A/N: This is just a try at a R/BB one-shot story. So go easy on the flames. If you don't like the coupling then DON'T READ!!!!!! If ya do, go on and read. Please r&r. Thank you.

Maybe, just maybe

A gentle breeze howled and combed its way through the branches of the trees in the park; their leaves creating a rustling sound as they banged and brushed against each other. The sight of the setting sun painted a beautiful scene across the red sky. Gold mist danced and glittered in front of the horizon, creating an even more dazzling sight. Raven took the time to absorb and enjoy the peaceful yet astonishing sunset. The air smelled fresh and clean, as if it was new.

She never spent her time at a glorious park like this; fighting crime takes up most of your time. But today was her day off, which came very rarely. A rustling sound was projected from a cluster of green bushes surrounding a very lonely oak tree. Beast Boy studied the dark beauty; absorbing in every single detail that was etched into her skin.

He whispered and giggled to himself, blushing and thinking simultaneously. The green teen finally made his decision and erupted from the bushes; he occupied the seat right next to Raven. "Hi Rae," he spoke shyly. She showed no signs of shock or surprise, just resumed staring at the horizon.

"Hello Beast Boy," she quickly responded; her hair waving crazily yet gracefully in the soft spring breeze. Beast Boy shifted uncomfortably in his seat. His mind began to race from thought to thought.


She turned her gaze away from the gold horizon and to the green dude beside her.


He stared at the grass swaying below him; his heart pounding crazily in his chest. "What?!" she interrupted; annoyance sweeping over her like a warm blanket. He jumped a little at her response.

"Who's the most important person in your life?"

She looked at him.

"All my friends," she replied, "Who's the most important person in your life?"

A lump developed in the green teen's throat; sweat poured down his face and he was trying to grin, but failed miserably.

"Well ummmmmmmmmmm..."

Raven's foot tapped the ground as she folded her arms. His heart was pounding faster than ever.


He threw his arms in front of his face, expecting some type of explosion that could cause the death of the entire planet. But none was heard nor seen. He lowered his arms and stole a glance at Raven. The dark teen was blushing, not one of embarrassment and not a little, but one of deep satisfaction and extreme affection. She immediately turned away.

"This can't work."

"Huh? What?"

"This can't work."

"What can't work?"


He did indeed know. Raven's powers are driven away by emotion. Once they're activated, her powers get much too complicated to keep under control, causing worldwide panic and destruction. A sigh left her lips like a slow, steady whistle. The exhale crept into the green lad's ears and caught his attention.

"Maybe it can."

His voice broke the long silence between them. Beast Boy pulled her closer and closer towards him. He was surprised that she had no reaction and was allowing him to do it.

"I have no doubt about it."

Beast Boy slowly placed his left hand on her cheek; his right hand gently caressing her elegant violet hair. She wrapped her arms around his skinny neck and pulled him in. Their soft lips collided with a gentle thud. A smile crept upon Raven's usually careless expression.

'Bizarre,' she thought, 'Why aren't my powers going insane? Maybe my emotions are letting me be myself.' She was still enjoying her satisfying kiss with the green dude. The glistening sun disappeared behind the horizon line. It was, once again, peaceful. Kissing. In the star lit night that surrounded the serene park.

'Maybe, just maybe...'