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"Razor….Razor … Raaaazzzzooorrrr…..razorrazorrazorrazorrazor!" As if in reply to T-Bone's irritating wake-up method, Razor moaned as his eyelids flickered, daring to open up all the way. T-Bone grinned when he saw this. "Wakey wakey eggs and bacey!"

Razor's painful moan turned into a petulant growl. "T-Bone, you're such a butt." Instead of just his partner laughing at his response, it sounded like a whole group was laughing. Slowly opening his eyes he found not only T-Bone's beaming grin looking down at him, he saw Callie, Felina, Feral and a whole group of Enforcers looking at him as well.

"See? What did I tell ya Ms. Briggs, it'll take more than just 1 several thousand volt of electricity to kill him!" A lieutenant proclaimed victoriously, as he accepted the money that was owed to him by his fellow enforcers, who were now scowling at their loss.

Felina rolled her eyes as Callie gave the lieutenant a disapproving look. "Tom Kats." She sniffed, but immediately looked down as she felt Razor stir.

"They bet on me?" Razor asked incredulously as he slowly sat up, trying to stop the world from spinning in front of his eyes.

"Don't worry about it." T-Bone assured him as he patted his still dizzy friend on the back. "Now, how many fingers am I holding up?" T-Bone inquired as he crouched in front of his partner. Razor looked at T-Bone irritably. "If you would stop moving maybe I could tell you!" Callie looked at Razor, then at T-Bone. "Maybe he should lay back down, I doubt that he's ready to get up."

T-Bone looked at the three fingers that he was holding up, and then back up at Razor who was now rubbing his forehead.

"Just take a wild guess buddy." T-Bone insisted, hoping that Razor's eyesight wasn't really all that bad. Razor glared at T-Bone's fingers for a minute and then started to count them slowly with a shaking finger "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… wait a minute….how are you holding up six fingers?" Razor asked, looking at T-Bones paw with a worried expression on his face. No one said a word; they just looked at him in shock. T-Bone's expression was now genuine concern as he slowly lowered his hand while looking at an equally worried Callie in Felina. Looking back at his partner "Are you serious?" he asked, his tone dead serious.

Suddenly, a huge grin spread across Razor's face as he started to shake with silent mirth. "He's gone star-craving mad!" Feral exclaimed as they all watched Razor burst out in hysterical laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU SHOULD OF SEEN THE LOOKS ON YOUR'RE FACES!HAHAAHAHAHA I WAS KIDDING!" Razor explained between peals of contagious mirth. T-Bone chuckled as he slowly helped his partner to his feet. "You actually had me worried there for a sec …can you stand by yourself?"

"Uh yeah, you can let go of me now." Right when T-Bone let go, Razor wasn't even able to finish the word 'whoa' as he fell back to the ground, but was stopped by the wall that was behind him. "Maybe we should take him down to your guy's jet." Callie suggested as she supported Razor on one side with T-Bone on the other.

"I couldn't agree with you more Miss Briggs." T-Bone replied as they led a wobbly Razor out of the now Enforcer and news team infested cavern.

Razor and Callie sat in the cargo bay of the TurboKat watching T-Bone and the Enforcers take the hand-cuffed and straight jacketed villains to their awaiting choppers.

"I think you drove Hard Drive to a complete psychotic breakdown." Callie laughed as she watched the wild-eyed, bushy haired, techno villain to his chopper. "I think that straight jacket looks rather fitting on him, that shade of white does wonders for his complexion." Razor commented while flashing her a secretive wink. Callie broke out in hysterical laughter as she leaned against the TurboKat. "Holy Kats." She breathed after she was able to catch her breath. She glanced over at Ann Gora and Johnny who seemed to be filming them. "Well, you're going to be on TV tonight." Callie smiled as she looked back over at Razor, who was still watching the villains being shoved into the choppers.

"Huh?" he looked back at her, not quite understanding what she was talking about. Callie nodded her head in the news team's direction, and they were indeed filming them. "Ha, they're probably wondering why I had to be supported while I stumbled out of the cavern."

Callie laughed. "Yeah, it was more of a drunken swagger."

It was Razor's turn to laugh. "Haha, Dark Kat made me do it I swear!"

Another moment passed as they chuckled to themselves. Callie stole a glance over at Razor who was just staring off into the distance. Should she do it? Callie cleared her throat as she jumped down from the cargo bay opening. "Well, I think my chopper is about ready, I'd better go and see what is left of my house."

Razor also got down, "I'll walk you there." He offered. They walked around to the other side of the TurboKat to where the chopper that was going to be taking Callie home sat empty.

"Hmm, I guess they're not ready yet." Callie said, trying to add a tone of disappointment to her voice as her heart secretly raced in her chest. "They should be ready soon, I think they're just waiting for the other choppers to be a certain distance away . . . for safety precautions." Callie smiled softly as she turned to face Razor.

"Um Razor . . . I . . . I'd like to give you something . . . that is. ...If you'll let me."

Razor looked at her, confused. "Uh, sure . . . what is it?" Callie cleared her throat as she stepped closer to him and looked into his eyes. "This…"she replied, her voice scarcely a murmur as she slowly leaned in and started to kiss him. Razor's body instantly became rigid as he recovered from the shock of Callie's sudden affection. But after a moment, he relaxed and started to kiss her back as his arms slid slowly around her waist.

A moment melted by as they became oblivious to the rest of the world around them. They were then brought back to reality when they heard a deep clearing of a throat directly behind them. They broke apart slowly and turned to see T-Bone standing there with a took-you-guys-long-enough look on his face.

Razor tried to fight the urge to let his face turn crimson as T-Bone started to walk towards them. "Sorry to interrupt guys but Miss Briggs carriage awaits her arrival." He said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Oh, okay I'd better go then . . . bye Razor." Callie smiled as she turned and walked off towards the chopper.

"Bye." Razor replied weakly as he leaned against the TurboKat, still not believing what just happened to him. Razor felt his face grow warm as T-Bone started to chuckle. Giving his starry eyed partner a pat on the back he announced. "We should be on our way buddy."

"Ooookay." Razor sighed as he jumped up into his seat. T-Bone was still shaking his head and smiling as the TurboKat roared to life. And just as they took off into the air, T-Bone began to hum the distinctive tune, "Razor and Callie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G …"

Razor slammed his fist into the back of T-Bone, "Don't you dare T-Bone!" He growled, his face growing redder by the second. "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a kitten in the baby carriage …."T-Bone taunted as his grin grew wide as he watched Razor cover his ears with his paws as he sang rather loudly. "Naaaanaaanaaannaaaa I can't hear you, nananananananananananana …."

And so the Swat Kats flew off into the horizon, with their laughter filling up the TurboKat's cockpit.

"Ah man, I sosossoososo saw that coming!"

"Shut up T-Bone! I'm not the only one who is starry eyed!"

"What! What are you talking about?"

"Aha! Dont deny it!"



"...gggggggghhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm, I was not."

"Where too."





"Ugh I give up...for the record I was not."

"UHU, DE-nial..."