Rules of the Game

By: Hakai

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A/N: I've only read up to vol 6, excluding vol. 5. So please excuse and correct any mistakes I may have made. One shot. It's 'taisa' when spoken, and colonel all other times. Don't ask why. XD

Warnings: yaoi/shounen-ai royxedxroy

By every rule of yaoi fandomness Edward Elric should have been the uke. And he was. Mostly.

He was a full head shorter then Roy and fourteen years younger. He was of a lower rank and was less experienced in such affairs, not to mention that his superior was a manipulative bastard. But as Roy Mustang soon learned this was not always the truth. As most rules in life, these rules too, could be broken.

It was a peaceful night. Calm and quiet. Perhaps it was a bit too serene in Roy's home.

The fullmetal alchemist leaned over the edge of the couch to nip at the colonel's earlobe. "If you don't mind, Fullmetal," Roy said irritably not moving his gaze from his book. "some of us are trying to read."

Edward lazily reached a hand across Roy's shoulder to snatch at the book. He turned it to its cover. "The Care and Keeping of a Dog? I never pegged you to be a dog person, Taisa." Ed commented.

Roy shrugged. "Dogs are loyal. If trained properly they obediently follow the orders of their masters without question." He turned to Ed. "Isn't that right, my little puppy?" The colonel cooed as he pulled Edward off the couch on to his lap.

"I'll ignore the 'little' comment," Ed grumbled as the flame alchemist lay a trail of kisses down the side of his neck. "and thoroughly prove you wrong."

Roy pushed Ed onto his back so that he was hovering over the blond. "Prove what wrong?" He questioned in a mocking tone as he licked Ed's collarbone .

Edward grabbed the older man by his shoulders and rolled both of them so that he was now on top. "That your 'precious little puppy' isn't quite as obedient as you may think."

"Prove it." He challenged. Edward smirked.

Roy sighed deeply, almost content. He ran his hand through Ed's loose hair. The shorter alchemist rolled over so he was facing him. "What?" He asked slightly annoyed.

"Not proper." Roy mumbled. Edward gave him a questioning look. "You." He smirked. "You're not a proper uke."

Ed raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that what I was supposed to prove?"

"Yes. But you don't quite follow the rules of it. You're disrespectful, but won't question authority when you deem that it won't be answered. You listen, but you manipulate as well. I'd say you're…" Edward yawned in mock boredom. "You're an uke who can go seme at will."

"And which is better for you, Taisa?" Ed said his title as more of a mock, rather then a sign of respect.

"Mm… Edward is Edward. And Edward's who I love." His tone was sincere, but that smug smile still lay on his face.

"Don't be sappy, Taisa!" Edward growled pushing him away. Roy laughed. Yes. Edward was one who didn't play by the rules. But, as Roy often said, rules were meant to be broken.


A/N: gawd that was so lame. I wrote it just because I felt bad that my other FMA fic was "cancelled". and I wanted to write the "Uke but can go seme at will" thing. XD sorry to those of you who might have been expecting a lemon. Nothing against them, I read them myself. However, I refuse to write it. l0l. please leave a comment. Much appreciation. I'm still working on my post-series fic. l0l. Wish me luck! .