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Chapter 11:

I could not believe this past month of my life as I ran throughout the African savannah. Angry at my stupidity, I beat and tore through the long grass as I nearly slipped down a hill.

'Damn.' I thought as quite out of breath I sank to the damp earth below.

'Damp earth.' I knew that the grass was dry however the dirt was getting wet because of my tears. The deluge of tears that I vaguely understood that I had not really released since all the events had occurred.

Since Ron had left me on my wedding day. The day I had planned for months, the day that every little girl dreams will be the happiest one of their lives. Getting changed in to a lioness for no apparent reason that I could see and then to top it all off destroying a marriage by opening my mouth. No matter that I had tried to help the situation, I had only made it worse for everyone involved.

'It was none of your business.'

'You should've left it alone.'

A voice screamed in my head, making me feel even more low and miserable than I already was at the moment.

'You must really want to be queen.'

That was the thought that truly rammed me off the edge that I had been so carefully balanced on for weeks.

"Shut up!" I shouted as I sobbed slamming my paws in to the dirt.

"I didn't want any of this! Why, why, why me, why did I, Sakari, have to come here? Here, of all, of all places and… Why? Why? What is the… What was the point of…-"

I could hardly get the words out as I sobbed being scarcely able to properly breathe let alone think straight.


An unexpected voice stopped me in my rant as I hurriedly tried to wipe a grimy paw across my face.


The voice came again as I glanced up, sniffling as I lowered my head and pinned my ears back.

After some of my breath had returned I whispered, "What do you want?"

"What's wrong?"

"You shouldn't be here," I stated as I sighed, "I just got banished from the pride lands so…-"

"You got banished? Why did you get?-"

"Kiara," I addressed the young lioness, "I have done enough damage to your family for one day. Please, just leave me alone and go talk to your father."

The golden lioness flopped down next to me, "Will you at least tell me what happened? I won't leave until you do."

"I can see how you'd be a good queen," I mumbled as she chuckled.

"Well," I started then I stopped, "I can't tell you. Go and speak to Simba he will explain everything."

"Come on Sakari you can tell me."

I sighed knowing that she would find out sooner or later, "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you and beg you to go and talk to your father. Kiara, your mom is pregnant with Kovu's cub."

A moment of silence followed before the future queen replied, "I know."

I gasped, "How can you be so calm?"

"Wait," Kiara quickly said as she got to her feet, "You told my dad that my mom is pregnant with Kovu's cub?"

"Yes," I slowly answered.

It was then I saw in the setting sun Kiara's expression as it fell, "Oh, no wonder he is so upset. He must think… Oh, oh Gods this is my entire fault. If only I would've just…-"

"What do you mean it is all your fault?"

I inquired as another shocked gasp escaped me, "Come on, your mother and husband messed around! I do not see how…"

My voice trailed off as I noted Kiara's tears as she replied, "It is my fault, because I, well I… They did it for me."


"Walk back with me and I'll explain," Kiara said as her head bumped mine, "Once I clarify everything my dad will let you stay."

I shook my head, "I can't go back."

"Come on," she prodded as I growled and got to my feet.

"Kiara," I began as we started making our way up the hill, "Your dad is very upset. He is not, I repeat not going to let me back in the pride after what I've done. I do not blame him after all I told him.-"

"Sakari," her sharp tone cut me off as she swished her tail in annoyance, "Will you trust me?"

I nodded, "What do you mean they did it for you?"

The future queen stopped and exhaled before continuing, "Well, well, I guess I should practice this before I tell my father and I'm sure the whole pride will find out anyways…"

"I won't say anything," I hastily replied as we slowed our pace, "I won't say anything to the pride."

A sigh left her lips once more, "I'm not normal."

I perked my ears as the words were quietly spoken, "What do you mean?"

"I am not normal," Kiara repeated, "I'm not normal. I, I can't get pregnant."

"I don't understand, why not? I mean, have the two of you… Well, have you mated?"

"Yes," she replied flatly, "We have been trying and trying for many rainy seasons with no success. I went to see Rafiki and he couldn't find anything wrong so Kovu and I tried again, again, again and again. Although the trying was fun…"

Her voice faded away as I laughed, "I am sure it is interesting."

I didn't know what else to say as I had not experienced how a lion and lioness would mate. I just went with my human experiences with the men I had slept with in the past.

"I finally broke down and talked to my mom and grandma Sarabi about it," the princess continued, "They said that they have seen it before where for some unknown reason a lioness cannot conceive a cub."

"I understand," I said as I knew things like that happened in the human world a lot, "But, you never know there could come a time when it could happen. Most likely when you least expect it."

She had seemed not to hear me as Kiara started speaking once more, "We tried everything. My cycle isn't right, I'm not right…"

The future queen sniffled as I stopped walking and placed a paw around her shoulders, "Kiara, it is going to be okay. You are a young and healthy lioness. Perhaps it just isn't your time…"

I allowed my voice to fade away as the future queen cried, "I told my mom, I told her how can I be queen if I can't even produce an heir? What or who would carry on the bloodline? That was when, well, I'm the one that suggested not to say anything until the cub would be born because I didn't think my dad would understand. I have already disappointed him so much… I can't hunt, can't get pregnant, never really wanted to be queen though I'm getting used to the idea and it won't be so… Oh Gods listen to me wining!"

She cleared her throat before speaking, "That is what I mean… Come on, we are almost back. I have to talk to my father and tell him this is my fault. I just hope he'll see why…"

I hung my head as I silently followed her back in to Simba's territory. I not knowing of anything to say to bring comfort to the young lioness in front of me. I could only mumble a prayer to God and whatever Gods were down here in Africa that the Lion king would listen to his daughter.

-.. of Chapter 11..-..-..-