Grave Of The Fireflies

By: Sherkoni



(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Just a note - This is the sequel to All's Fair in the War of Love, but if you haven't read it, I doubt this will be all that confusing - I'm not tying them up that much. The only thing you need to know is Hiei left seven years ago and he and Botan confessed their love. (Aaww...) Anything else, I'll mention before chapters.

"Our story begins seven years from the time the two star-crossed hearts found love in the place never thought possible. The first left in hopes of recovering his old yearning for strength and joined a notorious band of thieves, the Shinobi. He fights on, never realizing the unfulfilled ache is not yearning for power, but for something else..."


"Lost my way from up and down. And I know, yes I know, and I see it in your eyes. That you really weren't surprised at me at all, not at all. And I know by your smile it's you. I stand alone, and watch you fade away like clouds, high up and in the sky. I'm strong and so cold, as I stand alone. Good-bye, so long, . I see your face and I smile, hoping you won't forget me either. I will watch over you, forever. Don't forget, just like, in the Grave Of The Fireflies..."

"Hiei," a light voice hissed in his far lost ear. "Hiei!"

Hiei's senses came reeling back into reality as the dusk, orange filled sky blurred back into vision. His mind once again entered his surroundings as he tried desperately to get the haunting song out of his thoughts. He mentally shook his head, and tried to focus on the lead demon's prayer of solitude.

Jin gave him a weird look. "You alright?"

"Never better."

Jin gave him an irritated look, but shrugged it off.

"Kever Dehazavooviim zeh semel dezeekaron, ot deehov aroh meemrei azoov..."

The rest of his words became lost to Hiei as he watched the suffering demon at the leader's feet. He almost had to look away as the nearly dead body start to violently tremor with pain. Someone should just kill him and put him out of his pain, Hiei thought vaguely, immediately glad he hadn't voiced his opinion aloud. The Grave Of The Fireflies was considered a greatly honored burial site, reserved only for the exemplary souls of lost lovers. Specifically if you die to save the life of a loved companion. Which is precisely what this demon had done. Now, unfortunately, he had to wait through the leader's long glorification of the Prayer of the Firefly to actually die and receive this honor. Torture, in Hiei's opinion.

"Mootar lenefesh shelhah nah beshalom bezeh meekdash nehdar."

Hiei watched as the demon lifted a shaky head to smile, probably breathing his last breath, but Hiei never got to witness it if he did finally get to die. He had left in a blur of black, quickly sprinted away from the orange, misty graveyard, only stopping when he was deep with in the forest.

He panted slightly, enjoying the lush green solitude. His privacy was forcefully interrupted however when three pairs of feet could be heard coming towards him through the trees.

A red faced demon charged through the trees looking ready to kill. Hiei had seen him a few times wandering around the camp, his name was Tibi. Closely behind him was a very worried looking Jin and Touya.

The enraged demon marched up to Hiei and glared at the small fire demon, grabbing his shirt roughly before yanking him up to eye level. "Mah eem atah adaam?! Atah tameed barah keshemeeshewho moot!"

Hiei's eyes darkened, but other than that, his grave face didn't blink. Angrily, the Tibi shoved him back to the ground. "Veeyehee mah..."

"Low heesheeg kah heelheev Tibi, ahadeem adaamim hayah pehadeem demavet." Jin tried to reassure him, timidly defending the changeless Hiei.

Tibi laughed before turning to Hiei. "Kah Hiei, ma atah? Pahad dehakozer zoef?"

Hiei hung his head, his long hair unintentionally shadowing his face, giving it a darkened, dead look. He smirked before letting out a bitter laugh. Lip curling, he raised his clouded scarlet eyes to look at Tibi. "Heefheedati deaat.."

Tibi stared at him dumbfounded, getting almost frightened of the somewhat insane glint that had entered his friend's eyes. He paused before questioning, "Aat?"


A loud, tortured scream could be heard through the halls of the Spirit World palace. The prince and his trusty sidekick burst through the door emitting the sound, trying to give words of comfort to the distributor.

"Botan!" Koenma yelled, running to the side of her bed. "It was just a nightmare Botan, you're fine!"

The teary, blue-haired girl wasn't reassured, or just flat out didn't hear him because she latched strongly onto his shirt.

"Grave Of The Fireflies!"

"What? Grave of the what?!"

"He sung it to me! That's what it means!"


"In the building!"


"I heard him singing it Koenma, only this time I could understand!"


She interrupted as she started weeping into the lavender material, the sobs racking through her entire body causing her to tremble in exhaustion and defeat. "Hiei..."

"Oh Botan..." Koenma murmured, not knowing how to comfort his ferry girl.

Eyes reddened and blurry, she sat up, looking Koenma in the eye. "I'm fine Koenma sir. I just....had a bad dream that's all."

Koenma gave her a weak smile. "Maybe it was that death trip you just took..."

Botan's eyes widened and she blinked a few times before giving Koenma a wide grin. "That must be it! The place was at the some sacred dead place, that must be it! It wasn't him, oh thanks Koenma sir!"

"Um..." Koenma stuttered, not really understanding at all. "Your welcome?"

With a final squeeze Botan bounded out of bed, rushed to her closet and threw on her robe before scampering out the door. Leaving a slightly stunned George and Koenma behind, she braided her long blue hair messily as she jogged carelessly down the hall.

She paused at the gates and took out her oar, swooping down through the portal to Ningenkai. She kept going, the cold wind stinging her face until a small temple came into view. Making sure no humans were around, she slid off her oar and hopped in through the front door. "Genkai! Yukina! It's Botan!"

Genkai walked in, her typical "in-charge" general stance already in place. "Botan? What are you doing here so early?"

Botan smiled uneasily, and bounced restlessly from foot to foot. "Oh, I dunno...just thought I'd drop in I s'pose...maybe train?"

"Well..." Genkai raised a suspicious eyebrow, but addressed the young ferry girl anyway. "Let's see your stance then."

Botan closed her eyes and raised two hands in front of her, one open, the other locked into a tight fist.

"Botan, both palms open."

Botan clenched her eyes shut, seemingly to have not heard the old master as the her fist didn't waver.

"Botan..." Genkai reprimanded, placing a hand on Botan's hand. Botan flinched and moved away, a slight shaking pulsing through the white knuckles, fist still closed. Genkai frowned and latched onto her hand, trying to yank it out open, worry etched into her old features. Botan struggled fervently against the wrinkled hand, but finally it rendered open and a small black gem tinkered from her palm to the floor.

Genkai didn't say anything as Botan fell into her arms, crying softly. "I try so hard to forget, Genkai, I really do. But he keeps popping up, everywhere I go there's a memory, waiting to catch me off guard, there's no way to heart, I can't-"

"Ssh," Genkai shushed her, "It's alright to grieve sometimes."

"But I thought I didn't care anymore, but recently..."

"Did you honestly think you'd forget all about him?"

Botan frowned into Genkai's martial arts uniform. "I bet he hasn't given me a second thought."

Genkai placed the black tear gem into her hanging hand. "I bet he's given you a hundred second thoughts."


"And now you see that the second star-crossed heart is there, searching, needing, it's home, but it's just too scared to look. After a few months of woeful suffering, Botan erased the memories from her mind by throwing herself into work and training, pushing herself so she will have something to look forward to in the future.

But even a star-crossed heart is a heart. And every heart must beat for something other than itself."


"The Grave of the Fireflies is an emblem of remembrance, a symbol of love long since forgotten..."

"Kever Dehazavooviim zeh semel dezeekaron, ot deehov aroh meemrei azoov..."


"May your soul rest in peace at this magnificent sanctuary."

"Mootar lenefesh shelhah nah beshalom bezeh meekdash nehdar."


"Mah eem atah adaam?! Atah tameed barah keshemeeshewho moot!"

"What's with you man?! You always jet off when someone dies!"


"Veeyehee mah..."



"Low heesheeg kah heelheev Tibi, ahadeem adaamim hayah pehadeem demavet."

"Don't get so worked up Tibi, some people are spooked by death."


"Kah Hiei, ma atah? Pahad dehakozer zoef?"

"So Hiei, what are ya? Scared of the Grim Reaper?"


"Heefheedati deaat.."

"I'm terrified of her."




Sherkoni - This is just a prologue, the really story will have more of a story quality, and it will make more sense. Thanks to all who wanted this sequel, I was planning on waiting longer, but (anime tears) I got so many more reviews than I thought I would, I decided I loved ya all enough to just hurry up and do it! (hugs readers)