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A new beginning

Nathan Hale Bridger looked around his new home. It was a small room with most of his possessions. He had a bed on the side, and a small table with some photos, and his books, then on the other side was his closet which contained all his clothes.

With a heavy sign, he sat down on the bed. He reached out and picked up the one photo. With a sad smile, he raised his finger to trace his mother's face.

His mother, Carol Bridger, had a soft, beautiful face with short blondish hair. She was a friendly, kind woman. The figure next to her, was his younger brother, Robert.

Nathan wished he could rewind time, go back to the time when they were alive. But he knew he couldn't, and now he was trapped in this orphanage.

He knew that he should be happy that the foster care had taken him in, at least now he could finish his school career. But he would have traded in everything for just a few more years with his family.

With a sad sign, fifteen year old Nathan Bridger got up, and gathered his books together, preparing himself for school.


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