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Chapter 3: Insert title here.

Uotani pulled Tohru out of their class. Her eyes say it; she wants to hear the result.

"kyou-kun is strange this morning" the girl started while the blonde is listening attentively with an excitement on her face. The other girl who is also their friend is also interested, still keeping her expression stay still but deep inside, among them three, she's the one who have a burning desire to hear the latest report and is going to give in if she heard something...

"He's supposed to act something like being nice to Sohma-kun, right?" the girl continues and the two nods in agreement. "Unfortunately, he is still the same." she sighed. Uotani slumped. She falls like as if her hardship had gone to nothing, her hope and vision for fun was blurred. And as if her efforts for her desire to become reality had fall. Hanajima blink and pats her friend on her shoulder to comfort.

"For the moment that I'd read the article about the potion, instantly, a thought came to my mind that my long awaited dream in now on my grasp. I'd work hard and give my best to do the mixture. I didn't mind that it took me for about an hour for a week; the sum of 7 hours, to complete the process."

"Uo-chan..." yes, the two looked touched.

"It's impossible at all..." the blonde continue, "to reach that dream. To dream, an impossible dream..." the blonde starts to lament.

"Uo-chan, about yesterda-"

"It's ok... Tohru, give it a rest, thanx." the depress blonde walk away, not knowing which path to go.

"She's actually heading to the canteen, taking a break, for a bowl of soumen... if there's any." by the power of the wave, Hanachan was able to conclude. Hanajima turned her sight at her brown haired friend, "Tohru-kun, what was it about yesterday?" she smiled at her.

"About yesterday, at breakfast... I think the potion effect for a while, though." She started while attempting to form another conclusion.

"NO WAY! R-Really?!?" Uotani rushed back when she inevitably heard what Tohru had said.

"Umm... Yeah. Yesterday, I saw kyou-kun eyed Sohma-kun strangely. The way he looked is different, a bit soft, but that's the first time I saw him eyeing Sohma-kun that way. So, I thought it was the potion's effect..." she paused, "umm... Uo-chan?" she got worried when her blonde friend starts trembling. "S-Sorry! It's my fault, I shouldn't have let you remember thos-"

"A-L-R-I-G-H-T-!!!" the blonde raises her fist up and down. Her face was lighten-up and is now full of energy, she's laughing madly.

"Maybe Kyou-kun was just surprise about his unexpected feelings towards his cousin... And now, what you are seeing is his normal lovidove self." the wave girl's maybe right, who knows? Nevertheless, her two friend nods. The blonde can't stop smirking. Later, after feasting on their own imagination about the two Sohmas, they decided to go back to their class to observe them.

At Lunch time.

"You're pathetic." Kyou look at the blonde, confirming if she's talking about him. She smirked.

"What do you want Yankee?" the annoyed cat asked then the blonde throw a slice of cucumber at his face. Vein pop-up.

"Uh-huh, someone wants to end her life already..." the cat said warningly.

"What are you doing?" kyou blinked.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO JUST DID SOMETHING TO ME! And I'll tell you, that was just a second ago!" the cat boy loose his temper.

"You're slow." the blonde stare at him with annoyance. Tohru jerked. Kyou blink, wondering what she meant. Is it about eating?

"Oh, you want to compete?" he asked, still wondering "Huh! I'm not idiot enough to compete over small things... and that's no thanks." he said.

"I can't believe it! What kind of thinking do you have?" Now she's really annoyed.

"Don't mind him. What he just said is likely him, he's an idiot." the boy's cousin remarked.

"W- Don't butt-in you damned mouse! What's this? Ganging on me all of the sudden?" the cat burst in anger.

"YOU IDIOT!!! YOU'RE SUPPOS-" Tohru instinctively placed her hand at the girl's mouth to avoid further racket and smile awkwardly.

"Please excuse us." Hanajima helped Tohru drag the blonde who almost unveils their scheme. Then went behind the bushes and disappeared.

"Geezed!" Kyou sighs, calming down then glance at his cousin, "Bastard, teaming-up like a coward." he said in disgusted tone.

"Sheeezed, like an idiot to get mad over small things." Yuki brushed his bangs with his fingers, annoyed.

"Hah! There are no small things when it comes to you. Everything about you irritates me!"

"Neither do I. Yep, you're an idiot."

"IM NOT!!!"

"Yes yes... rather, you're stupid."

"And what makes me sTUUpiDDD? You- Stop calling me STUUUUPID!"

"Why not? Stupid Cat?" the other guy said provokingly, heating up the tension. Sometimes, he felt better whenever he teased Kyou. It's funny, when someone take his comment seriously, flares-up and so on. He likes seeing his cousin loosing his temper... actually, playing with him. And then their bickering will soon goes to fighting. And kyou will surely take the first move to attack him then he'll get the chance to counter-attack, actually, he gets to hit Kyou without hitting him first, coz he's always been hitting his cousin on every very small thing/remarked he heard from cousin about him.

"I'm gonna rip your sorry face someday, you damn mouse." Kyou said while grinning his teeth madly and clenching his fist, like stopping himself to react violently on his cousin's word that may make him look stupid like he said.

"Someday?" Yuki gawk at him, "Why not now?" he said smirking. Kyou looked away, making his expression change. "Scared?" silence..."Hey!' he wanted to speak up to break the silence but, that isn't like him. He waited and waited for a response. He's getting bored. What's taking long for the cat to response? Minute later, he decided check his cousin then stunned when find no hope that he'll received a response. The cat is already minding his own business on his own world, completely ignoring him.

For some reason, he feels irritated and mixed feelings is striking him. The stupid cat didn't respond on his gag! And it's hurting his damn pride a bit. What the mouse wants, the mouse gets. It's not that he likes seeing Kyou beaten-up but... he only likes the thrill, and arousal on his everyday boring life. But the fact that Kyou didn't react earlier is still bothering him because it's unlike him. Also put yesterday's account where Kyou also act strangely and that's really bothersome.

"That carrot top is so damn SLOW! He should have been going after his cousin crazily! And what's that? He's showing no emotion at all!" the blonde rants finally bringing-out what she has inside while Tohru is trying her best to comfort her friend.

"Uochan, he's already acting the way he should." Hanajima said.

"Eh? No way! He still haven't do things like ummm, You know like being a gentleman to the prince (princess), doing things that will please him, teasing him and then Yuki will slowly fall for him (maybe). And then one day, sneakily, we'll gonna see them holding hands secretly and Yuki blushing and then and then they... MWUAHHAHHAHA!"

"WAhhhhh! Uochan got some liquid flowing from his mouth!" Tohru panicked.

"She's drooling, Tohru-kun" Hanachan explained. "But you shouldn't think things like that, Uochan. The scene should have been; Kyou secretly following his cousin and when Yuki noticed he's being followed; he turned around and saw his cousin, hands on his pocket. Annoyed, he's about speak when suddenly Kyou move closer and for a moment, he felt a warmth feeling on his cheek."

"KYYYYYAAAAAAAAAH!?!" The brown haired girl can't help to giggle "But... ummm... for Kyou-kun to DO that to Sohma-kun..." she starts to vision the scene, "Odd." :watery eyes: "But... I- I think that was cute..." her chicks redden. Hanachan pats her friend on her shoulder.

"It's ok Tohru-kun. You're still young, I understand." hanachan said. They're both on the same age though.

"B-But... that's supposed to be on... his l-lips, right?" Tohru ask timidly, making herself blush madly.

"Tohru-kun, sly." the black beauty smiles, knowing that her friend starts to learn THINGS. "Don't worry, it's just an appetizer. The main dish is when they went inside the dark room, locked." her statements are making her friend almost faint.

"You two, stop that nasty thoughts!" the blonde interrupted.

"Nasty? No. It's Yummy." the girl continues, "The two actually eat the grilled meat that Kyou-kun cooked for his beloved cousin. They don't want to share it that's why they locked the door and in a dark room for using candle to make it more romantic. Explanation over." she ended.

"Oh my, you read novels too much." the blonde noticed, "Then let's go back. I bet we don't missed a scene while we're away since that stupid carrot top is damn slower than a turtle."

"Then what's the hurry?" hanajima asked.

"For the sake of food, we must go back. I've only eaten some piece of veggies, though. Plus I waste a cucumber just for that guy." the blonde's stomach growl, "Plus plus, my tummy is already complaining." she look at her other friend in dreamy state then hanajima and her exchange glances and decided to drag the girl, going back on where the Sohma's are.

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