Chapter 3: bring on the hedgehog

Sitting on the ground was a little blue spike with red shoes and little white gloves

"oh my god it's a little sonic!!!!!" kagai yelled out ( she loves sonic)

"oh god here we go" Yume said ( she hates sonic)

around the corner you could see a little yellow two tailed fox Yume ran over and grabbed it

"oh my god its so cute! Kagai who is this?"

"that's tails one of Sonics friends" kagai replied


While the two girls were glowering over the little aliens ( aliens cause there from planet freedom)

A loud boom could be heard from the living room

"ha, ha I broke the wa-all" a high voice said no yelled out

"hey it's knuckles!" kagai said whilst running over to the little red echidna who was wearing his hat ( the treasure hunting one with 3 stars on it)



"who's that in the corner?" in the corner of the room where all the chibis are you could see a small kid with brown hair a red and white t- shirt and sneakers it was none other than...


"who's Chris?"

"well in sonic x Chris was the human kid who found sonic and became his good friend when sonic and the gang dropped in on earth for a rude awakening"

"oh ok..."

standing next to Chris was a little chao, a Chibi cream and a Chibi Amy who was a little too pink for Yume's liking

"well at least Chris is a human" Yume said

"yeah but were still missing 2 some ones"

"who and who?" Yume asked

"I'm glad you asked Yume were missing rouge , shadow and eggman"

"hey that's 3 some ones"

"well sorry I was never good in math"

they began to search the hose quietly being careful not to wake any one up Yume turned the corner and almost screamed but contained herself at the little eggman AKA: dr. robotnik who was tinkering with forks and other sharp objects in the kitchen

"ok one down only 2 to go"

they found rouge in the basement and shadow sleeping upstairs in the hall

"ok well lets go check on the chibis kagai"


they both walked downstairs to the living room

"hey guys were... back"

"wher.. where are...?"

"WHERE ARE ALL THE CHIBIS!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!" they both screeched in unison

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