Well...this is a new thing for me...ACTUALLY UPDATING! Hehe...well...this is a new story...and I really hope you enjoy it. I've been working hard on this for quite some time and handwritten...I'm up to page 8 thus far. So please, review the prologue and I promise, Chapter 1 will be up soon. I'm actually typing it now, so...yea...this story is dedicated to all my bestest friends...it's take too long to name them all...so in short, Sai, Iwa, Shouri, Christine, and everyone else who reads all my work over and over again. I love you all!! DISCLAIMER: 'Ello...yea...I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh...actually, yes I do...I OWN DVD- dom!!! ::Giggles:: heheheheh! I have volumes 3,5,16, and...then...um...A special editon (Right, Sai? How special was that...) and then volumes 3 and 4 of Battle City! I love YGO! Okay...I'm good...now, on with the show!


For three long years, I've been in the movie business and there was something about him that intrigued me. Maybe it was his eyes or his soft skin. Maybe it was his voice or his talent. I'll never know, but whatever it was. It had me hooked. All I know is that I was lost in him. My friends always told me I was stupid, falling in love with an actor. They say that all movie stars see is a possible role, meaning more money. 'Greedy, money hungry assholes, my friends preached, but I knew he wasn't like that. He wasn't driven by money and blinded by fame...or so I thought.
I remember my first assignment in the glitz and glamour of LA, such a boring town, in my view. Nothing more than girls in short skirts, shaking their asses for pocket change,. Such meaningless lives they live with nothing more then their false hopes and feeble dreams. I didn't want to end up like them, slaves of the night. I never realized how brutal the night was. It's somewhat scary, actually, but no, I fear nothing.
Being a director is a hard profession, despite what people say. I mean, it may be fun to boss people around all day and bitch and moan on an hourly, even minutely basis, but there's much more to it then that. In my 'warped' mindset, this business is actually about making movies and not money. Shocker, huh? It's odd, I know, to actually meet someone not drive by a lust of money. By the way, my name is Bakura, Ryou Bakura. I'm twenty- three, single, and I enjoy long walks in the dark, drug flooded alleyways of Los Angeles. Makes a good personals ad, no?
Well, you've heard me bitch and moan enough. Now, I guess we can get into my story. I warn you now, those who read this a lot of tears will flow, love confessions will be made, and hearts will be broken. So, my suggestion to you is grab something to drink, some tissues, and make yourself comfortable, because this may take a while...This may sound a bit cliché, but the show must go on...