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Chapter 1:

"Sakari? Sakari?"
There I stood in my white lacy wedding dress, waiting to marry Ron the love
of my life.
"I'm here Shelly, is he?"
I could barely keep the smile off my face as I asked my best friend and
maid of honor the question;
"I don't know, anyway he's in another room, you know where the guys hang
"Yeah true," I said as I looked to my rite and saw my dad Bob standing
beside me."
"Are you ready to go?"
He inquired as I slipped my arm with in his and I made my way up the ale of
the beautiful church. Since I was half Indian, from my mom's side, I was
trying to have my wedding both ways: part Indian, part traditional
I went up first and smiled, my heart fluttering with excitement as strands
of my dark hair escaped from the crown of flowers on top of my head.
I waited, waited, and waited, there was no sign of Ron;
"I bet you he's in the back, probably has cold feet at the last minute,
I'll go and get him."
My dad said as he squeezed my arm and I tried to ignore the whispers of the
people around me.
It felt like forever until my dad came out of the men's area, with a
shocked, hurt, and angered look upon his face. I looked down and noticed
the small piece of paper that he held in his hand. As he reached me, I
quickly grabbed the note out of his hand.
"Sweetie, let's read that some..."
I paid him no mind as I opened the short letter and began to read:

Dear Sakari,

By the time you get this I'll be on a plain. I couldn't marry you, I've
had so many doubts, I've been so unsure through out our engagement. The
truth is that I love you like a sister, not like a wife. I'm sorry if this
has hurt you.

Take care of yourself,


I stood there absolutely stunned, I was rooted to the floor like a huge
mighty oak was rooted to the soil.
"Sakari, what does it say?"
My mom's voice brought me back to reality as my shaking hands released the
letter from them and it floated to the floor. All was silent in the church
as I stood, allowing Ron's words to sink in to my brain.
"This can't be happening," I whispered as I raised my head and glanced
"Thank you for coming," I said as I turned and bolted from the church,
ignoring the shouts and questions from the by standers as I left. I ran
and elided with a bush, sending my crown of flowers tumbling from my head
but I didn't care, the only thing I wanted to do was get home. As I ran
across the street, a car horn and a huge swerve brought me back to reality.
"Hey lady, watch where you're going!"
I heard the man shout;
As I turned to apologize, I stopped in the middle of the road as his eyes
met mine.
I choked out, "I thought you'd be on a plain!"
"Come on Ron, get this chick out of our way we'll miss our flight," I
looked to see a redheaded girl sitting in the passenger seat of the car.
"You, you," I couldn't get the words to go past my lips. After all we'd
been through, and he leaves me for some redheaded tramp, and on our wedding
"Hey, things change," Ron retorted as he drove around me and I sprinted on
the sidewalk.


I'm not exactly sure how I made it home but I did as I shoved clothes in to
a suitcase, and zipped it up. On my way out of my room, I noticed my
passport laying on my dresser. I had gotten it to go on my now canceled
hunning moon to France.
'Well so much for that.'
I thought as I snatched it up anyway and stuffed it in my bag. As I went
outside and hopped in to a taxi, I had one destination in my mind: the

:::End Of Chapter 1:::

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