So I was talking to my little brother last night and I taught him to whenever he hears someone says "oh my god, it's a Chibi" I taught him to reply as" oh my god it's a bishonen(or if it's a girl bishojo)" so he is my inspiration for this story enjoy please R&R .

Default chapter

Two girls were sitting in a living room when wolfs rain came to an end.

"awe, man is it on again" Yume asked while yawning

"I don't think so let me check" kagai send as she look at the guide

"oh o well I think we should sleep anyways, kagai" Yume said while leaving the room

kagai just was just staring at the TV when she swore that she saw a lunar flower outside but it must have been her eyes playing tricks on her. But then again it was a full moon that night. So she made a wish..

"I wish that me and Yume could go to the bishi world but a world were the bishis were chibis" she said as she slowly faded off into the darkness of her sleep

okay so that's just the default chapter it will get better I promise. runs over and huggles Chibi higei

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