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Psychic Connections

"Yes, I have to do this Seto. I need to find my brother," Yami explained on his phone, "No. I'm not going to call the police." He wrinkled is brow, he's been on the phone with Seto for the pass twenty-five minutes as he tried to explain on what had gone on. "Cause I-" he paused for a moment, "I don't trust them that's why." He listened to his friend with a sigh before he interrupted him, "Listen Set, I'm doing it and whatever happened… thanks for everything," he hung up the cell phone and turned it off then rubbed at his eyes tiredly. They drove for hours now and by then he could tell the sun would be up soon.

With that, he glanced in the rearview mirror to the back seat. The one called Ryou had fallen asleep while the one called Malik sulked in his seat as he stared out of the car window. He moved his eyes back to the road as he wondered more about these boys. Where they were from? He wondered if their own families are in search of them as well and of course, how they knew Yugi, they must've been very close.

"Yes, you can say that." Malik finally replied at the man's thoughts, "And to answer your other question. No, our families aren't looking for us." He sighed deep, "They're dead."

"How do you know?" Yami moved his eyes back to the rearview mirror momentarily and saw the teen's sorrowful expression.

"Cause," Malik looked down for a moment, "I saw them di-"

Yami softened his eyes sadly at the teen, "How old were you?"

"I don't exactly know." Malik then leaned his head against the frame of the car window.

"I'm sorry," Yami turned back to the road. "You didn't need to go through that."

Malik could hear the sincerity in the man's voice, "Its okay," he smiled a bit.

"So tell me," Yami disturbed the silence while he creased his brow in a profound way, "Who's this Dartz guy?"

Malik frowned at the question, he didn't really want to talk about him but as he felt Yami's strong feelings that he knew there was no way around it. "To be honest… I don't really know." He rubbed his forehead with hand, "He's a leader of some kind. I think some kind of underground organization. I only met him two or three times since I was taking." He then hardened his brow tough once more, "I do know this. These are really bad people, really bad." He sighed hugely, "I don't know what they're planning to use us for but I know it not something good," he finally said, his insight grim.

Yami looked worried at the sound of that and more worried for the safety of his little brother. "You have no idea at all?" his expression then became grim as well.

Malik inhaled a long swallow breath; he didn't answer him but instead perked up with an even deeper frown when they passed the familiar rest stop. They were almost there to the stopping point, just a few hours now, oh how he dreaded it. He wondered what Dartz would do to them, whatever it was; he knew it wouldn't be pleasant for any of them.

He could remember what there last punishment was when they ran away and shivered slightly at the thought. He then softened his brow worriedly and prayed that Yugi was all right. He bowed his head as he felt like he let them down, Ryou and Yugi counted on him so much and yet he failed to protect them. "I'm sorry," he whispered to himself when he felt Ryou curled up against him more, his eyes still closed.

"Malik, it's not your fault and we don't blame you either." Ryou consoled him.

Malik frowned then as he still felt a bit guilty, he knew they won't blame him still it was his duty to protect them, "I know Ryou," he sighed once again and slumped down into his seat fidgety. He couldn't get Yugi off his mind, he tired to control his worry and fear but was no good. All he could remember was the scene in the park he witnessed in Joey's memories, the fear in Yugi's eyes.

Ryou frowned worried for Yugi as he viewed the scene as well, "Don't worry Malik," he curled up next to him more, "I'm sure Yugi is fine," he swallowed the lump his throat, he wanted to believe his own words but he knew how Dartz was and how ruthless he could be. With this, the two of them settled down as their own thoughts drifted separate paths to only end up to the same place, Yugi. It wasn't until few hours later when Malik perked up unenthusiastically, "Stop here."

Yami nodded to himself and slowed down the car to a stop. He looked around for a moment; it appeared that they stopped in the middle of nowhere. He then looked up the rearview mirror to the young teen; the look in his eyes was the same, stale, "Where to now?"

"We get out," Malik simply said, he nudged Ryou awake before he opened his car door. He felt Ryou stir a little before he lifted his head off his shoulder and with an emotionless effort, he motioned Ryou to follow him while he stepped out of the car.

Ryou raised a brow and followed him tiredly out of the car, he stood by him while he rubbed at his eyes then looked around with some curiosity, "Hey Malik, where are we?"

"That what I like to know." Yami said seriously, as he joined them.

Malik folded his arms, "The halfway point," he signaled toward the woods, "We need to cut through here and head straight toward the river." He instructed. Ryou then frowned a bit, vaguely he knew where they were now, he rubbed at his arm briefly where the tranquilizer had struck him as he remember his last encounter with Grimo.

Yami looked ahead of him to the woods, "All right, let me hide my car somewhere before we go." He watched the boy nod as he returned to his car. He started it up and proceeded to hide it in the bushes somewhere then returned, "All right, I'm ready, let's go."

Malik took the lead and entered the woods with an emotionless effort. He felt like he was leading them to their doom but he had no other choice. He couldn't bear to think that Yugi was back there and left to fend for himself. No, they had to stay together no matter what, they promised each other. So here, they trekked forward in their own miserable state. It wasn't until an hour later when they had to pause, there in front of them was as big gap surrounded with fallen trees, the place was in shambles.

Ryou frowned by this point, he wasn't aware that he had caused this much damage and felt somewhat guilty on what he had done, "Hmmm…"

However, Malik just smirked at the sight, "Wow Ryou, I'm impressed."

"You…" Yami looked around in amazement. "Did all this?" he looked toward the sliver haired teen.

Ryou chewed his lip a little, "Sorta," he toed the ground.

"Well, we were in a desperate situation, Mr. Moto." Malik went over and patted Ryou's shoulder with gratefulness, "Ryou did what was necessary to protect us."

Yami then softened his face with an understanding smile, "Of course, enough said." In way he was grateful also, "Now, how do we get across?" he turned his attention to the matter at hand.

Malik looked around for a second before he landed on the tree that stretched out over the gap. "There, that's how," he pointed to the tree, "We'll use that to get across.

"I don't know Malik," Ryou rubbed his forehead nervously at the thought. "Do you think it's safe?"

"I must agree here," Yami walked up next to the teens, "It might be dangerous."

Malik though just rutted his brow seriously, "We have to guys. We have no choice." With that they all approached the tree trunk with some uncertain. He breathed deeply before he started to climb on but Yami stopped him.

Yami furrowed his brow firmly. "No wait… I should go first," he felt concerned, "You know to make sure it's stable enough."

"Relax," Malik smirked at him as he pulled his arm away from his grasp with no hostility, "I think I can handle it."

However, Yami won't hear of it, he didn't want anything bad to happen to him, "No Malik, I'm going first." He viewed over and down the gap and noticed how deep it was, "God forbid if anything should happen."

Malik viewed him somewhat surprised, this was the first time in his life that he ever heard someone express concern for him, well except for Mahad that is. Briefly, he frowned at the thought of his friend; he hoped that he was all right and safe too. Abruptly, he was jolted out of his thoughts.

"He's right, let him go first Malik," Ryou reached out for him and pulled him close to his side. Before he let him protest, he viewed over to the young man with a worry brow, "Be careful Mr. Moto, okay."

Yami inhaled a jagged breath and nodded. He then turned around and very carefully climbed onto the tree trunk. It seemed sturdy enough so ever so slowly he inched his way forward. It took him about fifteen minutes to get across but he was sure glad when he finally reached the end. He plopped down onto the ground, dusted his pant off before he turned around to the other two, "All right, it seems safe just take your time coming over!" he called out to them.

Malik nodded, "Okay Ryou, you go next." He patted his back confidently, "Just remember to do what the guy said and take it slow."

Ryou then turned around and embraced him strong, "You too," he whispered worriedly into his ear. He gave him a final squeeze before he released him then turned around and straddled onto the tree trunk. He closed his eyes, inhaled a deep breath and waited there for a brief moment before he started to inch his way forward.

"That's it, you're doing just fine. Just keep inching forward!" Yami called out to the teen with some encouragement.

Ryou only gulped while he looked over to his side down into the ravine, it was quite a ways down to the bottom. However, before he reacted he leaned a little bit too far and almost fell over the side. "Whoa!" he caught himself quick.

Malik then panicked when he saw this, "Ryou!" he rutted is brow a bit frightened, his heart pounded against his chest. He was about to climb on himself when Ryou called out to him.

"No Malik, stay where you are. We don't need the two of us stuck out here." With some effort, Ryou straightened himself back up into position, he felt sweat on his brow while his own heart pounded against his chest, "See, I'm all right Malik," he reassured him.

Malik inhaled a breath of relief when he saw him pull himself back into position. "Just get of that thing and fast!"

"Yeah, you don't have to tell me twice." Ryou began to inch his way forward once more but being careful with his movements this time. He didn't want to make a mistake and fall over.

At the sight of this and fear of the teen's safety, Yami hopped back onto the trunk and scooter halfway to meet him. When he reached the teen, he offered his hand for him, "Here take my hand," he lined his brow softly. However, Ryou viewed at his hand unsurely as he hesitated. Yami saw this and frowned.

"It's all right Ryou. Go ahead and take his hand."

At the sound of Malik's encouraging voice, Ryou reached out slowly and grasped his hand, "Thanks," he smiled shyly at him.

Yami smiled back before he began to inch backward toward the end while he guild the teen along. It didn't take them long to reach the other side, Yami hopped back down first then help the teen down onto the ground. He smiled once more when he heard the teen mummer thanks. He nodded a reply before he viewed up to the other teen that was about to climb onto the tree trunk, "Hold on, I'll guild you across!" he called out.

However, Malik just rutted his brow at that, "No, I don't need any help!" he called back. He continued to climb on and made sure that he was steady enough before he began to scoot forward, rather fast. He didn't want to waste any time, he had to get to Yugi soon.

Ryou noticed the rate Malik traveled on the log and fear that he might slip off at that speed. "Malik, please slow down!" he looked on worriedly; "Please, before you fall!"

"Don't worry, I'm almost there," Malik thought while he ignored his worries, he continued to move fast on the log before he finally reached the other end without incident. Yami then reached out his hand to help him down as he and Ryou let a breath. However, Malik shook his head at his offer and instead jumped down onto the ground with ease. He viewed the other two with determination, "Come on, we better get going before it gets too dark." He said while he looked around the area. The light from the forest was almost gone for their view. He shivered a bit from the chill in the air, as he took led hurriedly. They had the get to the riverbanks before they lose all light and it would be too dark to see.

When they finally reached the banks where the broken down boat laid Malik rutted his brow serious as he went toward the rear, "Here, help me push it into the shallows," he indicated Yami and Ryou to join him, which they did. Soon all three began to push the boat back into the shallow end of the bank. Ryou panted a bit out of breath, he creased his brow, "But Malik, the engine's blown out. How are we-"

"You would have to power the boat." Malik simply said as hopped in and saw Yami do the same. He was about to ask him something when he was interrupted by Ryou.


Malik viewed him and smirked, "Yeah, you." He reached his hand out and helped him onto the boat, he then sighed at Ryou's still puzzled face, "Here," he kneed down toward the rear and waved Ryou to join him, which he did, "Stick your hand in the water here and use your powers to move us," he explained with the same smirk.

Ryou looked nervous. He was unsure of the idea, what if he used too much and something bad happened, "I don't know Malik." He swallowed some, "What if I use too much and sink us or something," he voiced his concerns.

"Relax bro, you'll do find, we trust you." Malik viewed up to Yami, "Right mister?"

Yami viewed Malik then Ryou. He let his mind linger on the destruction of the forest way back and worried as well, what if the teen does use too much. He hardly he knew anything about them and wanted to understand. However, his brother trusted them and he should too, so with that, he gave both a reassuring smile, "Of course."

Malik patted Ryou's shoulder once again, "See."

Ryou thought of a second then nodded, "All right."

Malik nodded back before he stood up, he walked over to steering wheel and sat down in position, "Okay Ryou, go for it." He looked over his shoulder with a confident smile.

Ryou inhaled another short breath before he continued. He reached over the side of the boat, stuck his hand onto the water and began to concentrate his power. Soon enough little tremors vibrated in the need spot which pushed the boat forward, a little at first but as soon as he felt comfortable he increased the speed more.

Malik turned and steered the boat in the previous direction while Yami sat down next to Ryou and watched him with interested as the teen moved the boat with deep concentration. It took them about an hour for them to reach the compound. It was dark now and much cooler than before.

Malik told Ryou to slow it down while he steered the boat next to the dock. Once Malik told Ryou to stop, he collapsed with exhaustion. Beams of sweat covered his whole brow. Yami saw this and when over to the young teen side at once. He reached out and pulled him into his arms, "Hey, are you all right?" he asked concerned.

Ryou smiled a little and just nodded, too tired to speak. He viewed up slowly when Malik knelt by his side. Malik furrowed his brow worried as well, "Are you sure you're all right?" he brushed his bangs back from his wet brow, "I should have told you not to push yourself…"

"I'm okay Malik, really." Ryou reassured him, when he felt his energy return some he pushed himself away from Yami's arms and instead viewed away in the distant. He saddened his eyes a bit; there stood Dartz's compound, dark and cold. "Well, we better go then," he sighed deeply.

Malik sighed himself, "Yeah, let's get this over with," he said dryly. He stood up and helped Ryou to his feet with Yami's help. They all left the boat and reluctantly walked to the compound, each nervous. When they were close to the entrance however, Malik paused with an odd look, "That's strange."

Yami creased his brow, "What?" he viewed the teen's odd look, "What's the matter?"

Malik looked serious, "Somebody should have come and greeted us by now."

"Yeah, that is strange." Ryou viewed around and noticed how quiet it was. There should be guards around but it was empty. With this in mind, he swallowed more nervously. "It seems too dark and quiet. I don't like this Malik."

Malik just nodded and was about to say something when Yami jumped in. "How do we get in this place?" Yami looked over the entrance for a moment, "There seems no way in."

"Oh there's one way," Malik smirked for second while he glanced over to Ryou.

Ryou frowned a little and knew what he meant, "But Malik do you think it's still there?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out." Malik rubbed his forehead and began to walk to his to his right, "Come on," he called over his shoulder.

Ryou sighed deeply and began to follow with a curious Yami behind him. A few minutes later, they all stopped in their tracks and stared up at the sight. Malik smirked once again, "Well, I'll be damn, it's still here."

Yami winded his eyes as he stared; there in front of him was a bit gaping hole with ruble all around. "How did this happen?" he asked astonished at the sight.

However, Ryou didn't say anything, he felt guilty again and a bit ashamed. He began to toe the ground once more while he replayed the memory that happened here. When Grimo trapped them, he made the hole for them to escape. Then remembered how he turned around about to bring down the building and then heard Yugi begged him to stop, not to hurt the people. Oh, how could he even think to do such a thing, how? He grabbed his head heavily and wished the memory away, wished all away as he cursed his powers.

Malik frowned at his brother's feelings and instantly pulled him into a consoling hug, "Don't Ryou. Don't think that." He rubbed his back, he sighed heavily while he glanced over to Yami, who gave them a look of understanding. He rubbed his back, "Listen, why don't you sit here and wait while we check the place out. Okay Ryou."

Ryou raised his brow and was about to protest but thought against it, "Yeah, good idea." He released him with a small smile then sat down on nearby rock. He brought his knees to his chest and enjoyed the brief solitude.

When Malik felt that it was safe, he motioned Yami to follow him. Once inside the dark cold building, Malik looked around cautiously before he pointed to the left, "You go ahead and check down there while I'll go this way." He gave a rubbed his forehead, "We'll meet back here in twenty minutes, okay and remember be careful." He watched Yami nodded with seriousness and very slowly headed down the left corridor. He drew in a deep breath then headed down the right corridor.

In twenty minutes, he checked each room he passed, each hallway and ended up in the same result. There was no one in sight. The place was deserted. He furrowed his brow a bit worried and headed back to meet Yami in the same place. When he saw him, the look the man had was the similar to his own, very worried. "It's empty, there no one here." Malik shook his head as he motioned him to follow him back out where Ryou waited for them. "Well, like I thought. The place is empty." He said sadly, as he reached his brother.

"What do you mean?" Ryou stood up at once, he felt alarmed as he thought about his other brother, how scared he might be or worse. He swallowed his fear down, "Where's Yugi?" he searched his eyes.

Malik frowned while he thought the only thing he could say, "I don't know."

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