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Chapter 1: The victims

"Hey Hanajima! Look what I've got!" Uotani flash a small bottle of liquid with different mixture.

"Is that some kind of medicine or P-O-T-I-O-N?" the other girl asked in a tone that she already knows that her friend have something for fun.

"Well Yeah! Hana-chan knows well… heehhe, speaking of POTION; I made this by following the instructions from an old magazine I'd found. Some kind of love potion or so-called."

"Then who'll be the victims?"

"I've never tested this before. It would be dangerous if tested between opposite sex, between girls isn't good either…"

"Then let's try… between boys… omoshiroi…" the black beauty suggested, blazed by her black aura.

"Nice! That would be very fun." Imagining one of the boy's after the other, the blonde starts laughing mischievously. Being excited too much, she dragged the other girl with her back to their class to begin searching for their "victims".


"Ohayou! Hana-chan! Uo-chan!" The brown haired girl greeted her two best friends and the two greeted her back. Uotani noticed that Kyou isn't with them. Before Tohru could speak up, the other Sohma interrupt

"Don't worry, he'll be here before the class begin". Sigh. Only means that the two had a fight, it always happened that's why even Hanajima and Uotani are already used to it.

And yes, Kyou made it on time. He entered the class with his face can't be draw. The blonde smirked.


Kyou didn't join them for lunch and Yuki is attending an emergency meeting. Now the two got a chance to discuss the plan with Tohru privately.

"Tohru, is their relationship that bad?" Uotani asked.

"Umm… it's better than before. I think they're getting along now. They always quarrel but that's normal." She smiled. She preferred it that way than seeing the two in silence.

"How 'bout trying my medicine?" the blonde girl flashed the POTION to her. Tohru's eye's widened in excitement. She already have an idea on what the bottle does since her friend can also be cunning.


"Ahh… Is there someone who's kind enough to go upstairs and ask Kyou-kun to come down?" the older Sohma gave Yuki a look.

"S-Sorry!!! I forgot to tell Kyou-kun…" Tohru panicked, blaming herself for being too excited.

"N-No Honda-san, I'll go-" Yuki was about to stand up when Kyou entered the room and glare at him coldly.

"My… my…" the silver haired boy said in low tone.


Tohru keep on glancing at the orange haired boy, which makes him annoyed. Then later he caught the girl and gives her a question mark look.

"A-ano… how's the juice? Is it a bit bitter?"

"No no… it's-" this time, it was his other cousin that he caught glancing at him so he give him an evil look. "…fine."


Kyou rise from his bed, he fixed it up then head downstairs. Tohru greeted him and replied "umm." Or ok or you too. He yawn then began to eat his breakfast. He looked at everyone; Tohru, Yuki, Shigure then to the ceiling… then back to Yuki. "…" Then Tohru, Yuki and Shigure "…" Something's strange, he feels refreshed and whenever he looked at the three, he feels that there's something new… So he examines the three one by one.

"What?" the silver haired boy gazed back to his cousin whose been staring at him for the whole time. "What are you staring at? Is there something on my face?" he added, raising his eyebrow.

"WHO IS STARING AT WHO?" the other boy flares up.

"Y-O-U !!" the trio said at the same time.

"Y-You… Don't 'kid me!" then flares down, because he really is STARING at him. He then continued eating his food.

Yuki blink, Shigure's expression say's "aah" while Tohru hid her face giggling.


While walking on the corridor, Kyou heard his name called from his back. He turn around and a boy at his age, maybe his classmate, greeted him. He just give the boy a stare instead.

"kyou-kun, will you give this to your cousin?" the boy handed over Yuki's ID. Kyou feel a bit irritated. "…and why would I?" he thought.

"Thanks! Yuki needed it." The boy waves at him as he left.

"O-Oi! K'so" He doesn't like it. And why would he give the ID back to that mouse? He'll just going to see that bastard's face and that's absolutely NO WAY!

Still pondering, he found himself in front of their school council's door. "This is absurd… I should have thrown this." He looked at the ID and stare at the picture. It wasn't bad at all, now is the chance to examine the mouse face in anyway he want. The door slides open and Yuki step-out of the room. A bit surprise to see his cousin staring at something, outside their school council's room? Kyou jolted when he notices that someone just came out of the room, and the worst thing is, it's his cousin Yuki. He glance back to the ID and look away. He extend his hand to Yuki, giving back the ID. Kyou left. Yuki blink. So it was his ID Kyou's been holding. A perfect timing! He's been looking for it and was about to do searching when he leave the room. He sigh and went back to the room. He just got what he needed.

"What was it" Kyou thought. He still haven't found that "something new" about Yuki. And still not contented, he decided to have a talk to any Prince Yuki fanclub member he first sight. And there was Minami. They have a short talk and went inside the fanclub's room.

"What kind of picture do you want?" she asked while holding a pile of photo albums.

"Anything is fine."

"Then I'll give you the best!" she starts viewing the photo album and drool every time she flip the next page. She sigh. She can't choose… She likes them all. Every picture they've got is the best.

Kyo shakes his head. He knew what problem he's having. So he decided to look in his own. He grab random photo album and open a random page then take a random picture. Luckily, he grabbed just what he needed; it's a close-up picture of his cousin in their black school uniform.

"I'll take this." He sigh while waving the picture to the girl. He pause then leave. He doesn't want to wake-up Minami on her noon time daydream whose kissing a random picture of Yuki.

Yuki saw Kyou who leave the room in the corridor and blink in surprise when he saw the nameplate of the room Kyou had been to… it say's "PRINCE YUKI FANCLUB" … that was surprising. Now now, what was his cousin up to?

To make sure that nobody is around, Kyou went to his favorite place at the top of their school building. He sat on the cement floor and leaned himself to the wall. He brought-out the picture from his pocket to examine. Minutes later, he give-up.

"Yuki is still Yuki, mouse is still mouse, and the fact that the Cat hates mouse will never change." He said to himself before having a quick nap.

Kyou stumbled when he tap his pocket and found the picture missing.

On the other side, some male student picked-up the picture on the floor. His lips formed a smile when he saw who is in it then stare. Some groups of male students noticed him and got curious, they get near to the other boy to make fun of him. But later joined the other boy and start fantasizing it.

Kyou saw the group and their perverted looks catch his attention, he became more curious when he heard the word "he", meaning they're talking about a boy. Usually when a groups of boys talk about the same with such looks on the faces, there can be only one person. So he decided to take a look, and no doubt it's the picture he's been looking for. The group jolted when he snatches the picture back from the boy. It's fun to watch this bunch of idots acting on their own alibis. But their faces says it all; "It's Kyou! Im dead…", "It's Yuki's cousin!", "No, don't look at me! Im not interested at him…TT", and the like. To interrupt Kyou from his thought about them, they decided to pleased him like opening another topic, inviting him for this and that, and so on… They only felt relieve when Kyou ask…

"What do you guys saw on this guy?"

Jaw dropped. Didn't Kyou saw Yuki's beautiful side? And so, they started to describe what they see about Yuki.

"Come-on Kyou! Can't you see? Your cousin is a real beauty!" boy one said.

"Yes yes he is! And such a lady." boy two agreed.

"Not only that, he's also sexy!" boy three added.

"Don't just talk about appearance dude, he is also smart and a nice guy!" boy four commented.

"He is perfect in all aspect, he's a boy but can also be a girl whenever he wants… oh boy" boy one summarize.

"Yes… If he were just a girl, then I would always chase after him/her? And would always be by her side." Boy two sigh… then they all sigh.

Yes, what they've said is true, but… there's nothing new about that. He sigh.


Yuki catch the picture, it's not surprising that the two Yuki club members has been fighting over it.

"YUKI-KUN!!!" The two were overjoyed to see their prince and start asking nonsense questions.

"You two shouldn't fight over small thing." Their prince said in which the two immediately agreed.

"It's your fault! You shouldn't have taken the picture from the album!"

"No it's not mine! Kyou-kun asked for Yuki-kun's picture! And since he's the prince's cousin, it cant' be helped!" Minami protested.

That is the surprising part.

"Umm… Kyou what?" asking for clarification, did he heard it right? They said Kyou's name.

"That's right! Kyou-kun asked me to lend him some of your picture and he's the one who choose that." She clarified.

"T-Thanks…" Yuki gave them a smile in return, melting the two Yuki Fan.