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No Words Here

Epilogue: The Stuff Of Great Romance

"The worst is over now

And we can breathe again..."

--Amy Lee

A great shadow had passed over the lives of those who had survived the merciless grip of the massive, vigorous tempests, and had lived in the refugee encampments. Countless people had departed this life when the International Space Station impacted the already scarred earth. Scores more had received injuries that changed their lives forever. Laura Chapman was among them.

She had survived where many others would have expired. She was strong-willed, even in unconsciousness, and had survived the operations and her coma, which lasted two weeks. But now, she was faced with an even greater challenge than the superstorms, or even the impact. Today, she would be wed.

The future Mrs. Sam Hall examined herself in a full-length mirror, studying every feature for possible blemishes or flaws. She found none, but anxiety was in her voice as she asked her Maid of Honor, "Have I become the bitter cripple?"

Elsa raised a perfectly structured eyebrow, aside from the fact that a scar from several months previous ran straight through it. Her rich, chestnut hair was pulled back in a loose, low but peculiarly radiant ponytail, and a lovely burgundy gown encased her torso and gracefully blossomed out down her uncurvaceous legs. She was beautiful, but could hardly rival her best friend.

"Laura," Elsa sounded, instead of sardonic or sarcastic, sincerely shocked. "No!"

"I can't do this."

Elsa eyed her best friend oddly. "What did you say, Laura?" She had heard perfectly well what Laura had said, but she insisted on hearing it, out of skepticism.

"I said I can't do this." Laura chastised, spinning around. Whoosh.

"Laura!" Elsa said deafeningly, gently gripping Laura's slim shoulders. "You can do this. You are going to do this."

"Elsa, most girls walk down the aisle. I'm going to get wheeled down the aisle." She protested. Despite her claims, it would make no difference to her simplistic beauty. Her extensive light brown locks tumbled down her back in a low ponytail tied with a cream-colored bow. She wore a simple gown that was astonishingly beautiful against her slender frame. There was no lace décor or fancy embroideries to form it into something utterly picturesque; it was a plain and simple cream dress.

"It doesn't matter, Laura, you've been through so much more than this," Elsa persisted, putting the finishing touches on herself. "And it's going to be fun, I promise."

J.D. entered the bride's dressing room without warning, his mouth becoming agape as his eyes fell on Laura. "Oh my God…" he murmured, his eyes never looking away from her. "Th-they're ready." J.D. announced, finally looking at Elsa. She nodded, ambling out of the room, her pace quickening.

"You ready for the long walk, Daddy?" Laura grinned.

"I'm ninety-nine percent nervous, one percent ready. But that'll have to do." He paused for a few moments. "At least you don't have to worry about tripping."

Laura laughed a bit. "I suppose not."

The wedding was to be held in a church, one that had stood in Texas for one hundred years, surviving hurricanes and the superstorms and everything else that wandered upon it. It was an enormous chapel, holding many, many people, even those that didn't even know who Laura and Sam were. It was a cause for celebration, and those were few and far between, so a vast amount of people attended to see the Laura Chapman become Laura Hall.

The parade of assorted people had marched down the aisle, and were currently assembled in front of the cathedral, Sam Hall the most nervous of the lot as he stared at the wooden double doors across the room. A slight creak announced their opening, and the crowd of people noticed and collectively stood.

Sam thought he was going to faint.

She was so beautiful; as incredibly gorgeous as the first time Sam's bright blue eyes had first laid upon her, if not more so. J.D., since her father would not attend, pushed the wheelchair where she was seated down the passageway. She smiled at her mother and Sam's parents, along with Brian and Elsa. This wasn't so bad after all.

They stopped at the front of the church, sitting before Sam. The two just stared each other with wanting, prying eyes for a few moments before the congregation seated and the priest began to speak:

"We gather here today to witness the wedded bliss of Samuel Thomas Hall and Laura Brooke Chapman…" he began, but Sam really wasn't paying attention. He just stared at his future wife with sparkling eyes that refused to look upon anything else other than her. By the time he'd fallen out of her wonderful chocolate brown eyes, the reverend had begun the exchange of vows.

Sam glanced at the priest as the wrinkled, elderly man asked, "Do you, Samuel Hall, take Laura Chapman to have and to hold, to honor her, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

'Til death to you part… those words really struck a cord with both Sam and Laura, both having their thoughts to Tessa for a second, a silent eulogy within their mind.

"I do." Sam's voice wasn't shaky or hoarse or unconfident as he said this, but all of the opposites.

"Do you, Laura Chapman, take Samuel Hall, to have and to hold, to honor her, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

"I do." Laura repeated Sam's confidence.

"You may kiss the bride," the priest bid Sam with a smirk.

And Sam was about to bend over, when suddenly; Laura attempted to steady herself on the wheelchair, balancing herself carefully. And he smiled with immense joy, giving her a strong, passion kiss as the audience exploded into applause. He didn't say anything or give any words to her. They weren't needed.

The End

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