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Psychic Connections

All that Yugi wanted was a safe home, to be protected from the evils of the world. However, because of something he was born with he could never have that. Now, he only wished his brother were still alive to save him….

Sweat dripped down his face while his mind began to break from the pressure that he was forced to endure. However, he held back some, so afraid he would lose control and something bad would happen... like last time.

No. He didn't want that. He didn't want to cause any damage or harm to anyone. He wouldn't want to carry that guilt. He then sucked in an exhausted breath as he lifted the object an inch off the ground with much difficultly "S-Grimo, I-I can't," he managed out as he felt his body shake with pain.

"Yes, you can, Yugi, try!" Grimo demanded angrily "Or face the consequences!" He pulled out the switch threateningly and then crossed his arms.

Mahad viewed the young boy with concern, "Don't push him too far, Grimo," he warned, as he knew the boy was becoming exhausted; it was so clear.

Grimo just glared at the good Mahad with a bit of annoyance. "I didn't ask you!" He then turned back to Yugi with a sneer "Well! Go on!"

Tears leaked out of Yugi's eyes while he lifted the object further up into the air as Grimo wanted. He felt his vision start to blur in and out; it felt like he was going to faint as his head throbbed painfully.

"Good, now shape it." Grimo then viewed the machine with interest as he gathered data. " Magnificent..." He was so amazed at this kid's power.


Malik paced back and forth anxiously. "Oh, Yugi." He could feel his friend's painful suffering 'Hang in there, Yug,' he thought desperately as he tried to encourage him. 'Come on, Yug, you can do it.' He then leaned against the wall worriedly. 'Damn. I hope Grimo won't push him too far, like last time.'

Ryou walked up to the wall of his glass cell. 'Don't worry, Malik, Yug will be fine,' he reassured him though he was getting worried as well. Then he viewed him with sad eyes. 'Malik?'

Malik looked over to him 'Yeah?'

'You're sure...' Ryou breathed deeply 'This plan will work?' He creased his brow with sad thoughts hoping it would. They desperately wanted to be free from here. Oh, how many times they had tried to escape with no success, just not quick enough for Grimo. But this time... this time, it had to count, this time they must escape.

'I hope so, Ryou...' Malik just rubbed his forehead when suddenly they both looked up in an instant as they felt Yugi's mind break and then go blank.


"Oh no!" They chimed together with their eyes widened in panic "Yugi!"

"I've told you! Not to push him too far!" Mahad then ran over to the boy who was lying on the floor passed out and knelt beside him, immediately checking him over. He had to make sure the boy was okay. But he wasn't: there was a trail of blood dripping from his nose "Shit!" he glared up "Are you happy now? You could have seriously hurt him!"

Grimo just chuckled amusedly with no care at all. "Oh come on, Mahad, the little shrimp is okay." He then strolled over to the object. "Did you see that? What power..." He rubbed his chin with amazement as he viewed the twisted object on the floor. "But he's still holding back."

"Yes, he is. The boy is quite undisciplined, would you agree?"

Grimo turned around somewhat surprised. "M-Master Dartz." He then straightened up seriously. "Don't worry, I'll get him to cooperate more. I just need more time with him an-"

"Time." Dartz gave a slight laugh as he strolled further into the room. " I think we had plenty of time to train him and mold him for our purpose haven't Grimo. All of them." He then hardened his face very seriously. "I want results Grimo and I'm not satisfied with what I'm seeing."

"I assure you Master Dartz that they will be." Grimo then sneered seriously, hating to disappoint his boss; it made him look bad "If they know what's good for them."

"Well, for your sake, Grimo." Dartz turned around, leaving for the door. He didn't feel very enthusiastic about his reassurance. "You better." He then turned around briefly with a tasteless smile. "Mahad."

Mahad watched him go with a serious but troubled face. He didn't like it, not one bit. How did he ever get himself talked into this, he had no clue. He was so concerned for the boys well being and knew if they don't escape soon, one of them would end up killed for sure and that he wouldn't allow. So, he gently picked him up with a sigh. "I'm going to take Yugi back to his room... he needs his rest."

Grimo just turned on Yugi's control collar with a smirk. "Splendid. I'll join you then. I should say goodnight to the others," he replied with a joyless laugh as he led the way.


'Malik, what if he's hurt bad? I can't feel him!' Ryou paced with alarm, he wasn't able to connect with his friend's mind and prayed it wasn't bad.

Malik then creased his brow seriously. 'Hold on, Ryou...' he closed his eyes with deep concentration and went into a trance. 'Yugi? Yugi, can you hear me?'

Ryou inhaled a shaky breath 'Malik?'

'Sssh... Yug?' Malik then pulled his mind out of his body and drifted to the glass wall but stopped short from the force field. 'Damn these stupid force fields! I can't get to him!' He felt so helpless and vowed if anything happened he would kill Grimo and he would enjoy it too.


Yugi then stirred a bit as he felt his mind come back into focus, though it hurt a little. He inhaled a deep breath as he reached his mind out to his friends. 'Mmm, R-Ryou, Malik?' He smiled when he felt both of them perk up with relief.


'Oh, thank god!' Ryou leaned against the wall shakily, glad that his friend was awake. 'You sure gave us a scare. Are you okay?'


Yugi blinked his weary eyes open and gazed up at Mahad who was carrying him. 'Yeah, just sore.' He felt so tired now and wished they wouldn't make him use his powers to the limit; he always ended up getting hurt or worse.

Mahad looked down with a smile, seeing him awake. "You feeling okay?" he whispered as he wrinkled his brow, troubled, hoping he was.

Yugi returned the gesture somewhat then nodded a little before he spotted Grimo with a frown. 'Guys, Grimo's coming...' he warned them.

Malik crossed his arms with annoyance "Terrific, just what we need. Good old Grimo to bother us," he tugged at his collar a bit.

'Don't do anything that would upset him, Malik,' Ryou pleaded with him.

Malik just smirked a bit. 'Hey, when did I ever?'

'I'm serious Malik, remember the plan.' Ryou crossed his arms, becoming serious. 'We don't need any trouble.'


'Ryou's right, Malik...' Yugi agreed as he listened in 'If he finds out we've been able to communicate, he-'


'Okay, okay. I'll be good,' Malik reassured them with a deep sigh; he knew they were right. They didn't need any trouble and hoped Grimo won't start any. He turned to the door with a distasteful look as he watched the group stroll into the room.

"All right put him in his cell," Grimo ordered with a smirk as he watched him do so before he then turned with a taunting grin "Well, Malik, you look so happy to see me." He laughed a little.

Malik just rolled his eyes at his rudeness. "Just go away, Grimo."

"Aw, why?" Grimo relaxed himself, ignoring his request. "Don't like my company?"

"No," Malik simply answered with a small glare. He hated Grimo and this place with all the fiber in his being. If it weren't for these stupid collars they were wearing, they would've destroyed this evil place with the snap of their fingers.

Somehow... he knew that. However, in a short time, they would be able to and finally be free from Orichalcos, he just couldn't wait, he thought with a smirk.

Grimo then raised a brow with interest "Why are you smirking?"

'Malik, please, you'll end up hurt,' Ryou pleaded as he felt his thoughts.

Malik just chuckled as he ignored him. "Oh, Grimo. I was just thinking on how, what's the word here, how weak you are." He laughed out causing Grimo to grit his teeth a bit.

Grimo pointed his eyes dangerously. "Watch it."

"Oh, come on, Grimo. Why deny the truth here? I mean we all know that you're nothing more than a weak, pathetic, brainless human being," Malik said matter-of-factly and then smirked more.

'Oh no.' Ryou then covered his eyes with a groan. 'You shouldn't have said that.'

Grimo stiffened heatedly. "You've just made a big mistake!" He pulled out the control switch then pressed it cruelly and triggered the boy's collar, sending electric waves through him.

Malik screamed out as he fell to the floor, feeling nothing but extreme pain. He held his head in his hands as his entire body throbbed with hurt. He knew he should've kept his mouth shut, but he just couldn't resist. "S-S-Stop!"

"Oh please, Grimo! Don't hurt him!" Ryou begged before he leaned against the wall with pain as well but straightened up to hide it; he didn't want Grimo to know that they could connect. "Grimo, please!"

"Oh, Malik..." Yugi closed his watery eyes while he felt Malik's pain as well.

Grimo then turned to Ryou's pleas. "Shut up, you, or you want to join him too? This is his fault! He should have kept his mouth closed!" He yelled madly as he turned to watch the boy squirm on floor with enjoyment.

"Grimo, if you want Malik to participate in the tests, he would need his strength," Mahad reminded coolly as he was obviously disgusted with the whole scene before him; it took all his will not to go knock him down. "Grimo."

Grimo turned to him in Yugi's doorway with a glare. He hated whenever the good Mahad always interrupted his fun. "Fine!" He turned off the collar.

Malik's body instantly relaxed, so he lay there with rapid breath as he tried his best to compose himself. However, he regretted nothing and wasn't sorry for what he said; he meant every word. "Shit."


'I-I'm okay... Ryou.'

Grimo then inhaled a joyful breath. "Well, I take it then that you'll be more polite when you're addressing me. Is that clear, Malik?" He crossed his arms a bit sharply.

Malik inhaled a deep breath feeling somewhat defeated, so he closed his eyes distastefully. "Crystal."

Grimo smiled with satisfaction. "Good! Well then I bid you boys goodnight," he laughed as he headed toward the door. "Mahad."

"Just a minute, Grimo," Mahad then went back over to Yugi and knelt down. 'Here... you know what to do. I'll be waiting by the boat,' he thought as he slipped him the keys.

Yugi read his thought with a small nod before he whispered, "Don't worry, Mahad, we'll be there."

Mahad nodded as he stood up and left his cell. He then gave Malik and Ryou a secret hint as he passed them. They both nodded a bit understandingly as they watched him follow Grimo out of the room, leaving them alone.

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