Innocence is Futile.
By Raven Pan and Alison Sky
A sixteen year old Trunks sat near a small lake, in a small clearing which he and Goten had, for as long as they could remember, adopted as their place. It was where they went to just get away from everyone, it was a safe place.

And now, he was there, his knees drawn up against his chest, his right arm draped around them, supporting his chin, as his left hand tossed small ki-blasts into the water. His aristocratic features were etched with a deep frown, salt lines dried upon his cheeks.

"So there you are!" A cheerful voice called. Goten dropped down from the sky, landing beside him. Upon seeing his best friend's expression, he tilted his head, "Trunks?"


The younger teen sat next to him, "What's wrong?"

"I take it you weren't in school today..." Trunks muttered.

"Nope. Mom had to take me to the dentist - I was just getting there when I saw you fly off."

"Hn, guess you never touched down, then," Trunks threw another small blast into the water.

"I saw some of the kids in your class pointing at your escape and laughing - so I didn't bother. What happened?"

"Hisa dumped me. Loudly. In the middle of lunch."

Goten narrowed his eyes, "Figures she would do something like that. That BITCH! Want me to go back there and-"

"Don't, it's messy enough as it is... besides," Trunks sighed and tossed a larger blast into the water, creating a fountain shooting into the air. "Don't want you to hurt her," he mumbled.

"She hurt you... why shouldn't I hurt her?" The younger demi-saiyajin's eyes glowed with fierce dedication to his best friend. "She deserves it."

"Just... don't," Trunks frowned.

"But why not?!?"

"I love her," Trunks whispered, staring at the water of 'their' lake.

"You still love her, even after what she just did to you?" Goten questioned, eyes narrow.


Goten shook his head, "That's sad, man."

Trunks shrugged, "Maybe - but I put a lot of myself into that relationship for over a year. Time, money.... Shit, I even gave her my virginity - for what? Nothing," Trunks threw another large blast into the water, "I guess still loving her is part of being 'too nice'," he rested his chin on his arms. "She said nobody likes gentlemen anymore - that I was too old fashioned or some shit."

"I still think you put way too much of yourself into that relationship," Goten comment, tossing a ki blast of his own at the lake. "I'm never gonna let some girl have control over me like that."

"Maybe you gotta point." Slowly the frown on Trunks's face was being replaced by... nothing.

"Who needs women? I mean, they just yell and complain and want you to be all touchy-feely with them," Goten shook his head.

"Oh, I dunno... some of that touchy feely stuff's real good," Trunks smirked.

"Ew, Trunks!" Goten laughed. "I already told you I don't wanna know about that!"

Trunks laughed, "Yet. I'm telling you, straight out, I like it... a lot. There's no way I can totally swear it off."

Goten held his hands up with a smirk, "I love ya Trunks... but not in that way, man."

"Now who's being gross!" Trunks tossed a rock at his best friend... then went back to brooding.

Goten caught the rock and juggled it a bit, before tossing it into the lake. "If it makes you feel better... I'll always be your best friend - and I'll neer dump you for some stupid girl."

"Sure," Trunks chuckled, slowly allowing a smirk to spread on his lips. "You know... I think I have a plan."

"Really?" Goten's eyes opened wide, "What?!"

Trunks noded. "Yeah, I'll just never fall in love again. In fact..." the princeling stood, putting his fist over his heart. "I. Trunks Vegeta Briefs, Heir of Capsule Corp and future ruler of all Saiyajins - herebye solemnly vow to never fall in love again, as long as I live!"

Trunks shoved his hands into his pockets, then, kicking a stone. He wasn't grinning, but seemed toughtful. "Hn."

"Feel better?" Goten asked.

"Not yet, but I guess I will eventually," Trunks shrugged.

"Want to go get something to eat?"

"Who's buying?"

Goten stood and reached into his pockets. "They still have the two hotdogs for a dollar special down at the stand?" he asked, holding out a handful of coins.

Trunks laughed and shook his head, "c'mon - the All You Can Eat Buffet down town just changed owners."

"You sure they took down those signs about our families?"

"Yep! Poor doupes!" Trunks smirked.

"Let's go then! I'll race ya!" Goten smiled and took off.

Trunks smirked and looked back at the lake. He gripped a ki blast into his hand, then threw it at the lake - causing a large blast of water to shoot up into the air. "Never again."
Three Years Pass
One hundred fifty-three girlfriends later, Trunks dialed Goten's cellphone. "Hey Chibi? Got plans tonight?"

Goten was busy putting on his socks, "Sorry man, bit busy tonight."

"...Busy? C'mon Man, again?!"

"There's a new movie down at the multiplex that Valese has been dying to see," Goten explained.

"It's Tuesday night, man! What're you, her lapdog?" Trunks rolled his eyes.

"No," Goten verbally rolled his tone along with his eyes.

"Then how come every time I call, you're already busy?" Both hurt and sarcasm showed in his tone, hiding anger... betrayal.

"Trunks. I make my plans by the time school ends, you know that. I need to finish studying, and I have to set a schedule so Mom lets me go out...."

"Whatever... go have fun with your girl."

"Oh come on, Trunks. Don't be like that," Goten turned to look out his window at the sunset, which was also the direction of Capsule Corp.

"Nah, go see if you can score - I'll call Salena," Trunks shrugged.

"I'm not doing this to 'score', Eggplant head."

"Pity, Valese has a great body."

"Yeah, but I respect her."

"You mean, you've been with her for SIX MONTHS, and you STILL haven't got any?!"

"Cause I want to make it worthwhile!"

"Whatever. You better get going, don't wanna keep your precious flower waiting," Trunks's voice was filled with sarcasm.

"Trunks..." Hurt was in Goten's tone.

"Seriously, Chibi. Go. Have fun. Be all respectable, I'll be around to pick up the pieces later. Ja ne!"

Goten sighed and hung up the phone. After thinking for a moment, he made another call. "Hey, Valese? Listen, I forgot that I had to work on a science project with Trunks.... Yeah, you know how my mom is.... I'll make it up to you, I promise." After saying his goodbyes, he called Trunks.

"Trunks here," the voice sounded harried.

"I cancelled."

"Too late, I already made plans - sorry Chibi."

"Oh... okay," Goten sighed. "Have fun then."

"Don't sound like that," Trunks sighed a great sigh, "I told you to go have fun!"

"Yeah, but you did it in guilt and sarcasm - which in Trunks-speak usually means 'cancel your plans and come be with me'."

"This time I also told you that I was going to make new plans," Trunks sounded put out - as though they were speaking seperate languages anymore.


Trunks listened to the dial tone for a few moments, then hung up himself - wearing a pleased smile as he finished tying up his boot.
Twenty minutes later, there was a tapping on Goten's window. The youngest Son had his headphones on, music blaring into his ears. Trunks saw this, and opoened the window, cliimbing through and poking Goten's nose.

Goten squinched his face, then opened his eyes, looking up to see Trunks waving two tickets to the carnival at him, wearing a grin.

"Don't bother gloating," Goten put the pillow over his head.

Trunks went and turned off the stereo, "Hey!" Goten sat up and pulled off the head set. "I was getting to a good song!"

"Well, all the lines are gonna be as long as Piccolo's arms can get, if we don't get there soon, Chibi!" Trunks had his arms folded.

"So, why are you here and not picking up your date?"

"What date?"

"You said you made plans with Salena."

"Oh that," Trunks waved a hand dismissively, "Dumped her earlier today - I was just saying that."

Goten narrowed his eyes and held out his hand as he formed a ki blast.


"You have three seconds to start flying. One...."

Trunks smirked.

"Two..." Goten walked closer.

"So, you're coming - right?" Trunks was now climbing back out the window.

Goten turned and looked at his door, "MOM, DAD - I'M GOING OUT! DON'T WAIT UP!!" he turned back to see Trunks already out the window, smirking.

"Three!!" Goten shouted, darting out after his best friend.
Eleven Years Pass
"I'm sorry, but for the last time - it was a great run, but it's over. It's just not working out."

"But you said this was going to last! It's only been a week!"

Trunks shrugged.

"You son of a bitch!"

"Don't you dare talk about my mother like that, Leiko," he glared

"You bastard! I can't believe what a JERK you are!" she wiped tears off her cheeks.

"Well, I will admit to being a bastard - as for being a jerk... well I'm afraid that's purely your opinion. Now, get out of my office."

"You can't order me out of anywhere I want to be."

"On the contrary, I can. You worked for me too, remember?"

She blinked, "Trunks... You're not... you can't."

He smirked, "Yes I can. Shipments were three days late, and that's your responsibility. Pack up your things. Don't worry, I'll give you a good reference," he waved her to the door and looked down at his paperwork on the desk.

Tears touched her cheeks as she backed away, "But... I thought we were falling in love...."

"No such thing. Goodbye Leiko."
The broken hearted young woman went back to the store room, looking for an empty box to use for her things. She couldn't believe it! How could a man, such a suave gentleman, attentive lover... turn around on a dime and be such a complete jerk?

She blinked as she opened one box labled "Briefs" curiously. Within were seven glowing orange balls, stars placed onto them.

"I wonder what these are," she put one finger to touch the seven-star ball, feeling a tingle run through her arm. "Ugh, it's so musty in here... nobody'll notice if they're gone for a day," she picked up the box and put it into a capsule. "I'll bring them back tomorrow."

Once home, she started doing some research, trying to figure out just what they were. It was getting on toward evening when she finally found a lead... something about a legend, and a dragon which granted wishes.

Looking over at the balls, she shrugged. Hey, it was worth a shot, right? She brought them up atop her balcony and called on the dragon.

She squeaked in surprise to find the legend actually true!

"What are your wishes....." the dragon intoned to the shocked woman.

A slow smile touched her lips.
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