AN: This is going to be one hell of an epic I can tell you that right now. This is the reason for me waiting to submit the entire fic all at once. I wanted viewers to be able to become captured in the fantasy and imaginations of this piece. I know it is written AU, something I have never tried, but I know you will all enjoy it. I am currently working on several other pieces right no as well. Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.


The shadow of death and destruction had swept over the world some time ago. War raged on and on as men fought and died. Kings came and went; war lords did as they saw fit, and the innocent suffered more terribly than anyone could ever imagine.

It was a time of myth and legend. A time of warriors, castles, wizardry, and other forms of magic. Yet, it was also a time of despair for no hope remained in the hearts those who had been fighting for so long.

Evil was rising above good. The infamous war lord, Treize Kreschaunada, had made it his manifest destiny to take over all the lands on the earth. He burned cities and villages, tortured and killed those who opposed him, and sought to bring all under his rule. With the help of his sorceress Lady Une, Treize destroyed the Cinq Kingdom, the center and heart of the people of Mythica. He killed the King Peacecraft; High King, ruler of all kings, and all his loyal subjects. Treize sought to destroy the royal family to proclaim himself High King of Mythica.

However, there were those who opposed him. The few remaining kingdoms joined together and raised armies to drive Treize out of their lands. They succeeded only to discover they would be forever trapped inside their kingdoms until the day when Treize would launch and all out attack to massacre them all. He would bring them under his rule. Only then, would he be the High King of Mythica.


Now, at this time, a certain wizard was conjuring up a plan. He searched for an answer to thwart off Treize and his growing power. Eventually, the wizard made a discovery.

One day, while he was walking in the woods, the wizard stopped at a tiny spring. While kneeling down to get a drink, a light flashed inside of the water; the wizard fell to his knees. A voice called out the wizard's name. Looking up the wizard saw a hauntingly beautiful woman. Her long golden locks were well past her waist and her dangerous eyes were contrasted by thick brows. She had a stern look about her face and her tone was commanding and powerful.

The wizard bowed humbly and looked up at her with great reverence,

"My Lady, I was hoping to find you here today."

"Hush, the hour is urgent and I have much to show to you."

She commanded the wizard to look into the spring. Upon doing so, the wizard saw images of war and violence. Despite the horrible pictures, the wizard looked deeper searching. Five young men appeared. Each of them wore a suit of armor unlike any he had ever seen before.

"Your duty," said the enchantress "is to find these young men and lead them to fulfill their destiny."

"Their destiny?" asked the wizard.

"To strike down the Lord Trieze and all his power. To find the man, who will be fit to rule all the earth, and thus be proclaimed the High King."

The wizard peered into the spring once more, observing the warriors' strange garb.

"I have never seen armor such as this…"

"That is because it does not yet exist. It is for the Five to find and claim as their own. When the time is ready they will come to me for it."

"My Lady, I can not teach them to fight."

"You shall not need to," replied the enchantress harshly, "Your destiny is to only show these men their way and their place in the world. For they are all lost in one way or another. They know what war and hatred is. They have known it all their lives. But you, you will be the one to show them the way to victory. To serve good and triumph over evil!"

"How will I find these young warriors?" asked the wizard.

The enchantress smiled slightly,

"They will find their way to you, for they walk a lonely road and are searching for answers. Their leader," she continued, "is the most vital of the group. You shall find a man, no older than a boy who will lead the others to victory. He shall have no name and no identity. Of all the warriors, his pain is the greatest."

"Your will be done," replied the wizard as he bowed humbly, once more. "When I find the Five, I will send them to you."

The Lady glowed with an aura the old wizard had never seen before despite all his years of magic.

"I am the Lady of the Spring; under my guidance they shall not fail, nor shall Lord Treize seize all that is good in this land," she said calmly as she motioned towards the warriors.

With that, a brilliant light flashed, blinding the wizard. When he opened his eyes, the Lady of the Spring was gone.


The wizard walked home, contemplating all that the Lady of the Spring had said. You shall find a man, no older than a boy who will lead the others to victory. He shall have no name and no identity. Of all the warriors, his pain is the greatest.

The wizard thought over these words as he walked along the dusty road. After some time, he heard the sound of hooves pounding along the ground. The wizard snapped out of his thoughts and looked to see who may be approaching.

It was a young man. He was struggling to control to his steed. He leaned forward far into the saddle and for a moment, the wizard feared he would plunge headfirst into the road. Instead, the young man caught himself and pulled tightly upon the reins. He looked at the wizard with cold eyes, the bluest eyes the wizard had seen in his life. Suddenly, his horse reared, and the young man released himself from the saddle, as if on purpose, falling to the ground.

The wizard rushed towards the young man. He rolled him over onto his back and examined him. Blood streamed down his forehead underneath a mop of unruly brown hair. On his left arm there was the shaft of a broken arrow. The wizard worked quickly and tore open the young man's shirt. He stared at the wound. It was infected. The wizard frowned and grabbed hold of the broken shaft. With a quick yank, he pulled the remaining bit of arrow out of the young man's flesh.

At this, young man's Prussian eyes flashed opened and a lethal hand grabbed hold of the wizard's neck. The wizard simply remained still. He stared right back into the young man's cold eyes.

"I am helping you," he stated sternly.

The young man gave him a wary look but he reluctantly released his grip upon the old man's neck.

The wizard stared at the tip of the arrow,

"It was infected," he explained, "and what is worse, the tip is poisoned, you can tell by the green splotches in your wound. Come, I must take you to my place before the poison claims you."

"Leave me," stated the boy.

The wizard stared at him sternly. He narrowed his eyes at the young man and spoke,

"We will all day die someday, but your day is not today."

"I am nothing," replied the young man in a deep monotone.

"Who are you?"

"I am no one."

The words of the Lady floated through the wizard's mind: You shall find a man, no older than a boy who will lead the others to victory. He shall have no name and no identity. Of all the warriors, his pain is the greatest.

The wizard watched as the young man stood to his feet. He turned around and stared directly at the wizard with a cold glare. The wizard froze. Never in his life had he seen such eyes. They were deep and blue and possessed much hate, yet at the same time much good. His face was set in stone, emotionless. He showed no signs of pain, but the old man could see right through him.

The young man gave said nothing, but simply swayed forward and fell to the ground, his wounds finally getting the better of him.



The young man stirred and opened his Prussian blue eyes. He was lying on something soft; a bed or cot of some sort. Despite the aching of his body, the young man sat up to observe his surroundings. Running his fingers through his unruly brown hair, he looked around to observe he was in a cottage. The room was filled with herbs and bottles full of remedies. But most noticeably of all, was the old man sitting in chair across the room watching his every move.

The young man became somewhat wary of this, keeping his guard. Seeing his sword on the ground next to him, he began to reach for it.

"I would not do that if I were you, my boy, or you shall suffer a horrible fate that is not meant for you."

"Who are?" asked the young man in a deep monotone voice.

"A wizard, a friend, an enemy. Whatever you wish for me to be, I will be so. However, it would be wise to choose friend."

The young man looked at him and nodded his head. The wizard smiled,

"You may call me Martin."

"Very well," replied the young man somewhat coldly.

"My, my, you are a sight," replied the wizard. "Never in my life have I seen a man whose is as emotionless as a statue. Tell me, my boy, who are you?"

The young man looked away an inexpressible emotion etched on his face. After some time he answered bitterly,

"I am no one. My identity is none of your concern."

"Come now, every man has a name," insisted the wizard.

"I do not know who I am. I have no name, at least not one that I may call my own. I was found abandoned. I was raised by a bandit named Odin Lowe. He was a hired assassin for the Lord Treize. I learned much from him. I often would find myself carrying out some of his tasks much to his liking. When asked for my identity, I would offer his name since I had none of my own. But, Odin is dead now and with him I shall die as well."

"A man without a name is no man at all," replied the wizard thoughtfully.

"Hn," was the dark haired boy's only reply.

The wizard paused deep in thought. He then smiled to himself and spoke,

"Have you ever heard of the Great Heero Yuy?" asked Martin.

"Yes," replied the boy, "he was one of the Cinq Kingdom's greatest Lords."

"Well," continues Martin, "He was one of the greatest warriors of all time, but he also had a good heart. I knew him personally as a matter of fact, and I must say, you remind me much of him."

"How could you have ever known Heero Yuy? He walked Mythica some two hundred years ago."

"I am a wizard my boy, we tend to live a very long time. I have seen many centuries pass and many kings reign the throne. I have seen much blood spilt, many triumphs, and a great deal of tragedies. But, never in my life, have I seen a young man who is willing to give up his life; who has so much hurt and pain buried deep inside his soul." The wizard stared at the young man sternly.

"But," continued the wizard, "this is my point: The thing that reminds me of Heero the most about you is your eyes. When you looked into his eyes you could see his soul: the good the bad, the heartbreak, pain, honesty, integrity, and determination. I see all of this in you, my boy, and something tells me you have the ability to rise above it all and conquer those who threaten to bring you down."

The young man was silent. He simply stared at the wizard. Martin looked at the young man with the unruly brown hair and Prussian eyes. He began to nod his head.

"Yes…the name Heero Yuy suits you well."

The young man looked carefully at the wizard, with a blank look in his eyes. Finally he replied emotionlessly,

"Heero is a good name."

"Yes," replied the wizard, "Heero is a strong name," he paused. "It is the name of a warrior," Martin added to himself as the Heero looked out the window and into the forest.