Disclaimer: Not mine.

Spoilers: 1969.

Set: Into 1969. Cassie's pov.

Notes: I... watched the body language, and wondered why Cassie didn't greet Sam. She says something to the rest of them, including their names. But Sam, she sort of ignores. This is my take on why...

Arvhiving: Have at it.

Reality Faced

by Ana Lyssie Cotton

There's a smile on her face before she even opens the door. It's plastered there, stretching the flesh taught. Meant to reassure.

Cassandra Frasier isn't sure what to say, as she steps into the Gate room. It's been so long... And there they are, SG-1, in all their glory. She wants to laugh at their clothing, but she can't. Remnants of an era long-past. She can only pause for a moment, and feast her eyes on them. Almost devouring them like she breathes in the stale air, and this is the last time she'll ever see them like this. And it just isn't fair. At all.

But she has a job to do, so she pushes the feelings aside, and greets them. Except for her. She can't bring herself to face this pain again.

Not that it matters. Sam is the one who can confirm her identity, and Cassandra knows there's going to be a hug involved soon. Because this is Sam Carter, and she loves Cassie Frasier, even now, fifty years after she's died.

So Cassie tries not to hug her too hard. Fights the urge to tell them all of it. Especially Jack, who so deserves to know, to understand. She has to keep smiling, seem so cheerful. When inside she just wants to cry on them.

But this isn't her life to mess up, her story to tell.

And Daniel glances at her once, as if he almost knows. But then the moment is gone, and she's rushing them back through to their pasts. Her past. Their future...

When the wormhole closes down again, she simply stands there, unable to feel anything but a strange numbness.


The voice comes from the corridor, and she turns to look at the man shambling into the room. "It's done."

Dr. Daniel Jackson (retired. No one calls him Doc anymore. Or Danny, Danny-boy, Spacemonkey...) nods once, then tries to smile at the woman before him. "You did the right thing."

"She's dead, Daniel." Her voice breaks, and she brings her hands up and stares at them.

"You couldn't say anything. You know that."

"I know." She fights down the familiar sadness. "But I wanted to."

"C'mon. Let's go take Jack for a walk."

Cassandra Frasier half-smiles. The dog was a gift from Jacob Carter, and all of them had been amused by the name. She doubts Jack would have. But, then, he'd never know.

She doesn't want to smile anymore.