Bachelor Jarod Chapter 11


One week later.
Blue Cove – Delaware.


It was two weeks left until The Bachelor would be broadcasted on TV and Miss Parker was back in Blue Cove to finish her businesses. Jarod waited for her in New York; there they would fly somewhere together, to start a new life. Jarod didn't like the fact that she had returned to the Centre, if only for a week, maybe two weeks, but he trusted her, she would come back to him.

Miss Parker parked her car on the street and headed for the house. It was dark outside now but the air was still warm. She was carrying a little package with her, and she couldn't help but smile as she rang the doorbell.

Broots opened and took several steps backwards as he laid eyes on Miss Parker. She hadn't been at the Centre yet and she decided she should pay Broots a visit before she did anything else. The Centre had to wait until tomorrow.

"Can I come in?" she asked the slightly shocked Broots. Hey you look like you've seen a ghost.

"Uhh sure." Broots looked at her clothing, an icy blue silk dress. She was more beautiful than ever.

"Are you alright? Everything okay at the Centre?" she asked.

"Yeah… it's just like normal." Broots said.

Miss Parker nodded. "Is Debbie here? I have something for her," she said, showing Broots the package.

"Yes, I'll go get her," Broots scurried away and Miss Parker waited. "Miss Parker!" The child's voice brought her out of her thoughts. "Hi sweetie, I have something for you, from California!" she smiled and gave the child the gift.

"Thanks!" Debbie looked around to make sure her father wasn't there. "Was it fun? Who was he? Was he good-looking?" Debbie asked and Miss Parker laughed.

"I'm not gonna tell you, you can see the whole thing on TV in two weeks!"

"Please you have to tell me something!" Debbie pleaded. "Please Miss Parker."

"Alright, first, you can call me Andi now," she smiled as Debbie looked at her with big eyes. "Your name is so beautiful," she said in a low voice.

"Thank you Deb… And I can tell you, I won! He picked me in the end, Debbie I'm so happy now…" Miss Parker said, surprising both herself and the young teen. Shit did I really say that?

"Who? Do you love him?" Come on tell me!

"Yes I love him. It's a surprise who he is… But Debbie, there is something I have to say, to your father too," Miss Parker paused. "BROOTS!" she yelled. Broots soon appeared. "I'm leaving the Centre," Miss Parker said.

Both Broots and Debbie looked at her in shock.

"W… why?" Broots finally asked.

"I can't tell you now." Miss Parker said. She turned to Debbie. "Make sure your father watches the show with you, he'll understand everything then," she said. "And so do you," she added in a softer voice.

Debbie nodded. And Broots gave her a puzzled look.

"So is this… goodbye?" Broots asked. He just couldn't believe Miss Parker would leave the Centre. What did really happen on her vacation? What made her change so much and so quickly? And what did Debbie know about her that he didn't? This is crazy, what is going on here?

Miss Parker shook her head. "I still have to go to the Centre tomorrow, need to talk to Syd, gather up my stuff, both at work and home. So don't you dare tell a living soul about this conversation until I'm out of Blue Cove for good," she said and Broots promised he wouldn't.

All of the sudden there was a knock on the door. Broots walked to open.

Miss Parker immediately recognized the voice. She spun around shocked. My god!

"Andi… hi."

The woman walked past Broots who stared at her. She didn't notice his looks and walked up to Miss Parker. Wow, she is hot. Broots smiled nervously as he realized what he was thinking.

"I wanted to apologize," she said in a low voice.

"Maria! How did you find me?" Miss Parker asked as she had recovered from the shock of seeing her ex friend at Broots house.

"Well, it wasn't so hard to find out where you live. I came to your house just to see you drive away, so I decided to follow. I've been outside in my car a long time, I didn't know if I should talk to you or not… are you mad at the way I behaved?" Maria asked.

Miss Parker shook her head. She couldn't believe Maria had showed up like this. And she wanted to apologize?

"Good! Andi… I was just so hurt when you got the rose, and I didn't think… hey, a rose isn't everything, well for you it should be," Maria smiled. "But not for me anymore, I realized that our friendship is more important… I mean I have lots of friends in California, but I want you to be one of them, so… we're still friends?" she asked. Please say yes.

"Of course," Miss Parker said with a smile. Maria hugged her, and when she pulled away. She suddenly got aware of Broots and Debbie staring at her. Broots looked confused. Rose? What does roses have to do with this? can someone please tell me what's going on!

She smiled at them. "Hi," she said, feeling a little dumb.

Miss Parker looked at Broots and his daughter, then at her friend. "Maria, this is my friend Broots, from work, and his daughter Debbie," she explained. "Broots, Debbie, this is Maria, I met her at… my vacation," she gave Maria a meaning look, hoping she wouldn't say anything. She didn't, instead she shook hand with Broots and said hi to the kid.

"Ehm, maybe I should get going," Miss Parker said. She started to feel uncomfortable. She didn't want Broots to know anything about the bachelor yet and he was already way to confused.

Maria nodded. "So should I," she turned to Broots. "Is Broots your first name?"

"No… it… it's John," Broots felt nervous.

"Well, it was nice to meet you John," Maria smiled.

"See you tomorrow Brootsy," Miss Parker said. "Take care Deb," she left the house with Maria. I hope I'll get the chance to see you again Debbie, I hate to say goodbye like this…

"Did you see the way Broots looked at you?" Miss Parker whispered as they walked up to their cars. "I think he likes you."

Maria laughed a little. "He seemed nice… and funny," she smiled. Miss Parker agreed. I spent my days tormenting that poor guy and now I say he's nice and funny, gee! Well… he is… Miss Parker glanced at Maria. Though I would never admit that out loud…

Miss Parker felt so free, but she knew she wasn't – not yet. She had to go to the Centre tomorrow. There were two weeks left until she would be free for real, two weeks until she would see Jarod again. She missed him so much. Miss Parker promised herself she would hurry with packing her stuff. She didn't want to stay in Blue Cove longer than necessary, she was terrified someone would find out and ruin her plans.

She would pack her stuff tonight, say goodbye to Sydney tomorrow, then she would leave. Miss Parker felt excited just by thinking of her new future, but at the same time she felt sad, she would leave her family behind. Despite the fact that her father was the way he was, she did love him. But she had finally realized working for the Centre wasn't a life, it was a prison, and she had no choice but to break free. She had no choice but to leave now. As much as it pained her to leave the only thing she had ever known, she would, and she was sure she would be much happier than she'd ever been.


One Month later.


Debbie and Broots had been glued in front of the TV since the Bachelor started and they were watching today's episode as usual, this time with Sydney by their side.

There were four women left now, Lydia, Miss Parker, Maria & Lexi, and the gang in front of the TV already knew who was going to win. With Jarod as the bachelor and Miss Parker as one of the girls, of course they would end up together.

Debbie couldn't help but smile the whole time. She had been so surprised and shocked when she saw who the man was. It wasn't until then she had understood the full meaning of Miss Parker's words, the day she'd visited them. She would miss 'Andi' but she was happy for her, and she felt proud. It was thanks to Debbie Miss Parker had applied for this show in the first place, and things had turned out better than any of them could have imagined.

Sydney chuckled a little as he saw Miss Parker's jealousy. He had never seen her like this, but he had always known there was something behind those walls of ice she had built around herself. He still couldn't believe Miss Parker would do something like this, but he was glad. Finally she had opened up and let her feelings surface.

"Daddy? Who do you think he sends home?" Debbie asked.

Broots seemed to think for a while. "No idea," he finally mumbled.

Debbie sighed. "Lexi I hope, I hate her so much!" She's mean to Miss Parker, Jarod can't like her…

Sydney smiled. "We all know who he will pick," he said. He turned to Broots. "Did you say you met Maria?"

Broots nodded proudly. "Yeah, she came here to talk to Miss Parker when she was here," he said. "She's really nice… and good-looking too," Broots smiled unconsciously as he thought of Maria.

"Yeah, I saw the way you looked at her Daddy, and I thought you liked Parker!" Debbie giggled.

Broots decided to not answer that. Why did you have to say that Debbie? How embarrassing… He glanced at Sydney and he gave him an encouraging look.


Mr. Parker was furious. A sweeper had come to him with the news about his daughter and the pretender. He had switched on his office TV and even though he was told about it, it was still a shock to see his Angel and the pretender snuggling at the cinema. He couldn't believe Miss Parker would do something like this to him – to the Centre.

Suddenly the door opened and Mr. Raines entered. By the look on his face Mr. Parker was sure he had heard about it too.

"This is unacceptable," he wheezed with a glare at the other man.

Mr. Parker took his eyes off the TV. "Yes, I know that. I can't believe she would do this to me," he said angrily. I thought I taught you better Angel, how could you let me down like this?

"She left the Centre with Jarod, I want them back, both of them," Raines said and Mr. Parker nodded.

"It is top priority, Jarod belongs to the Centre."

"What about Miss Parker?" Raines wheezed.

Mr. Parker didn't answer. But the look on his face told Raines, in this moment he didn't care about her being his daughter. What she did is intolerable and she would have to pay for it.

"Prepare the sweeper teams," he said shortly, gesturing for Raines to leave. With one last glare at the TV, he did.


When Miss Parker left Blue Cove, this time for good, she had felt sad. She had felt sad because she was leaving her family, Sydney, Broots and Debbie behind. They'd been her friends. But she had a new friend now, Maria! And she had Jarod.

When they'd met in New York and she once again felt his strong protective arms around her, she knew she had made the right decision. This was where she belonged.

Miss Parker felt secure, because she knew that Jarod would make sure the Centre would never find them. She had realized people at the Centre had found out the truth by now. She couldn't help but smile as she saw the look on Raines and her father's face in front of her. They must be furious.

But she didn't care, she had decided to leave the Centre and that included everything about it. Miss Parker had Jarod now, and she knew he would never leave her. They'd always loved each other, and now when they dared to admit it, there was no turning back. Miss Parker felt so happy, she'd never felt so loved before, and she was glad to not have to hide her own emotions any longer. Together they were free.