Bachelor Jarod.

Summary: Jarod is trying to find the love of his life, guess who turns up!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or the idea of the whole Bachelor thing, and I'm not getting any money out of it.

Need to know: This is like the "TV-show" Bachelor. As you probably have understood, Jarod is the Bachelor. And it's also like a crossover; the women are from different TV series. (I have a little explanation of who they are and so on.) The "squares" (¤¤¤) show when they are thinking. And these ( ) when either of them are talking to the public, which mean the people in front of the TV's. I have decided that, it won't be live broadcast, because there will be some trouble then. People will get the chance to see it on TV when the whole thing is over. Which means the Centre will find out! Let's say – they won't be happy!


The women:

Miss (Andi) Parker – (Andrea Parker, the Pretender.) Looks: I bet you know how Parker looks!

Tess Marin – (Tracy Melchior, Sunset Beach) Looks: Very long and blonde hair...

Sarah Cummings – (Shawn Batten, Sunset Beach.) Looks: Blond hair, shoulder length...

Annie Douglas – (Sarah Buxton, Sunset beach) Looks: Long, red hair...

Gabi Martinez – (Priscilla Garita, Sunset Beach.) Looks: Long, black hair...

Rae Chang – (Kelly Hu, Sunset Beach.) Looks: Long Black hair...

Lexi Sterling – (Jamie Luner, Melrose Place.) Looks: Long, red hair...

Alison Parker – (Courtney Thorne-Smith, Melrose Place.) Looks: Long, light brown hair... (I'm not sure)

Lydia Weston – (Andrea Parker, Less than perfect.) Looks: Yeah, like Miss Parker but much longer and lighter hair!

Claude Casey – (Sarah Rue, Less than perfect.) Looks: Long, red hair...

Samantha (Sam) Marquez – (Vanessa Marcil, Las Vegas.) Looks: Very long and light brown hair...

Cordelia Chase – (Charisma Carpenter, Buffy, the vampire slayer.) Looks: Long, dark brown hair...

Rachel Green – (Jennifer Aniston, Friends.) Looks: Red/brown... long hair...

Paige Matthews – (Rose Mc Gowan, Charmed.) Looks: Long, black hair...

Sarah Sidle – (Jorja Fox, CSI) Looks: Dark brown, shoulder length hair...

Catherine (Cath) Willows – (Marg Helgenberger, CSI) Looks: Light red, shoulder length hair...

Kimberly (Kim) Zambrano – (Kim Raver, Third Watch) Looks: Long, dark blonde hair...

Maria Torres – (Christina Chambers, Sunset Beach.) Looks: Long, light brown hair...

Ramona Platt – (Sherri Shepherd, Less than perfect.) Looks: Black and curly hair...

Vallery Irons – (Pamela Anderson, VIP.) Looks: Long and blonde, slightly curly hair...

Tasha Dexter – (Molly Culver, VIP.) Looks: Light brown hair, slightly longer than shoulder length...

Nikki Franco – (Natalie Raitano, VIP.) Looks: Short and black hair, (as short as Jarod's)

Abby Lockheart – (Maura Tierney, ER) Looks: Long, brown hair...


That was it, on with the story...






Debbie looked curiously at Miss Parker. She was staring at the TV, as if she hadn't seen anything like it before. It was kind of fun, she couldn't help but giggle. Miss Parker immediately turned her head to look at her.

"What?" she asked.

Debbie smiled. "I think you should apply for that show," she said.

Miss Parker started at her as if she was crazy.

"I mean it! It would be fun for you!"

"No," Miss Parker said, shaking her head.

"C'mon, why not? You could find the man of your dreams!" Debbie smiled.

Miss Parker looked at her thoughtfully.

"I have to admit, I thought of it, but it won't work, you know... the Centre... Jarod... My life is too complicated," she said. She glanced at the TV, maybe it would be good, maybe it would help her to get over Jarod. She knew she couldn't love somebody she could never have. And Jarod was definitely out of question. The Centre would never allow them to be together, and besides, she doubted Jarod had the same feelings for her. He should hate her, after everything she'd done, it wouldn't be strange. Miss Parker sighed sadly.

"Please, trust me. It will be fun!"

Miss Parker couldn't help but smile as she saw the young girl look at her with hopeful eyes.

"Do you really think so?" she asked.

Debbie nodded enthusiastically.

Miss Parker smiled slyly. She knew she would never find someone to love since that was already taken care of, but it couldn't stop her from having fun!




Miss Parker arrived to the mansion in the third limousine. She looked around nervously, trying to see the bachelor. As she couldn't see him anywhere she gave up and studied the surroundings. It was really beautiful, with the huge white house and the pool with palm trees around. Miss Parker smiled to herself, this could be fun after all, the only thing she was worried about was what would happen if the Centre found out. Right now, only Debbie knew and she'd promised not to tell anyone. Miss Parker took her eyes off the house and once again glanced at the other woman in the car. She had talked a little with them, but no one seemed to have time to chat.

Finally the car stopped and a blonde woman got out. Miss Parker watched her as she walked up to the house to meet the man. After her, it was Miss Parker's turn. Before she left she gave the women a nervous look, the one she recognized as Samantha gave her an encouraging smile. Miss Parker returned the smile and got out. ¤¤¤ I wonder who he is! ¤¤¤

Miss Parker couldn't believe her eyes; it was just too damn amazing. Stunned, she stopped dead in her tracks and just stared. First she thought it must be some of his damn jokes, but as she saw the shocked look on his face she realized he was serious. Miss Parker couldn't believe it, Jarod was the bachelor. ¤¤¤ This can't be real, it just CAN'T ¤¤¤ as she'd recovered from the shock, she slowly made her way towards him. Her first instinct was to call a sweeper team, but she realized this time, she couldn't. ¤¤¤ It IS real... ¤¤¤ She decided to play along and with a smile on her lips she walked up to him.

"Hello, I'm Andi," she said sweetly. Jarod stared at her, stunned. He didn't know what to either do or say. This was not what he'd expected. He wasn't sure of whether he should run or not. ¤¤¤ What is she doing here? Sweepers??? ¤¤¤

"Parker? What's going on? Why are you here?" he whispered low enough for only Miss Parker to hear.

"I could ask you the same question! But I won't, and I'm not here to bring you back, so don't worry. Just play along... please?" Miss Parker whispered back.

Jarod nodded. ¤¤¤ She's so beautiful! ¤¤¤

"It's nice to meet you Andi," he said, smiling as he said her real name. This was just too unbelievable. How could Miss Parker do something like this? It was so not her style. He could never have imagined any of this. ¤¤¤ Did you think you would find love here? What about me? Didn't you think of me? ¤¤¤

Miss Parker glared at him. "You're not going to get away this easy, we have some talking to do," she said before she left to join the other women. Jarod was too busy staring after her he didn't even notice the one in turn to talk to him.




Jarod and Miss Parker had managed to get some time for themselves. Jarod couldn't help but smile as he saw the jealous looks Miss Parker received from the other women. This was hard, he knew he had to pretend he didn't know Parker from before, but he needed to know what this was about, he needed to know how to act around her. He also knew he had to pay attention to the others as well. He'd come here because he wanted to at least try to put his feelings for Miss Parker aside, to try to forget about his love for her and move on, but now everything was turned upside down.

"Parker..." he started.

"Jarod, I know this sounds unbelievable, but I came here to forget about being a Parker... to forget about you and to have some fun, please, when we're here, the Centre doesn't exist, I don't hate you and you can't call me Parker, okay? Can we just let this months be... different..." Miss Parker said, giving Jarod an uncertain look. ¤¤¤ Please? ¤¤¤

"Yes, of course... are you sure about this? It's a big change?" ¤¤¤ Has she left the Centre? ¤¤¤

Miss Parker nodded. "As I said... it will only be temporarily... but I really need it..." ¤¤¤ If you choose me it can be more then temporarily... Did I think that? What is wrong with me? ¤¤¤

"So... how will we do this?"

"It's not that hard, just pretend you never knew me, you're a pretender, you can do that."

Jarod nodded. ¤¤¤ But I can't pretend my love for you doesn't exist. It's impossible... ¤¤¤

"Jarod can I ask you a question? Why are you doing this? Are you taking this seriously, I mean are you going to marry the one you choose? ¤¤¤ What if I'll loose him forever? ¤¤¤

"Actually that's...." Jarod was cut of by a female voice. He looked up.

"Excuse me; can I borrow Jarod for a while?" ¤¤¤ You have had enough time with him, get out of here! ¤¤¤

Miss Parker glared at the blonde. She was just about to snap something which would make her leave them alone, when she realized she couldn't do that. She had to share Jarod with those women...

"Sure..." she said. She got up on her feet and walked back into the crowd. She couldn't take her eyes off the blonde who were literally sitting down in his lap. As she watched her, she felt anger, and she felt something else, something she had never experienced before. She gasped as she realized she was jealous of her. Miss Parker sighed sadly, how was she going to handle this? She loved Jarod and she knew she had to watch him being with twenty-four other women. This was hell! ¤¤¤ I can't handle this! It's torture! ¤¤¤

"Andi! You like him don't you?"

Miss Parker spun around, startled by the voice. As she saw the woman she remembered as Maria, she forced herself to smile.

"Yeah... he seems to be... interesting," she said, glancing at Jarod a second time. ¤¤¤ I love you J. ¤¤¤

"Yeah! I've never seen anyone like him before, he's so special," Maria smiled. She wiped her hair out of her face before continuing to talk.

"So, what do you think your chances are?" she asked.

Miss Parker didn't know what to say. What if Jarod let her go home already after the first rose-ceremony?

"I have no idea... but I really hope he'll let me stay." ¤¤¤ Maybe he wants to get rid of me? ¤¤¤

"Me too, I would love to get a chance to get to know him," Maria said dreamingly. She was used to different men, where she lived it was a lot of them, good-looking and sexy, but there was really something special with Jarod. He seemed so genuine, so nice.

"Hey girls! Wanna have a drink?"

"Sure," Miss Parker mumbled. ¤¤¤ That could help. ¤¤¤

"Great! I don't know if you know me... my name is Lexi."

Maria and Miss Parker introduced themselves and the three of them kept talking for awhile. The hours passed and soon it was time for their fist rose ceremony. The women gathered in the big, exclusive hall, and waited for Jarod to enter.


It's time for the first rose-ceremony, who will be chosen and who will be sent home, broken-hearted?

They all looked nervous and when he finally walked into the room followed by Mr. O'Donnell, the so called leader, everybody became quiet and watched them with hopeful eyes.

"Ladies, it's now time for the first rose-ceremony. This time ten of you will be sent home. And since this is to be taken seriously, those who are not ready to marry Jarod should not accept the rose..." O'Donnell said. He turned to Jarod. "Start when you are ready," he said.

"First of all, I want to thank everybody who came here, it has been very nice to get to know all of you, and you all are amazing persons. It's really hard to know that ten of you will have to leave. And I just hope I have made the right decision. If I could choose, I would keep all of you..." Jarod said. The women gave him a smile. Slowly, he picked up the first rose.


Jarod smiled as she walked up to him, they shared a hug.

"Lydia, will you accept this rose?" ¤¤¤ She looks so much like her, how is that possible? ¤¤¤

"Yes!! Thank you!"

Miss Parker looked at her in amazement. She hadn't seen it before but this woman looked so much like her. If her hair hadn't been in a light brown tone and if it had been shorter, she would have looked just like Miss Parker. This was creepy. Miss Parker's thoughts were cut off as Jarod called out Maria's name. She smiled as she saw how happy she looked.

More and more women got their roses and Miss Parker started to get more and more nervous. What if Jarod wouldn't choose her? As she saw he had only two roses left she almost panicked. He had to choose her! ¤¤¤ Please! Don't forget me! ¤¤¤


Miss Parker gave Jarod a chocked look. It actually seemed like he wasn't going to pick her. How could he do that? ¤¤¤ Why? I am the only one who loves you, don't do this to me! ¤¤¤

Jarod picked up the last rose and held it for a while, watching the women.

"Andi," he finally said. Miss Parker let out a breath she wasn't aware of holding. Sighing with relief she walked up to him. ¤¤¤ Thank god! ¤¤¤

"Andi, will you accept this rose?" Jarod asked, giving Miss Parker an uncertain look. ¤¤¤ Say yes, please? ¤¤¤ Miss Parker realized Jarod hadn't known if she would say yes or not. She didn't bother to keep her ice mask right now. She had promised she would forget about the Centre and so would it be. She gave Jarod a big smile.

"I would love to, thank you so much for giving me the chance!" she said, genially happy.

Jarod smiled and gave her a hug, Miss Parker was so taken aback of the closeness she didn't know what to do. Jarod smiled as he felt her tense body against his. This could be interesting.

"Those who didn't get a rose, take your time to say goodbye," O'Donnell said. The women started to move around. Jarod sneaked out of the room, leaving them alone.

"I was afraid he wouldn't pick you," Maria said, walking up to Miss Parker. Miss Parker smiled at her.

"Yeah, believe me... I was too," she said, still smiling.




Have any favourite characters??? Let me know if you want me too keep them! Or else there is a chance they were sent home this time or will be send home next time... ;) Remember, not even Parker is safe here...