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Duelist Nightmare.

Chapter 1:

Kaiba's Dream Girl.

Seto Kaiba awoke from another long night of fruitless sleep. Ever since Battle City and the final duel with Yugi, he'd been unable to get a good night's sleep. His mind was filled with the dreams of his past and of one courageous young girl named Serenity Wheeler. She was all that he could think about lately and that was unnerving. He'd never been that interested in women before. He'd thought the pursuit of love to be a futile one and not worth his time. However now, he was beginning to feel the sting…

He went into his computer room, sitting at the console. He didn't feel like working anymore. It was like there was some kind of spell over his heart.

"What's wrong with me?" he asked himself in the dark room.

"What did you say, big brother?" Seto turned and saw his little brother, Mokuba, in the door way.

"Nothing, Mokuba. I was just thinking out loud."

"You've been acting strange, Seto," Mokuba said, coming closer.

"I just have a lot on my mind."

"It's that girl again, isn't? You've been thinking about her since Battle City."

"That's ridiculous, Mokuba," Seto scolded him, "you know I don't think about girls. That's just not a business like attitude. Females are nothing but another demographic for us to make sales to. But you're right. I have been distracted since Battle City. I guess coming to terms with my true history and this destiny that I have is a bit overwhelming. It seems like such a short time ago, yet I already feel like I've mastered the powers of the Millennium Item Yugi gave me," he said lifting up his Millennium Rod. "I think it's time that we paid our old friend, Yugi, a visit. Prepare my helicopter. We 're going to Tokyo, so I can attend school today."

"Inu-yasha, I have school today! I promise to be back in a couple of days," Kagome said, trying to climb into the well.

"And let you run off with that Joey guy again? Not on your life!" the han-you replied, grabbing her arm.

"SIT!" she commanded. They did this every time since she'd met Joey again. But it was worth it to have him and all his friends back in their lives.

"Wait Kagome!" called Shippo, followed by Miroku and Songo. "We want to go with you this time."


"No buts," Songo said, "We're coming, too."

"After all," Shippo said, jumping into the well, "Joey lets his friends come here sometimes."

"And I have long desired to see your 'modern' world," said Miroku, climbing up.

"If they're going," Inu-yasha said, "I'm going too," and he jumped in the well.

"Come on," said Songo, putting her hand on Kagome's shoulder. "It will be fun, and we always miss you when you're gone."

Kagome looked at her best friends, then sighed and said, "Ok. But just for a week." And she and Songo both jumped in…

Joey waited outside the mini shrine for Kagome. He looked at his watch and thought, she should be back by now. He hoped that Inu-yasha wasn't holding her back in the Feudal Era. Sometimes that dog eared mongrel made him so mad! But Kagome told him to just leave Inu-yasha alone; he'd get over it eventually. But though Joey trusted Kagome, he did not trust dog boy in the least…

Then, he heard sounds from inside the shrine. And then voices.

"Ow! That's my tail!"

"Move it, runt!"

"Miroku, you'd better move that hand!"

"Everyone calm down!" A few minutes later, Kagome walked out of the well house, followed by her motley crew.

"About time." Joey said, smiling in spite of his impatience. "But what are they doin here?"

"They wanted to come see our world."

"Is that a good idea?" he asked her, taking her hand.

"I don't know, but let's give it a try at least." Kagome requested, smiling her sweetest smile. That always made Joey's mind turn to mush.

"Well…if you think it's cool. Alright then. But they can't come to school dressed like that," he added, pointing to their clothes.

Kagome turned around and looked at her friends curiously. "You're right, she said, "They're definitely going to need new clothes."

"Jut put on some jeans," Kagome begged Inu-yasha.

"I don't like those weirdo clothes," he complained. "I'm not changing!"

"Fine, then you can't come with us."

"Maybe I don't want to! School's for kids! I'm over 60 years old!"

"Well then," she said, turning to help Songo tie the sash on her spare uniform, "Maybe you shouldn't be hanging around THIS kid."

"Wait- That's not fair!" Inu-yasha exclaimed.

"No one said life was fair," said Miroku said walking in. He was wearing Joey's spare uniform, bandages and prayer beads wrapped around his right hand. "Just look at what they're making me wear. I feel bound up."

"At least you're not wearing this 'support garment,'" Songo complained, "Kagome's was too small, so I have to wear her mother's. And this tunic is too small." she said as she tugged her shirt down trying cover her belly button.

"Don't worry about it," Kagome said," it's the fashion in this time. No one will notice." Except guys, she thought.

They met Joey in the living room, and started to leave. "Wait, Kagome," her mom said, coming with a two backpacks. "The pink one is Songo's, and this old one of your father's is Miroku's. And Shippo can hide in one of them, if you like?"

"Thanks!" said the kitsune, jumping inside Sonogo's pack with little Kirara.

"You all have a good day. And don't worry, Grandpa will call the school and let them know that you're bringing your cousins with you, and that they'll be here for a week. Now, have fun," she said, kissing her daughter on the cheek.

"Thanks mom," Kagome said, ushering them all out the door.

As they were heading to the stairs, Inu-yasha felt someone pull his hair. He whipped around to face Kagome's grandfather.

"What was that for?" he yelled at the old man.

"And where do you think you're going?" he asked.

"To school with Kagome," he said.

"Oh no, not with those ears, and in those clothes," then, the old man handed Inu-yasha a broom, plunked the red cap on his head, and said, "If we're saying you're my apprentice, then you need to start acting like it. Now sweep!" And he left.

Inu-yasha started to sweep, but as he watched the others walk down the stairs, Joey's arm around Kagome, he swept faster and faster until a cloud of dust engulfed him…

Yugi sat beside Tea in backseat of Tristan's car, approaching the Sunset Shrine. He relished these moments with Tea. They were few, but they were always great. Just being next to her made him feel special. Like they were the only two people in the world.

"Hey you two," Tristan said from the front seat, "better make room. We've got company."

Then, all the doors opened up, and Joey, Kagome, Songo and Miroku piled in.

"I don't think there' going to be enough room in here," little Yugi said as Joey scrunched in.

"I guess Kagome and me could take the motorcycle," Joey said.

"That old thing still running?" Tristan asked. "When I gave that thing to you, I thought for sure it'd clunk out."

"I've been taking care of it, man," Joey replied. "Some gas here, a new carburetor there… It's taken up a lot of cash, but I've got her running."

"Then get her to run now," Tristan said, "cause we're all runnin late!"

With that, Joey and Kagome jumped out, and headed for the bike, leaving Miroku in the front seat, and Songo with Yugi and Tea in the back.

"So much for the moment," little Yugi said quietly with a sigh.

Seto walked down the halls of the new school, knowing everyone was staring at him. He'd been gone for a while, to run his company, and so seeing him back here was definitely a surprise for these imbeciles. But he wasn't here to learn anything new. He already new enough to be a college graduate. He was here to find some old 'friends'.

He looked down at his information card, and checked the door. Yes, this was the right one. His home room; the same as Yugi Mutou and his friends. He opened the door, and was greeted with more awed stares. He handed his card to the instructor, and scanned the room. They were clumped together, like sardines. He hated sardines.

Seto walked over to where Yugi and his group were sitting, and took his seat behind his old adversary. He leaned forward, and said, "Hello Yugi. It's been a while"

"Seto Kaiba," little Yugi said.

"What are you doin here, Kaiba?" Joey Wheeler asked him. "You don't need to come to school."

"I just thought I'd drop in for a while," Seto replied. "see if this place is any better than that dump Domino. And to say hello to a few friends."

"I didn't think you had friends here, Kaiba," Tristan Taylor remarked.

Set ignored him and sat back. Imbecile…

Kagome and her school friends were heading for the cafeteria with Songo and Miroku. Kagome had warned Miroku not to hit on her friends, but he was at it again. He told them what beauties they were, and how delightful it was just to be near them. And her friends loved it! They ate up his every word. How on earth? And poor Songo. She was so mad at Miroku that she didn't notice how guys drooled over her. But even so, Kagome was glad that they were here.

They spotted Joey and Yugi and the others, and sat at their usual table, but then, they saw someone they'd never seen before, except on the news sometimes, coming towards them.

"Is that-?" Yuka began to ask.

"It is!" Ayumi exclaimed. "Seto Kaiba! The youngest person to own a Multi-Million Corporation ever!"

"Does he go to Domino?" Eri asked Yugi.

"Yes," little Yugi said, "But he has permission to come and go to run his company."

"HE"S COMING THIS WAY!" exclaimed Yuka, excited.

""Just ignore 'em," Joey said, taking a bite of his sandwich, "maybe he'll go away."

"GO AWAY!?!" the three girls yelled. "Why would you want him to go away?"

"Cause," Joey said as Seto Kaiba came up beside the table, "He's a rat."

"At least I'm not a sorry dog like you, Wheeler," Kaiba said to him. To which Joey growled. He's spent to much time near Inu-yasha, thought Kagome. But she couldn't blame him. She didn't like this Seto Kaiba. He had a dark aura on him. He seemed menacing.

"I just wanted to say that I'm leaving Yugi. But before I go, I'd like to personally invite you to my Duelist Ball. It's a fundraising masquerade I'm hosting next weekend. All your friends are welcome to come, as well, and to bring guests if they wish." That was when he left, turning on his heal like a five star general, and the gait of a warlord.

"And you said he was a rat," Eri said to Joey before she, Yuka, and Ayumi got up and left in a huff. Kagome Miroku, and Songo sat there. Then, Songo said, "I do not trust this Kaiba."

"He has deceit written all over his face," Miroku added.

"We know," Tea said. "He's been enemies with Yugi for a while."

"But he's also helped us, too." little Yugi said. "But I defeated him last time, and gave him the Millennium Rod. I don't think he wants revenge. I'll go to his party."

"WHAT!?!?!?" They all exclaimed. "But Yuge, you know he's a no good rat!" Joey said.

"I don't trust him completely, Joey," Yugi said, "But we still need to give him a chance." He turned to Miroku and Songo and Kagome, and said, "He said we could bring guests. You guys can come with us if you want. And since it's a costume party, you can probably dress in your regular clothes."

"And be ready to help you in case he pulls a trap," Miroku said. "I think that is an excellent idea, Yugi."

"Me too," said Songo, "What do you think, Kagome."

Kagome didn't answer at first. She didn't like Kaiba. His spirit felt so dark...so cold…"Ok…but we'll take Inu-yasha too. I think we'll need him."

Seto climbed into his corporate helicopter, and it carried him away fro Tokyo at top speed. He had to get back to his mansion in time to prepare for his Duelist Ball. There were other guests to invite, and a few surprises to prepare for Yugi and his friends.

"This should take care of everything," he said, looking over his papers. This paln was foolproof. With any luck, he'd be sleeping like a baby tonight, and every night afterwards…

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