Anytime By Stormy

* * *

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Nor do I want to - I want to shoot the artists who designed every main character's hands and feet so grossly out of proportion! But the storyline itself is cool!

Rating: G

Feedback: Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

Notes: My first Digimon fanfic! And it's really, really, REALLY short! A vignette, if you will. Remember the ep (I think it was number 4) where they met Seadramon, and Matt's digimon evolved for the first time? Well, the whole ep focused on how matt strove to protect his little brother TK, and I think the ending was a little cut off so finished it for them!

* * *

Matt was silent as the others celebrated. They had a lot to celebrate afterall - how many times does one find themselves up against a huge monster and walk away the winner? And Guromon had evolved! Matt felt a small burst of pride - HIS digimon evolved to save him, only the second of their kind to do so. Ty, their unofficial leader had been saved before when his digimon Agumon evolved into Greymon. That had been against Shellmon.

THIS battle, however, had been a little hairer. Seadramon had attacked them during the night. Zora, Izzie, Mimi, and Ty had been trapped on the little island that Seadramon ended up pulling out into the middle of the lake. Matt shuddered as he thought of his little brother TK. TK had been there too. And where was Matt? Sulking on the mainland. _You just had to go off, didn't you? HAD to go and leave your brother to god knows what.

Speaking of the little guy....Matt turned his head and studied the sleeping profile of his kid brother, curled up against him for warmth, their digimon huddled on top like furry, living blankets. _That had been too close._ He automatically shifted closer to his brother, hearing the faint words TK had spoken just as he was falling asleep. "You're the best brother, Matt."

Matt clenched his fists. The fear that he had pushed away earlier was coming back in full force. TK on the island, terrified as the serpent attacked. He could vaguely remember jumping in the water, determined to protect him. He didn't even care that the evil digimon was somewhere in the water with him. And then TK had fallen in. Matt swallowed convulsively as images of the water closing in over his brother's head filled his mind.

_Much too close_

A sound broke the silence and TK cuddled closer, opening his eyes sleepily.

" Matt?"

" What, TK?"

" Thanks for saving me."

Those four innnocent little words. A lump welled up in Matt's throat and he hastily blinked away tears. He had to remember his image afterall - he was the COOL one of the group. He cleared his throat, wrapping an arm around TK's shoulders. "Anytime little bro. Anytime."