For those of you who've read 'Subtly thy name is not' (Sub-not) and keep asking for a new chapter, I feel an apology is in order. The fic itself is not dead, in fact chapter 5 and 6 are complete, with 7 halfway threw. The reason being, chapter 5 needed a poem insert for Alia. However I suck at poetry, so I enlisted the aid of a close friend to write them. Who knew actually getting them would be harder than pulling teeth? At this point they're 'supposedly' done and all that's needed is for her to e-mail them to me. Cross your fingers folks.

So until then, I decided to write this crossover/fusion involving the Teen Titans and Megaman Zero. If nothing than other than to post something, while the TT aspect will stay the same (Casual fan) MMZ however will go wildly AU. Most noticeably Zero portrayed as a Teen, hey he has to associate with the titan correct? Besides, the artwork for Zero makes him look younger go fig. Chapter one was originally on the TT area, but I'm re-posting here along with a new chapter.

Authors note on Zero.

Zero will be portrayed differently than he is in Sub-not or the Zero game. Partially because of the AU aspects, but the explanations for his actions will be brought up through the fiction. Now that that's settled, on with the fic!

Let the bodies hit the floor…

Let the bodies hit the floor…

Let the bodies hit the floor…

Let the bodies hit the floor…

This was one of many phrases that where whispered to him at an early age. And like a repeated record continued throughout his life. The ugly aspects of humanity constantly grounded into his conditioning. Brutality, genocide, combat, anything and everything that related to war and death. A normal person would have been driven mad at the inhuman conditions his mind was put threw, but as it was he was not considered human.

Beaten why for Can't take much more

A weapon forged for one goal, that of destruction. When his development was completed he would have been the ultimate destructive force on earth. Even the likes of Superman would not stand a chance, or so his creator had hoped. Fortunately Murphy had other plans in store for him.

Time: 30 min till premature activation.

" So tell me again what makes you think Slade's venturing out to this dump?" The large figure known as Cyborg stated flatly. He was currently seventy miles from civilization, smack dab in the middle of a rocky desert. Dirt and various other things where getting into his metallic joints causing more than enough irritation for the whole team.

Slightly ahead of him, Robin made no indication of acknowledging as he scanned the horizon with a pair of binoculars. This of course made Cyborg even more annoyed, the way Robin acted at times often mimicked Batman. Though Robin had yet to reach the funk level as his mentor he was getting there. Inwardly Cyborg shuddered as he bought up a mental image of the Dark Knight, then it shifted to the Boy Wonder. Yeah, defiantly a resemblance.

" Truthfully Cyborg, I don't."

Robin's voice cut threw Cyborgs thoughts as he did a double take, " Say what? Then why are we out in this sand box!"

Inwardly Robin groaned as he continued to scan his surroundings. Maybe he should have paired himself with Beast Boy; then again the green shifter was more of a whiner than Cyborg at times. Deciding it was best to calm his large friend Robin once again spoke, " Slade would never bring himself out in the open, especially this far out. Chances are it'll be one of his lackeys."

" Oh." Was all Cyborg could say, " So what makes you think one of them would be out here?"

Truthfully, Robin didn't have an answer for that. Although he had spent months tracking down leads to the crime boss he had nothing definite. What clues he still had pointed to a remote location outside the city. When trying to identify the location on map had resulted in failure it seemed a dead end. Further information gathering suggested activity in the same area, this raised Robins suspicions. With no other leads one option was left, a stakeout. " Call it a hunch."

This new piece of information sent Cyborg over edge, " A hunch! You mean you dragged my shiny tin plated butt out here on a hunch! I could be doing something important like beating your high score! Next time you have a hunch remind me to…"

" Raven here, I spotted something in the eastern section."

Robin smirked, " You where saying?"

"…Shadup." Was all Cyborg could think of.

" Robin here, Raven, can you identify the object."

For a moment the sound of static was heard, then finally Raven spoke. " It's an underground bunker, quite large from the looks of it."

Both Robin and Cyborg exchanged glances, " Do you recall any military outposts in this area?"

" No but this is starting to look like an area 51 deal to me."

Robin groaned, " Terrific."

" Excuse me, Robin?" Starfire's melodic voice came over the con, "Beast Boy and Myself have spotted a vehicle heading towards Raven's position."

By now Robin and Cyborg where sprinting off towards Raven's position, " Can you give us a description Star?"

" Of course I can, it is large with many wheels."

The entire team except Starfire sweat dropped, thankfully Beast Boy decided to intervene, " I think he meant what kind of vehicle Star."

" Oh, well then why not say so in the beginning?"

Beast Boy who was currently flying next to Starfire in the form of a bird only smiled, " I'll explain later Star." Beast Boy took a dive to get a better view once he was satisfied he flew back up to where Starfire's altitude, " Hold the mic close enough so I can speak." Starfire did so and the green hawk that was Beast Boy cleared his throat, " This is your eye in the sky with the birds eye view of the desert!"

" Get to the point already." Hissed Raven

" Ok, ok geeze. From the looks of things it looks like a Semi Transport. Its not military I can tell you that much, but it doesn't look like your normal civilian Big Rig ether."

" Can you be a bit more specific?" Inquired Robin.

" Well yeah, normal 18 wheelers usually have drivers."

The entire team grew silent for a moment until Raven spoke, " I have visual on the transport, and it looks like Beast Boy was correct. It's currently entering the underground bunker."

Robin nodded, " Everyone meet up at Ravens position. Well move in afterwards." A chorus of acknowledgements where heard as Robin continued running. He looked over at Cyborg who had remained quiet the whole time, " Any thoughts on the subject?"

Cyborg didn't bother to look over as he ran, " Just one."

" And that is?" enquired Robin.

" If we run into any brain sucking ET, I am so kicking your butt."

Both Titan members chuckled as they pressed forward.

Time: 15 min till premature activation.

Once the team had rendezvous it took some time to actually open the hidden door. But with persistence, and a few well-placed strips of C-4 out of Robins utility belt the door eventually gave in.

Not knowing what to expect the Teen Titians cautiously made there way down the stretch of underground highway. Even at full speed it took several minuets to finally make it to where the Transport had went. When they arrived what greeted them was more than they expected. Everywhere they looked there were Slade's robotic drones, in particular near the truck, as several where attempting to load a rather large cylinder looking machine into its cargo area. Of the entire group Cyborg was the first to speak,

" Well Rob, it look like you where right, Slade's having a regular convention down here."

" Doubt whatever they have planned on the schedule we'll like." Nodded Raven.

On hearing this Beast Boy grabbed his chest and began convulsing, Starfire seeing this gasped in shock, " Beast Boy are you ok!"

" Yeah, Raven just cracked a joke that didn't involve sarcasm and I think I'm having a heart attack."

Snickering was heard from Cyborg while Robin attempted to suppress a smile. Starfire only gave a look of confusion completely missing the sarcasm. Her look however paled to the death glare he was getting from Raven, and who would probably had acted on the glare had a plasma bolt shot them.

" Titians scatter!"

Time: 5min till premature activation

Beast boy was the first to leap into the fray changing into a Grizzly and subsequently pounding the nearest shock troops. One of the robotic troops brought its gun-whip to open fire however a mighty swipe of Beast Boys paw sent the mechanical minion flying.

" Hunting seasons over!" cried the changeling triumphantly. However out of the corner of his eyes two more brought their weapons to bear and opened fire. Thinking fast Beast Boy shrank to the form of a cat as he dodged the laser fire and sprinted towards the opposition and once again transforming, this time to a tiger as he pounced the robots, resulting in their destruction.

Using the explosion of their own kind the robots quickly converged on Beast Boy and tackled him, forming a mountain of combatants pounding relentlessly on shape shifter, in the hopes of preventing any more surprises.


A roar was heard as the group of bots where thrown off by an ape, who was now roaring as he swung his fists in rage. The normal troops where no match, however the arrival of the much bigger combat drone proved more than a match as it swung its mighty hand, connecting.

The blow was powerful enough to send the green ape flying as it converted back to the form of Beast Boy who was now on the ground in a daze. As he looked up Beast boy noticed the gargantuan bot looming over. Smiling sheepishly he waved, " Heh, no hard feelings right?"

The combat drones only answer was the form of an arm cannon aimed directly at Beast Boys head. Cringing he expecting the inevitable, however a blast caught the large drone squarely in the chest causing it to collapse in a smoldering pile. Surprised, Beast Boy looked over to spot Cyborg lowering his Sonic Canon and grinning…

Time: 4min till premature activation

Cyborg lowered his cannon and smirked, " BOOYAH! 20 points for saving your furry butt."

In the distance Beast Boy only smirked as he pointed behind Victor. Cyborg turned to see one of the Combat drones take aim, thinking quickly he lashed out grabbing the arm cannon. " Oh no you don't!"

With his enhanced strength the cybernetic teen crushed the arm-barrel, causing smoke to emit from the limb. The drone looked at its arm as if contemplating its next move, however Cyborg didn't give the droid time as he planted a metallic fist directly into the face, causing it to topple over.

" Lights out!"

A thud was felt against Cyborgs back as a shock troop preformed a flying kick into his back, sending him stumbling. Like with Beast Boy, several of the droids ganged up in attempt to subdue the Teen. Of courses this only agitated Victor as he began to swig back at the masse.

" Man you people are beginning to piss me off." He growled.

His right hand turned once again into a sonic cannon and opened fire, disintegrating one shock troop at point blank. The others affectively scattered, however where only replaced by more as they dog piled Cyborg.

The weight of the troops where taking its toile as more continued their assault, effectively pulling Victor down. However relief arrived as a black force surrounded the group, Cyborg immediately knew who it was as he groaned, " Great."

The mob was tossed wildly into the air, as Cyborg emerged standing with a look of distaste as he looked over at his savior. " I had everything under control."

Beneath the shrouded hood Cyborg could have sworn he saw Raven smirk…

Time: 3min till premature activation.

One-Something's got to give

The look of anger and wounded male macho-ism was clearly seen across Cyborgs face. However for all his boasting Raven felt every once and awhile he needed a reminder of humility. Though she hid her amusement, Raven's voice was even as she spoke, " Sure you did, I'll just let you have the rest sneaking up from behind your position."

She noted with silent amusement as Cyborgs eyes widened then quickly turned to face the mechanical foes. Quickly Raven darted away as not to get involved with the battle. Currently her main target was the Transport along with its cargo. Only Robin and herself where making any attempt to advance towards the spot. However stiff opposition had effectively halted any advancement.

Raven swiftly glided across the battlefield trying to avoid combat. However several droids cornered her and opened fire. Hastily she threw up a barrier; as soon as the fire ceased she flung up her arms and chanted, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Her would be attackers where effectively caught in a holding spell and crushed into one large mangled scrap ball. Using her telepathy she forced the pile of scrap rolling forward like a giant bowling ball, effectively clearing path.

Raven's trek was short lived however as she heard Starfire scream out, " ROBIN!!"

Time: 2min till premature activation.

Two-Something's got to give

Shortly after everyone had scattered Starfire had took to the air. This of course had caused many of the robotic droned to take notice of her, who unlike Raven had opted to stay low to the ground.

Much to the Tamaran princesses hope of a peaceful resolution, the droids ignored her plead to disarm. Her task made clear Starfire proceeded to toss starbolts back, destroying several of the smaller groups.

Though Starfire was flying at random, the enemy still found a pattern. Running parallel to her position one of the droids hoisted another upward, sending its partner flying directly at Starfire. They never made it however, as a Birderang lodged itself directly in its side before it exploded.

Starfire looked over to spot Robin give thumbs up sign. Seeing this gave her an unknown joy. However that joy quickly turned to gut wrenching fear as a combat droid took aim at Robin from behind.


Fear quickly took a back seat as desperation kick into overdrive. Starfire's eyes illuminated bright green as she channeled her anger towards the drone, " You will not harm Robin!" In a brilliant flash of light Starfire let loose one of the largest star bolts she could muster towards the giant, effectively obliterating it.

Time: 1min till premature activation.

Three-Something's got to give

" Whoa." Was all Robin could say as he witnessed the robot literally disintegrated under Starfire's fury. It didn't explode, nor did it merely break apart, in true sci-fi fashion the combat drone vanished as it was engulfed in a star bolt. Leaving a wide-eyed Robin dumbfounded, remind me not to get on her bad side!

His shock faded quickly as he noticed the star bolt continue down its path, unaffected by hitting its target. Quickly the boy wonder looked ahead to see where the green ball of energy was directed and swore as he spotted the transport truck in its line of site.

Robin had little time as he ran in the opposite direction shouting, " Titans take cover!"

Each team member glanced to where Robin was and noticed the star bolt about to collide, Raven immediately cast a shield around her and the others as the bolt hit, sending the large vehicle toppling over and toppling its cargo. However much to everyone surprise, the transport didn't explode.

" Man whatever that things made of, I'm putting it on my Christmas list." Remarked Cyborg.

" Dude, if you want an armor upgrade there's that stuff in the fridge from last week. Its hard enough it almost chipped my teeth." Quipped Beast Boy.

Raven smirked, " It was Starfire's Jell-o, your lucky a tooth is the only thing you almost lost."

" What was wrong with the Gel-o?" Asked Starfire.

" Generally speaking, concrete." Retorted Raven.

Beast Boys eyes widened, " I ate concrete!?"

Robin cleared his throat to get the others attention, absently wondering how the topic shifted from field battle to culinary tactics. " Uh, guy in case you forgot where kinda in a battle."

" But Robin…" Starfire interjected, " …we are not being fired upon."

" Hey now, Starfire's right!" Cyborg turned his attention towards Slade's robotic army, who at the moment ignored the Teen Titians as they converged on the large cylinder. " Whatever's in there must be important."

Robin gave a look of determination, " Then we have to get it first! Titians G…" Robins direction was interrupted however as an arm erupted out of the pod and grabbed one of the droids that was near…


Time: Zero Hour.

Slade's robotic droids had no emotion, just simple binary programming with specific parameters to carry out missions. True these programs where far from simple, to actually perform the advance acrobatics and fighting moves that where made available would require something that was extremely advanced.

However advanced these programs where. They by no means gave the robotic beings self-awareness, let alone emotions. So when one of the henchmen-drones landed on top of the cylinder pod, it was not surprised when a hand suddenly smashed out from the container and planted a firm grip on its face. Nor did it panic when the hand began to tighten its grip, effectively crushing its own head. The drone barely had enough time to send out a warning to its counterparts before it's inevitable deactivation.

The Titians watched in surprise as whatever had just dealt with Slade's drone toss the now immobile body away from the pod, landing several feel away on the ground with a thud.

A resounding " Ouch" was heard amongst the Teens as they continued to watch the events unfold.

The arm retracted back into the pod as Slade's mechanical army quietly tried to assess the situation. Before they could come to a conclusion however, along the pod several small explosions where heard as detonating bolts activated along the hull. Soon after exhaust vents opened from below releasing pressurized air from the unit.

Slowly the top of the pod opened, as a figure stood for the first time eying the group.

The Team gawked as the figure turned out to be a boy there own age, of course once they eyes his outfit Starfire immediately blushed,

Standing above the pod, the figure known only as Zero stood. He was on average the same size as Robin, save a few inches taller. The only form of valid clothing was a red collar vest that draped his chest area. Underneath his body was covered primarily in a black skin tight forming armor, save for the boots and gauntlets that where crimson red, along the wrist and ankle however sported a shade of orange where the design bulged out slightly. At thigh length two white holsters where present, although what they holstered was not known, not that anyone paid much attention, what stood out the most was the white speedo-like 'underwear' that was present near his mid section.

" Oh my!" gasped Starfire, as she realized she was staring.

" Kinky." Was all Raven could say

Robin paid no attention as he focused on the newcomers eyes, which where partly hidden by the helmet that was worn. The helmet, like the body suit was encased primarily in black. Save for the red 'V' that started in the middle and wound its way to the back, where it ended in a wing like trim. Protruding in the middle was a blue triangle shaped jewel that glowed slightly. Along the side near the bottom where the jaw-line and ear met two white cones ran along the side slightly sticking out as they wrapped around. Behind it all long blond hair flowed in the breeze that was being caused by a nearby fire.

The figure continued to remain still as Slade's robotic Army started to once again advance. Before the Titians could move to intercept however, the Crimson Hunter's head shot up slightly, revealing intense hard blue eyes. As he opened his mouth to speak, his voice was cold and unemotional, sending a chill to whoever heard it.

" Target acquisitions confirmed, proceeding with elimination."

Now let the bodies hit the floor