Chapter 2

On and Over the Road

Tarethniel walked into the vale of the elven town of Delintine,the place were born and grew.He walked through the "entrence" to the town,which was two trees with their branches grown together to make an organic arch.Two guards were standing at the entrence and one nodded towords Tarethniel and one said "Welcome back Tarethniel!"As Tarethniel has been out for the last two weeks hunting orc and it is a big thing for the defender of the village to be returning.He walked into a large market were merchants of both elves and human as well as half-elfs shouting their wares and many elves were buying,selling, or loseing gold and wares.

About halfway across the city,in the main plaza were music was being played and many other.Tarethniel slowed to admire the site,he loved this village for it has been his home for all his life (167 years,which would make him about 18 if he was a human)."Tarethniel!your back!"Tarethniel heard someone say and as he turned about to acknoledge whoever said it he saw his sister,Aerial,running up to him with the largest smile on in the realms.younger than Tarethniel by exactly 60 years,she stood at a 5'8'' and had long,bright white hair,deep green eyes.She was beautiful by elven standerds,and heavenly by human standards,she still keeped the joyful spring of a child in her step.

"Your back!Your back!" she said as she embraced Tarethniel in a warm hug.Tarethniel could only laugh and smile back.Her happyness was not a surprise to Tarethniel as he was her only family left alive,for just after she was born an orc raid had killed all of Tarethniel and Aerials family,they were left alive for their mother had put them in a locked room during the attack and after when half the city lay in ruins someone had found them and they were takein in by an old ranger by the name of Innovindil,who has now past away of old age."I'm so glad your back finnaly!" Aerial said."Well unfortuneatly I must be leaveing by sunset,I just came for some supplies."

"What!!?,No,You cant be leaveing so soon!at least take me with you this time,yea!"Aerial Shouted."Oh,no,I'm sorry but your not comeing."said Tarethniel.Aerial looked up at him with soft,almost teary eyes"Please!you always leave me here by myself!"."It might be dangerus,to dangerus for you and I don't want you to get hurt."Tarethniel stated.This time Aerial looked up at him with a glare that could kill a man,"Your saying I cant defend myself!Nothings to tough for me!So comeon take me with you just this time,its sooo boring here and I have never been on an adventure with you!"."Fine,fine,you may come."Tarethniel finaly gave in.

"YEA!so where are we going?"Aerial asked."To Mithral Hall,so get your things together and meet me outside home ok?"."Hmmmm,Mithral Hall,Isin't that the place were dwarves live or somethin,Hm,ok be back in a few minutes."Aerial said before she skiped off.Tarethniel followed suit and walked off towords their home,a cozy house made for three.Tarethniel walked into his room and put his pack down,setting his bow and scimitars,followed by his knives and quiver down on his bed.He walked over to a case and put his bow in it and pulled out his marvelus elven double longbow,made from the same whitewood as his composite longbow,and with many carvings of the Unicorn,symbol of Meiliki,on it.He emptyed his quiver out and put in a arrow carved out a wood dyed red and had many arcane carvings on it,imidiatly the arrow in the quiver began to multiply.He put on the quiver,a wonderfly carved symbol of Meiliki,and put his scimitars back in their scabbords.

He packed rations and other supplies in his pack before going out to she his sister standing out infront of the door,a whitewood longbow much like Tarethniels and a long flacian by her side.She was dressed in a long green robe for forest traveling."Yea,now lets go!"She said eagerly walking over to Tarethniel and giving him a hearty hug and kiss on the cheek before walking over an getting two large white horses.Tarethniel mounted and they rode off towords the forest.Aerial began humming merily to herself and Tarethniel sighed under his breath."This is going to be a longer trip than I expected."and just smiled.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
:later the next day:

"What that sound?"Aerial whispered as they came to a split in the path and they had take the higher path that lead parralel to the other path but about 5 feet higher and more brush covred this path.Tarethniel closed his eyes as he listened.He heard a distant,Klopklop,Klopklop,like that made of a carrage or cart.They rode on for awhile untill they saw a cart with a cage on the center of it,drawn by a single black horse surronded by 4 drow.Tarethniel silently dismounted as well as Aerial and they walked silently up to the side of the cart,matching its pase."Stay here and stay out of trouble.Fire off some arrows if you must."Tarethniel said to Aerial,she nodded in agreement.

Two arrows flew out and a drow fell easily,dead, another one fell to another volley,the reamaning two jumped up and drew slender rapiers.Tarethniel jumped down and drew his scimitars,he ingadged in a defensive manner to the two drow as another fell before Aerials markmenship.Tarethniel cut the last one down with his regular X slash.Aerial nodded towords Tarethniel and jumped down to join her brother.He walked up and took a look at what was in the cage.Tarethniel nearly fell over at what he saw and Aerial's normally juberant face turn white.There lay a lone elf,she had deep cuts on her arms and back and face.Tarethniel opened the cage and said to Aerial"Cut lose the horse and put out horses on the riegns,then take out some bandages or something."."Ok."Replied Aerial.Tarethniel took the elf out of the cage and pushed the cage off of the cart with a loud crash.He set her down and used some bandages aerial gave him to stem the cuts that were still bleeding and covered her wounds.Later that day,traveling now with the cart,they came upon a small lake were Tarethniel set camp.