"What if I said I hated you?" said a voice to me.

I watched the girl in front of me. She had changed since she had run-away. The darkness

of her clothes blended with the darkness that engulfed our surroundings. Her eyes showed

closed and hard, stubborn to all. Her hair lay limply, lifeless on her tense shoulders. Her face

was a wall of defense and I couldn't bring myself to look at it long. Her glare frightened me.

How a beautiful creature could look so harsh is beyond me. I hate seeing my angel like this.

That's what she was, an angel, my angel. I couldn't give her up, not yet, and not to the

darkness. She continued, piercing me, inches from my face I could feel her cool breath brush my

face, but this time it's unpleasant. Yes, I said this time, as in it happened before.

"What if I said I never wanted to see you again, never speak to you, ever?"

I just stared at her trying to comprehend her words, if she meant them or not. How can her

voice be so harsh? Is this adream? Because I want to wake up, now...I don't want to see her

like this.

"Well? What if I died? Would you even care?"

I was speechless. How could she say such a thing? After all we've been through? She held the

cards in front of my face, but they were black. How could they be black? Wait...they get their

energy from her...then she must be serious...she must really hate me. I felt tears bridging. I'm not

a wimp but how could she do this? I love her. I thought that when she came back she would be

back to normal. That she would be happy. This isn't how it's supposed to be. No. we were

supposed to be happy.

"Li, we never knew each other, did we? Look at these cards. Remember the Hope card? Hope

is bull shit. There is no love in this world...or at least not for me. I hate this place. I hate my

family. I hate my friends. I hate my mission. I hate YOU!"

Her words burn into me, stabbing at my heart. She wouldn't even use my first name.

"Sakura, you're wrong. I love you."

I was about to break down. I can't believe this is happening. I felt a sting on my cheek. She just

slapped me. The person, who would never hurt a fly, just slapped me. I guess she has changed.

"You never answered my question Li. What if I said I hated you?"

I collapsed on my knees, looking at the ground and the blackness that surrounded me.

"I would die, Sakura. I would die."

But she was gone. She was gone, probably forever. She would never come back. The silence is

swallowing me. My mind turned her words over in my head. All that is left here is my bleeding

heart, laying there on the floor, stomped on, and not earning any mercy.

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