From her shelter high on the cliffs of Aquana's shores, Murgheal watched the waves crash against the shore in a steady rhythm. The sand churned beneath them and even from the top of the cliff, the wind blew sea spray into her face.

She turned and looked slightly her left, where, separate from the closely built houses of the village, a lone cottage stood, partially obscured by broad palm trees. Murgheal watched as Arnurna scooped up little Roisin and carried her inside.

Murgheal turned her attention to the fish she had placed over the fire. Noticing their brown color she smiled slightly and went to retrieve some large palm leaves to wrap the fish with. Almost tenderly she unhooked each fish and closed her eyes and murmured a slight word of thanks. The people of Aquana felt the powerful and almighty sea deserved respect, and never took what the sea yielded for granted. For this reason, Murgheal felt a deep sorrow, for poor Roisin had been given by the sea, yet ignored and shunned.

Gathered the wrapped fish, Murgheal headed down the side of the cliff towards Arnurna's cottage. Arnurna may try to act like everything is normal, but the act was not succeeding. Besides, Murgheal had some important and interesting information that she felt must be relayed to Arnurna.

Regarding her child Roisin, of course. The child of the sea.

sorry its so short.