Li walked, not sure where to. Tomoyo had called his cell phone but he wasn't planning on calling her back. He wished that this was like one of those romance novels, where the lovesick boy found the girl he had been searching for on pure accident, that she may just happen to be on the same bus or just happen to walk right by him. He was smarter than that though and knew that wasn't how things went. The most probable outcome was him growing old, still dreaming, still looking for her.

He had been told once that him and Sakura were meant for each other and he still believed that but what if Sakura didn't exist anymore? What if he was searching for something that was gone? What if the woman he found wasn't the woman he was searching for? And if he did find Sakura (and it was his Sakura) what would he say?

He shoulder collided with someone else. He saw the orange haired boy, about his age pass him, apologizing as he went.

"No, it's okay," Li said softly. "Everything's my fault anyway."

But his mind wasn't on the boy.

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