randy man?"

"It's a good thing then that I wasn't teasing," she smiled, "just giving you a preview of what you will in fact be getting."

"Damnit!" I swore when she rocked against me deliberately once more. Every move she made was so intentional, aimed to destroy my self control. I bit down on the crook of her neck; I could feel my teeth break through the skin and she just moaned wantonly, as if my very touch was oxygen to her, essential for life.

Very reminiscent of our first time together, I shagged her right up against the wall: her heels digging into my back, fingernails scraping down my back, and eyes squeezed shut, although this time for a different reason. Instead of shutting them out of embarrassment, she shut them out of necessity, I could tell. It was impossible to open her eyes because she was just one big explosion waiting to go off.

I looked at her then, when she wasn't watching, and I saw my life flash. I saw our wedding, our kids, sending them to Hogwarts, and then growing old together. I saw it all and it was the best feeling of my life. I had never wanted marriage before but ever since I started seeing her, everything I HAD ever wanted changed.

She was the only girl I could see myself with for the rest of forever. I leaned forward and captured her lips in a sweet kiss. She reacted by opening her eyes and telling me she loved me. I'd never tire of hearing those words fall from her lips.

As we both climaxed and collapsed against one another, I felt a sudden urge to yell and then to cry. I couldn't explain it and I certainly didn't succumb to it, but I felt it. I picked Hermione up into my arms and carried her with care to my bedroom. We rested in my bed, curled up to each other and she kissed my cheek. "I don't know what we're doing, Draco," she said, "but I love you. I can't wait until you are my husband."

"Me either, Granger. Me either."

It was then that I felt something else inside me: something stronger than the lust I had felt earlier or that urge to cry and yell. I felt this anger consuming me, possessiveness surging through my body and when I took the time to look, I realized I was holding Hermione so close to my body that it was most likely extremely uncomfortable.

I looked down into her eyes and noticed she was still awake and staring at me. "Is this uncomfortable for you, Granger?" I asked, though I had no real intention of loosening my grip for whatever God damned reason.

"No," she responded immediately. "I like being this close to you, knowing I'm yours and you're mine. I swear, Draco, I don't know why I feel like this but if you let another woman so much as touch you, she WILL die. Mark my words."

"Just know the same goes for any man stupid enough to lay a finger on you, pet."

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