"Mika are you done packing we're just going to visit mine and your parents," said Chris sitting down on the first couple of steps to his and his wife's 3 story house.

Walking over to the door to the master bedroom she sticks her head out so she can see her husband, "Chris, you forgot we are also going to visit Mr. Kaguera and his family, and on top of that if I had some help we could leave sooner," when she finishes she steps back into the room, going over to the suitcases that was all in a pile by the bed, she stuffs one more possession into one of the suitcases and zips it up and starts to bring the bags to the door. "Chris would you mind bringing the bags out to the car? and if I need your help I'll call for you okay?"

"Sure," said Chris, picking up what looked like the heaviest things. "But would you mind trying to bring them outside and I'll put them in?"

"No I wouldn't" said Mika carrying the last bag out of the bedroom.

"Thanks," says Chris before he opens the door and leaves for the car.

Look I know short but as I said this is my first fic. So I just want to see if you all like it so far. So please R and R. and if you don't like it please tell me and I'll try to make it better.